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Essie and Madison

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 136 comments Yas. Ofc. Do you want to make profile for the older Hiccup and toothless?

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 136 comments

Aki Smith/ 23/ Combat and Riding

Shadow (Stone dragon) / breaths fire & stone / speed

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 136 comments A plot, sure if you want. And no im not still doing it. I am finished.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 136 comments Welp ig we can just rp i dont have a problem with that.

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Aki was in the village with shadow training like they always did. "Come on Shadow you can do better than that." Aki said to her dragon as she stood in front of him with her whip and a smirk on her face, shadow hoofed. Smoke came out of his nose like saying, Bring it on

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I dont do good with doubles, sorry.

Shadow flied above Aki and shot some stones in her direction. Aki quickly dodged them, she didn't take her eyes off shadow in the air. And once she saw her opening, she took her whip and swung it toward him. It wrapped around his leg, she got to her feet. "I gotcha." she said. Shadow blow out some fire and speed up with his wings which took Aki in the air with him. She held onto her whip it was the only reason she didn't fall. She climb up her whip until she was on Shadows back. Who started speeding off higher in the sky, Aki could heard some villagers talking as they passed them. Aki held on tight to Shadow as they reached the clouds.

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Aki didn't noticed Toothless and Hiccup but, Shadow did. She stopped in the middle of the air. She hovered in the air and watched the two below for a moment. "Shadow.. wha-" she stopped once she noticed Hiccup on a island. "I wonder what they are up to.." she said softly, with that Shadow took off towards the island. "Hey... i didn't mean that we should go see shadow!" she shouted but, at this point Shadow wasn't listening. Aki sighed, it took no time at all for Shadow to make it to the island. She landed on the island in front of Toothless. Aki jumped off and sighed she patted Shadow. "You can be so stubborn sometimes, i swear." Aki said as she looked over at Hiccup and Toothless. "Hey guys." she said.

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Aki nodded to Hiccups words. Shadow looked from Aki to Toothless, her wings spread out for a second before she folded them up again. She blow out a small fire ball before going from all fours to laying down. Aki looked over at Shadow and shook her head. "So what yall two where doing here anyway?" Aki asked as she looked back at Hiccup. With that being said, Shadow's ear peered up to listen as her eyes were closed.

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Aki nodded to his words as she looked at the suit he was in. "Well it dont like he gonna be moving anytime soon." Aki said with a smirk, Shadow felt Toothless lay next to her, she opened one of her eyes and looked at him as he moved, she slightly flipped her wings before she closed them once again. She moved slightly closer to Toothless. She thought he was cute and that if wouldn't hurt to be around him more than she usually would be. Aki noticed Shadow movement. "Well that looks like it goes for Shadow to." she added with a soft sigh.

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Shadow felt Toothless and knew what he wanted, even though she wasnt know for her playfully behavior. She was willing to play with him, she rolled over on her back and swing her tail toward Shadow. Aki sighed as she watched Shadow for a few seconds before spoke. "Okay Shadow... come on we gotta go and i am sure, Toothless and Hiccup gotta go to." she said, she walked over Shadow and slightly pulled on her holder.

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Shadow heard Hiccups and with that being said. She jumped up and looked at Aki, giving her a please look. Aki sighed as she placed her hands on her wist and looked at Shadow. "I guess so.." she said answering Hiccups question. "Since Shadow seems like she actually wanna go." she added.

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Aki nodded to Hiccups words with looking at him, Shadow stood on her fours and spread her wings letting Aki know she was ready, Aki got on Shadow and glanced over at Hiccup with a smirk. "How about we race to your place?" Aki asked, Shadow swung her tail. To show that she wanted to show off how fast she was.

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Aki nodded, she patted Shadow and she quickly took off taking Aki on the ride of her lift, Shadow continued flipping her wings, she glanced back to see if Toothless was behind her before she quickly focused, she made some smoke ring and speed through them.

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