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Theater kids crying everywhere tbh

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Dark Angel All through her last class, Celia had been distracted. She had tried her very best to pay attention, but her mind kept drifting back to where she would be in only an hour's time. Science had never been her best subject, and she found herself longing for the bell to ring. Her eyes drifted to the clock, willing the minutes to speed by, willing the hand to move faster.

At last, the clock fell into the sixty second position and the heavenly sound of the final bell pierced the air. Celia leaped up from her seat, hurriedly stuffing her books into her shoulder bag. It was a beautiful bag, a rainbow of colours. The bottom was a dark purple, above that was lilac, above that was a rose pink, above that peach and above that was yellow. The coloured striped melded together to create a beautiful spectrum. And, of course, to give the bag an extra flair, it was decorated with tiny sequins of all different colours. She slung the bag over her shoulder, then darted out of the classroom and hurried down the corridor.

Usually, she was not one for haste. She preferred to be elegant and to move with grace. But today, she was excited. Iryna had called a meeting, and she was absolutely, positively certain that this meant an important announcement was to be made. Hopefully, it concerned their next show. She was dying to learn what it was. There had been much speculation about this, and the possibility of Miss Saigon had come up. She loved the show, though she wasn't entirely certain whether they would cast her in the lead this time if Iryna were to pick Miss Saigon, and that worried her. Her golden locks and porcelain skin did not make her look very Vietnamese. She could play Ellen, she supposed, but her heart had always ached when she thought of Kim's plight, not Ellen's. Still, only time would tell what would happen.

She reached her destination in less than three minutes. She was rather proud of herself for that. The place looked rather deserted though. If she had known that it was going to be so isolated, she would have taken such time to make some touch-ups to her appearance. Of course, she didn't need it.
On that particular morning, her outfit had been selected with the utmost care. She wore a pink sequinned top, paired with a knee-length pink skirt. On her feet, she wore a pair of pink flat shoes with bows on them. Her golden tresses were prettily styled in a half-up half-down style, and a pink flower accessorized them. On her left wrist, she wore a diamond bracelet. From her neck, a heart of cubic zirconia dangled from a string of diamonds. She had dusted the lids of her eyes with lilac eyeshadow and given a faint blush to her porcelain cheeks. Now, she reached into her bag and produced a lipgloss, applying a thin coat to her lips.

As she applied her lipgloos, she caught sight of a face in her compact mirror that was not her own. She let out a soft gasp, then whirled around. Upon seeing who it was, she exhaled on a sigh of relief, though she placed one hand on her hip and tilted her head to the side.

"God, Joey, you scared the hell out of me!" she exclaimed, placing her hand over her heart.

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All week this week Gabriella was waiting for something like this to happen. She was nonstop talking about it for anyone who dared sit near her or bring up a conversation with her "We might be selecting the musical for this year, I'm just so excited, like you don't even understand. For me personally I believe Miss Saigon is the best choice for this year..." Understandably, she was not the leader and yes, she was still a sophomore so her words and excitement could literally not mean a single thing -- but it's good to dream, I mean the ambitions of theatre kids are literally dreams.

If Miss Saigon wasn't the decision...well Gabriella might have to reconsider her enrollment in this highschool. Kidding. Of course there will be some tears that will be shed if that musical was not produced by the theatre company this year, but hey, she still has two more chances next year. Plus she's taken the time out of her day to study the scripts for My Fair Lady she would occasionally speak in a Cockney accent when she talked to Caleb and preformed On My Own in the mirror so many times every tear and facial change was imprinted into her memory. She even prepared for her audition song -- maybe a classic but original spin on Proud of Your Boy from the Aladdin soundtrack. So when today rolled by Gabriella skipped her lunch period to head backstage early with her portfolio in hand and smile on her face. Hopefully this year will be her year. The Year of Gabriella Ramirez has a great ring to it.

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Dark Angel Celia smiled warmly at Joey as her heart ceased its frantic fluttering, her fright forgotten. She was easily startled, but she was quick to calm down when she realized that there was no danger. And she liked Joey. He was always kind to her, and enthusiastic about everything.

"Oh, you know, the usual," she replied with a soft smile, tossing her golden tresses over her left shoulder. "I've missed you all so much! Seriously, it feels like forever."

She lowered herself onto the bench as he had indicated she do, listening as he explained Iryna's whereabouts. She didn't think it creepy that he knew exactly where Iryna was. Actually, she thought it was kind of cute. Just more proof of his enthusiasm.

"I hope it's about the show!" she agreed, her own voice bubbling with excitement. "It's all I've been able to think about!"
Well, that, and the small fight she had had with her boyfriend last week. But that fight was resolved now, and the two were back to normal once again. So, thankfully, she could focus her full attention on the show. Thank god. The last thing she needed right now was for her boyfriend to cause unnecessary drama in her life. This was her senior year. This was her last chance to make a statement. This was her last opportunity to shine, and that was exactly what she intended to do.

As Gabriella entered, Celia raised her newly French manicured hand in a friendly wave.
"Hey!" she chimed melodiously, shooting a smile in the newcomer's direction.

Celia liked Gabriella, but she was also a little weary of the girl. Okay, very weary. Gabriella's aspirations were very similar to her own and that unnerved her. Gabriella was passionate, like her, and possessed the same drive to succeed. Sometimes, she even feared that Gabriella's rendition of 'On My Own' could rival her own. It probably could, in all honesty. Celia had started off as a soprano, though she was only six years of age when she began to develop her voice. It had taken years of vocal training for her to develop a strong lower range and a powerful belt, though she thanked the heavens every day that she had been able to do so. Still, Gabriella unnerved her. Well, Gabriella and Aurora. Those were the girls that really wanted the leading roles. She could tell. She admired their ambition, and she liked them as people, but she also felt a fierce possessiveness over her own dreams.

(OMG. ON MY OWN. I CAN'T COPE. I CAN'T COPE. OMGOMGOMG EPONINE IS MY LIFE OMGOMGOMG. Okay. Okay. Breathing. Okay. BTW, the cockney accent thing made me laugh so hard. :D When I played Nancy, I used to slip into a cockney accent all the time. :D)

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Dark Angel Iryna. Always it seemed to come back to Iryna. Did Joey have a crush on her or something? Iryna wasn't the only person who made up a show. Still, she was the glue that held it all together. She kept the group united, which Celia admitted had to be a difficult task. They were thespians, after all. Theatricality was in their nature. She also knew that Iryna had extra incentive to do well this year. It was Iryna's senior year too, and Celia knew how absolutely determined their leader was to leave a lasting impression with the show. Conveniently, they shared the same goal, though the roles they would both play in making this happen would be different.

"Of course she will," Celia assured him, smiling happily. She had only one hope, and that was that Iryna would pick a show with a female lead that would suit her talents. This was her last opportunity, after all. She wanted her last performance to be her greatest yet.

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Dark Angel (I'll be back in about 2 hours. Try not to get too far without me!)

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Dark Angel "Hey, Trish," Celia rose her hand in greeting once again, her diamond bracelet sliding slightly down her pale, slender wrist as she did so. She had none of Trish's worries, though she was not entirely carefree. Quite the opposite, in fact. She had been born into a very wealthy family, but that didn't mean she sailed through life without a care. Part of the reason she was so obsessed with theatre was because of her mother's fierce determination that Celia should follow in her footsteps. "We've actually been wondering about that. Some people have been thinking, maybe, it could be Miss Saigon. I kind of hope it's something from my Top Ten."

Every theatre kid knew about Celia's top ten. It was a list that the girl had comprised when she was thirteen, a list of ten shows, and the characters within those shows that she desperately wanted to play. she had already gotten the opportunity to play a few of the roles from her top ten, but they still remained on her list. Her ultimate ambition was to portray the characters on the Broadway stage.

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Gabriella did like the others in the group, Caleb especially of course, she really did but her competitive spirit was something that could really take over, so people such as Celia really did make her envious. Again she should respect her elders and so being as young as she is she couldn't protest when she gets the lead in every production at least not that much. She just knows she can't outshine the Prima but maybe once in a while she could have her chance as the lead and with her knowledge, devotion and physical resemblance of Kim from Miss Saigon she could finally have her chance at the spotlight other than the last daughter in The Fiddler on the Roof. And it seemed like everyone had the same vision as her -- to lead. So as she sat down and said her hellos she kept in the back of her head that nothing was concrete and the lead was not always hers.

"Sophmore year is a little easier than freshman year, but anything is easier than freshman year." She laughed to Joey. Joey was like an older brother figure to her really, he was one of the more level head, more approachable heads of the theatre so when she ever had any questions like she did last year he was always the one she would turn to. "I really hope it's Miss Saigon, I mean you all know I do." She said the first few words coming out louder than intended so she shrunk a little more in her seat and followed with a more meek "but anything can happen you know?" while tucking a long strand of hair that fell out of her two braids behind her heavily pierced ear.

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Dark Angel Celia's smile broadened into a grin as Trisha confirmed in words what she had been thinking in her head. Yes, it would be very cool if one of her ten favourite shows were to be chosen. It would be like an early Christmas present.

As for Trish's opinion of her, Celia was entirely unaware of it. She believed that the girl adored her. but, then again, she believed that everyone adored her unless she was presented with evidence to contradict this. She didn't look down on Trish exactly. Well, at least, she didn't think she did. If she did, it was unintentional. She was simply confused about the girl's situation, and didn't really know how to act around her sometimes. And, of course, the girl's strong personality could be rather unnerving at times.

Celia was, however, more than happy to tell Trish about her top ten. It was one of her favourite subjects.
"Well, there's Eponine in Les Misérables. She's always going to be my number one. Then there's the Witch in Into the Woods. I know she's ugly for half of the show, but I honestly think she's one of the best characters ever. Then there's Emma Carew in Jekyll and Hyde, Nancy from Oliver, Glinda from Wicked, Christine in Phantom, Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, Grizabella in Cats...yeah, I know, not the best appearance again, but I need to sing Memory! Then there's Amneris in Aida and Elle in Legally Blonde."

When Gabriella spoke, Celia turned her attention from Trish to the sophomore, offering an encouraging smile. "It could definitely be Miss Saigon!" she agreed. She had always loved that show. The only reason it wasn't on her top ten was because she looked nothing like Kim, and could never hope to obtain the role on Broadway. Gabriella, though...she was in with a chance. A school was more likely to discard looks, but she knew that even in a school production of Miss Saigon, Gabriella was more likely to get the part of Kim. Gabriella had Kim's looks, as well as a strong voice. Celia had the voice, but not the looks. They were certain to choose the person who had both qualities, instead of only one.

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"Sorry I'm late, I—" June rushed into the room, hot on her heels — oh my God, Mr. Davis would not shut up about the syllabus, how do you go five minutes after class just talking about the goddamn syllabus — only to find that their fearless leader was not, in fact, present yet.

"Oh," she said. "Iryna's not here yet." She sat down, then, unconcerned about being a few minutes late. "Anyone know what the play is already? I'm not sure what we're going to be able to do for the set this year now that Mr. Lastinger isn't running wood shop anymore." She grimaced.

[ dw Trish I'm pretty sure there's plenty of Latinx people at a LA public hs ]

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[ lol it's okay man idk how many are usually involved in theater but hey ]

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Iryna was late. Sure it wasn't as if she expected everyone else to be there on time - theatre kids were notorious for disorganization and not arriving at meetings on time (of which she was the prime example), but really. Twenty minutes late for a meeting that she'd called was pushing it, especially with it being the first meeting.


But hey, it wasn't really her fault. AP lit had gone late and the teacher had wanted to talk to her after class, and then she'd had to walk across the entire school to her locker, and then all the way across the school the other way to get to the auditorium. And all of this in heels. They couldn't have given her a locker closer to the auditorium? It was going to be a long year walking all the way across the school every time she needed to get to her locker.

She pushed open the stage door and looked around hastily to see who was here. Good, most everyone was here. Joey, Celia, Gabriella, Trish and June were, at least, though Caleb was strangely absent. Extremely strangely absent. Ha! She'd beaten him to a meeting, somehow. And she'd been twenty minutes late.

She sat down on a pile of boxes facing the group, setting her bag down beside her. "So, you guys ready to get started?"

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Dark Angel Celia raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow in mild amusement as Iryna came hurrying through the door. Their leader was twenty minutes late. Of course, Iryna was rarely ever on time, but twenty minutes late was uncharacteristic. She should be irritated. After all, she was dying to know what the year's production was going to be, and Iryna had kept her in suspense. Celia loathed being kept in suspense. But Iryna was here now, and hopefully she wouldn't drag out the wait a moment longer than was absolutely necessary.

"I am!" she chimed in her clear, bell-like voice, a dazzling smile crossing her lovely face as she fixed their leader with an expectant, eager gaze. Iryna was perhaps one of Celia's favourite people. Not just because she gave her leads, but because she shared her passion for and dedication to the theatre. She felt as though she and Iryna understood each other on a deep level, and had a connection. She wasn't quite sure if Iryna felt it too, but she hoped so. She had a deep respect and admiration for Iryna. Of course, she did occasionally get irritated with some of the things that Iryna did, but it was not difficult for Celia to get irritated.

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