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(( New Students here))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Should I post here first))

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(( YES! ))

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra walked into the courtyard silently and looked around.

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Phoenix Ran into the courtyard "HELLO LAS VEGAS!"

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra jumped, startled and ended up falling.

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"Hehe....Sorry I Had To!" Phoenix said when saw Sierra

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra got up, then looked at Phoenix.

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"What's sup?" Phoenix said

Phoenix~They/Them "H-hi." Sierra said.

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"You ok?" Phoenix asked

Phoenix~They/Them "Yeah I'm fine." She said.

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"Heheheheheheheheh...well I Can introduce my self, or maybe not."
Pheonix said

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra looked at Phoenix confused.

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"I'm Phoenix....and you are....???"

Phoenix~They/Them "I'm Sierra." Sierra said.

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick "And I happen to be bored" said Rex coming in from the entrance.

Phoenix~They/Them ((DAMON :D))

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Phoenix turned around

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra looked towards Rex.

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick ((overreact much?))
Rex smiles and says "hi"

Phoenix~They/Them ((I KNOW))

Sierra said, "H-hello."

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"Sup Dude!" Phoenix smiled back

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick "This school is lame"

Phoenix~They/Them ((Damon thats rude, isn't your character new?))

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"How? we barely Walked in." Phoenix as they were at the front door

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra looked down in thought and sighed.

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Phoenix Walked in. "Wow this place is huge!"

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra followed Phoenix and looked around.

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick Rex Slumped and asked "Hey do you guys have powers?"and as soon as he finished that sentence he flew inside

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra looked at Rex and said, "Y-yeah I have powers."

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick he flew back out and said "d*mn that place is huge

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"Yeah i have powers. Don't say that I lied." Pheonix said

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra stretched and looked around and sighed agin.

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" has clothing stores, food is this a school or a mall?" Phoenix asked

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra looked at Rex and Phoenix, then her stomach growled.

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick "Sound like someone's hungry" he said as he started to go to the food court "anyone coming

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Phoenix Shrugged and a man. Tall about 6'3" or so walked calmly towards them

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(( You mean Cafeteria? )))

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra looked towards the man and bit her lip, he was about 3 feet taller then her.

Scheiße/ Prinz von niemand gibt einen Fick "I gotta go" he said as he started running towards the CAFE

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The man looked at Phoenix and Sierra and give them a warm smile

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra said, "H-hi."

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Phoenix also said "Hi"

Trevor smiled again "Welcome."

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra smiled shyly.

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"Well...Make your self at home!" Trevor said disappearing out of sight.

"HUH?!" Phoenix said scratching his hair "Oh well."

Phoenix~They/Them Sierra sighed and looked down.

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