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Good book or what?

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Hannen Hello readers! whoever read this please rate it to me. how do you like it??

c l a i r e I kinda enjoyed this book. The lack of action and superfluous political language was a bit much at times, but the romance was ~amazing~ and I adored Ismae. I'd say give it a try!

Taryn Grave Mercy was wonderful. If you're into intrigue and lots of interaction between characters instead of lots of fight scenes and ACTION!!!, you should hopefully enjoy it.

If you prefer action, Dark Triumph may be more your thing. Sybella gets in a lot more scraps than Ismae does.

Hannen thanks! Appreciate it Taryn and Claire!

Isabel I liked this book because it was different. It’s a different type of romance/action novel. There isn’t many out there about a sisterhood in the midieval period who are trained assassins. It’s just different. I like midieval history so that’s probably another reason why I liked it so much. There was also a love triangle and some pretty relatable content too.

a d i t i DAMN RIGHT IT IS!

Katherine Brady Hannen wrote: "Hello readers! whoever read this please rate it to me. how do you like it??"
- I really liked this book. It had a strong female role and I don't know, but it is extremely good and if you are looking for something that has love, action, historical. This is it!

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