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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan | 19 comments So everyone is going to write a few sentences that will eventually make a huge HP story! Let me begin:

"Why can't I go to Hogwarts yet?" Braydon's little sister Emme says. She is only 7 so she can't attend yet. "You are going!"

"That is because I am 11 now, Emme."

message 2: by Mac (last edited Jul 23, 2016 08:41AM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "But I look 11!" Emme stands straight, her short, green hair barely touching her neck.

"I wonder what house I will be in." Braydon says, changing the subject. "I hope I get Ravenclaw."

"I want Slytherin!" Emme says.

message 3: by Xoxoasia (new)

Xoxoasia | 103 comments "You will be in the house the Sorting Hat puts you in." their mom said. "But Gryffindor is most definitely the best house."

message 4: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) Beside Emme stands Braydon's older brother, Jesse. He is a Slytherin, so maybe some of it rubbed off on Emme.

"Braydon, you better watch out. Snape is nice to all the Slytherins, but strict to the others. Good thing I am Slytherin. All though, Mother thinks that I should be in her house."

message 5: by Megan (new)

Megan | 19 comments Braydon's father came in the the room. "Guys, guys, all the houses are good."

message 6: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "At least one of my child should be in Gryffindor," said their mother directing her words towards Braydon. "To continue my families legacy"

message 7: by Mac (last edited Jul 22, 2016 04:38PM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) Braydon scoffs and walks towards his typewriter.
"Finally." He says. "I have a great idea for a story."

message 8: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "What story," Emme asks. "Is it the one you've been working on every night for the past year?" she asks with a bit of irritation as because of it she had spend countless night without sleep, because of the sound of the machine every time it types and the tedious light that the candles project.

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 22, 2016 05:00PM) (new)

"No," Braydon replies distractedly while typing "a new one"

"What is it about this time?" Emme asks, with a slight eye roll. He could never stick at a project until it was finished. He had started more stories than Emme had read and that was saying something because Emme always had her head in a book.

message 10: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza Emme was going to ask him what this one was about, but decided against it as it'll probably never be finished. She walked away leaving Braydon alone, giving him the opportinity to develop this idea.

message 11: by Emma (new)

Emma  (emmaelizabethgrace) | 27 comments The next morning Emme woke up with a soft knock on her door. As she stood up and walked to the door there was another knock, a bit louder this time. It was a girl. Blonde hair, blue green eyes, tall, and a Hufflepuff. The last point couldn't be missed, because she was wearing her Hogwards attire and a yellow and bronze striped tie.

message 12: by LittleBookDruid (new)

LittleBookDruid | 25 comments "I am here to kidnap you." The Hufflepuff girl said.

message 13: by Matt (new)

Matt Wells | 60 comments A look of confusing came from Emme face.

" Excuse me?" she ask not understanding. Who is his Hufflepuff girl and what is she doing at her house? Emme let out a short yawn after waking up so early.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

"Haha only joking." The Hufflepuff girl laughed, holding out her hand for Emme to shake. "My name's..."

message 15: by Mac (last edited Jul 23, 2016 08:10AM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "Clay. Is there a Braydon in this house?"

Emme looked at Clay confused, whether or not to trust this girl. "Mother!" She shouts. "There is a girl named Clay at the door!"

"Ah, yes." Her mother shouts back. "I have been expecting her. Show her to Braydon's room."

message 16: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza Emme directed this strange girl to where Braydon was. He was drooling on top of typewriter. Not a very pretty sight, but by now she was accustomed to it, but Clay wasn't.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Clay scrunched up her nose at the sight but pulled her face into a smile as Emme turned to face her.
"Thanks." Clay said as Emme retreated towards the door. Clay walked forwards towards the boy removing her hand from her too long sleeves to shake the boy awake. Her hand was only a few centimetres away when she turned and found Emme still watching her with her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

message 18: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "Hello Braydon. I am Clay. Professor Dumbledore told me to come and get you."

message 19: by Megan (last edited Jul 23, 2016 08:06AM) (new)

Megan | 19 comments "This is an honor." Braydon said.

"A hopeful ravenclaw I think.". Clay said.


message 20: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "Did Dumbledore say anything about me?" Emme said with hopeful eyes. "No I'm sorry."

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

The smile dropped from Emme's face. She crossed her arms angrily stomping out of the room. The loud bangs echoing through the hall.

Braydon chuckled lightly to himself. "Just ignore her"

message 22: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "Why is she in such a hurry to come to Hogwarts,?" Clay asked him. "It is a magical place, but is full of dangers too. Too many for even a person of my year to handle without getting injured." Clay said this with such a tone that it made it seem as if she was talking from experience.

message 23: by Mac (last edited Jul 23, 2016 08:41AM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) She straightens her sleeve as if it was out of place.

"She just wants to be like her big brother." Braydon says.

"Ah, that is so sweet that she wants to be like you. I am an only child."

"Oh no. Not me. Our older brother Jesse. That is why she dyed her hair green."

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Clay froze "Jesse is your brother?"

"Yes" Braydon replied, his tone curious.

"Jesse as in, Jesse the Slytherin beater?"

"Braydon nodded "The very same"

Clays eyes widened in horror and it took several moment of calling her name before she replied.

message 25: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "Oh, that's still kind of cute," she said giving him a soft smile. "So, we have one hour to leave, do you have everything packed."

message 26: by LittleBookDruid (new)

LittleBookDruid | 25 comments Braydon's eyes narrowed at her changing of subject. But nodded and looking at his story last time, started to the door.

message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Love | 50 comments As Braydon opens the door, a sound of wind rumbled through the house. The sky was dark, darker than it had been moments before. Braydon noticed something in the distance approaching. "No, it can't be" he said with fear. The approaching thing was...

message 28: by Janakshi (new)

Janakshi unmistakably a dementor. How it had come to the house they had no clue. As Braydon and Clay stood transfixed by the approaching dementor with growing horror, its ghastly hand reaching out to them..

message 29: by Mac (last edited Jul 23, 2016 10:41AM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "Braydon, how did a dementor find us?" Jesse.

"I-I dont know."

"Wait." Clay started. "Why did you cast a spell beyond Hogwarts?"

"Umm, or you would have died, maybe?"

message 30: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "Guys what was that thing,?" Braydon asked with a terrible fright on his eyes. "Why did the room gets so cold all of the sudden.?

message 31: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Love | 50 comments "Wait a minute," Braydon says as he comes to a realization. This is just like a story that I wrote. The mood of the room shifts. "Well it must be coming true," Clay says. Little do they know the amount of power Braydon's stories have, and what they are about to do...

message 32: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "Come on," Jesse said with a bit of a laugh. "It's just a coincidence."
"What if it's not," Clay said with determination. "We need to go through your family's history to see if anyone of them had the don of writing the future."

message 33: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm | 7 comments "Now that you mention it... I've heard rumors that Aunt Violet wrote a letter once in which she predicted the death of my uncle." says Jesse "Of course, they are just rumors..."

message 34: by Mac (last edited Jul 23, 2016 01:35PM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "Well, I mean, you will probebly be excellent at Divination. We are wizards and witches after all."

"Very true, Clay. I got amazing scores on my Divination OWL last year." Jesse said.

"Now, come ON Braydon! We have to leave NOW!"

message 35: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Love | 50 comments Braydon quickly grabbed his book with his stories, and a book on Divination and headed out with Clay. On the train to Hogwarts, Clay was searching closely for an explanation on what occurred. He found something quite interesting that could have resulted in what happened. "Braydon, who gave you that typewriter?"

message 36: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "It was aunt Violets husband," said Braydon while he and Clay were entering a cabin that was empty. "He works as a writer in the muggle world, he knew I like writing so he got it for me on my birthday."

message 37: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "That is sweet. I am actually a player on the Hufflepuff Quittitch team. Chaser."

"Wait." Braydon says. "What year are you?"

"Only third. But everybody thinks I am older."

message 38: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "Are you sure you want to hang out with me," Braydon asked a little timidly. "I'm sure you have friends waiting for you."

message 39: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "Come on. You are new. Plus, all of the other Hufflepuffs think I am weird. Usually I spend my free time in- oh, I shouldn't say."

"It is alright. Tell me." Braydon said, curious.

"Ok. Well, I actually spend most of my time in the owlery. I just love owls!"

message 40: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza Suddenly the door opened and this girl was standing there, she was tremendously beautiful. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and pink lips.
"Ho, do you mind if I seat with you?" She asked. "All of the other seats are taken."
"No, we don't mind."
"Come in."
"Thank you so much," She said with a smile. "I'm Stacy.

message 41: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Love | 50 comments "Did you hear about the dementor sighting?" Stacy asks. Clay and Braydon look at each other. "Yeah... How do you know about that?" Clay asks with curiosity. "The Minister Of Magic made an announcement. Something about an old power from some typewriter is coming back. Whatever. It's probably just a false alarm," Stacy says.

message 42: by Eric (new)

Eric Forteza "It's not the typewriter that has the magic," said a guy walking in and sitting down without even asking. "It's the person that used it. You certainly qualify to be a Ravenclaw." He said with a very sarcastic tone

message 43: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "I am Henry by the way. Ravenclaw prefect."

"Of course you are." Clay says, laughing. "And so you would know the names of the people during the sighting?"

"Ummmm," Henry starts. "No." He laughs. "Not like it matters."

message 44: by Emma (new)

Emma  (emmaelizabethgrace) | 27 comments Braydon sat very still. It were only his eyes that were moving. "Braydon?" Clay sounded worried. "Are you okay?"
"I...Uhmm...i'm fine, thankyou."

"He's obviously not okay!" Henry said, a little harsh.
"Come on boy, what's going on?"

message 45: by George (new)

George North | 8 comments "I know what's going to happen next", he whispered, " And it's not good".

message 46: by Mac (last edited Jul 24, 2016 10:00AM) (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) "What do you mean, Braydon?" Clay asked. "We already established that it is YOU that has magic, not the typewriter."

Before Braydon could answer, there were sounds in the distance.

"Sorry, guys. Got to go. Prefects are waiting for me." Henry says, and walks out of the door.

message 47: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) Stacy smiles at Braydon. "First year?"



message 48: by Janakshi (new)

Janakshi Braydon's hands twitched nervously, and he was looking at the floor distractedly.
"Would you care for some every flavor beans?" asked Stacy watching Braydon closely.
"What?" asked Braydon
"Are you okay? You don't look so good.."
"Its nothing" Braydon says, shrugging the comment
"The vision. It just happened so fast" Braydon mumbles

message 49: by Luckylama42 (new)

Luckylama42 | 61 comments "Its nothing just .........I will explain later, when people cannot over hear" replies Braydon

message 50: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) Clay looks at her watch and jolts up. "Oh my gosh! We have to change into our robes NOW!" But before they could even stand up, the room suddenly turned cold, and a dark, hooded figure comes into view.

Stancy was petrified in fear. "Dementor!"

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