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The various races available for character creation will be discussed here. Feel free to make suggestions and ask questions as we go.

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Kehl | 239 comments Gods-There are three types of gods. New gods, old gods, elder gods. New gods are unique because they are born from the wishes of humans. Whatever humans believe them to be they are. The stronger the belief in them is the stronger they become.
Old gods- These are the gods such as Zues and Odin who were created by a greater being of some sort. Old gods reproduce sexually but since they are immortal many of them see no need to. These are the gods you have most likely heard of and maybe worship. Although these gods do not grow stronger with worship they do greatly appreciate it and may or may not lend help to devout followers. These gods tend to be more powerful than the new gods simply because they have been around longer but anything is possible in this world of the great tree.
Elder gods- These are the creatures your worst nightmares would flee in terror from. The elder gods have unnatural abbilities and are earthshatteringly powerful. A perfect example is cthulu. Most of them are sealed away currently, but there are ways of breaking those seals and some worshippers have tried. If freed these gods would wreak havoc among the world tree and even attempt to destroy it.
All gods are able to give blessings to humans and can even posses devout followers but this is far more rare.

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Kehl | 239 comments Elves-Elves are obsessed with perfection, at least within their own society. This is why they all look similar. Tall, silver or blonde hair, and pointed ears. If they see something as imperfect among themselves they try their best to fix it. They are more lenient with outsiders though. Though they have high and restricting standards in their own society they believe that every culture is beautiful in their own way so they do not mind others as long as they have decent manners. Elves have excellent reflexes, senses, and stamina. They are trained to use a bow from a young age as well. This makes them excellent hunters and, if needed, warriors. They are very clever and enjoy games such as chess.

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Kehl | 239 comments How about just a bit more detail. Like can they fly? What do they look like? How do they live? Just some important info.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Oh yeah... Can you delete the post? I may or may not be on the app...

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Kehl | 239 comments Sure thing

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Fairies- fairies only make up 10% of the population, and are usually found in the forests and fields of the third floor. They have a small form and a human form, which allows them to blend into society. There are four clans within the fairy race, rain, flower, sun, and earth. Each one controls what their clan suggests, though some special fairies can learn different magic as well. They live in villages, usually in trees. You can tell the clans apart by a strip of color in their hair, blue, green, yellow, and brown. Their wings, which are used to fly in fairy form, are also the color of their clan. They mainly take care of flowers, or do jobs to support their clan and community.
Pixies- pixies are the cousins of fairies, also having a pixie form and human form. Most pixies enjoy pranking and creating mischief, and are known because of it. They only make up 5% of the population and are also found in forests and fields, as well as caves and towns. Again within the population there are 4 clans: shadow, fire, ice, and water. Just like their cousins, some pixies can learn different magics as well. You can tell the clans apart by a strip of color in their hair, ash gray, red, ice blue, and aqua. Their wings, which are used to fly in fairy form, are also the color of their clan. They mainly take care of flowers, or do jobs to support their clan and community.
Both pixies and fairies clans have their own armies and specialize in magic. Also, some enjoy a good adventure. Sadly, pixie and fairy dust is very valuable so many fairies and pixies are killed because of it.

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Kehl | 239 comments Excellent. Thanks Pixie!

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments No problem and your turn in guild hall.

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Kehl | 239 comments Aether- Aether are not well known because of their rarity but any knowledgable person should be able to tell you about them. Aether are a strange kind of ghost(But by Odins beard do not call them that) that can use their abilities to create a body out of something and posses it. They can posses anything but each one has an affinity for a certain material or element and will be stronger with a body made of that material as well as more comfortable. Aether get stronger the older they are but it largely depends on their affinity. Rock and wood Aether are very common. Some of the rarer ones are metal, water, and air(It takes a powerful aether to posses water or air because it's difficult to hold together). They are immortal since whenever their physical body is killed they return to their ephemeral form and are just like poltergeists until they regain enough energy to create a new body. When aether posses a body they appear as normal humans. Some aether choose not to posses a body at all and just wander as a spirit. Although rare aether have been known to posses an already living creature for their body, but most will not do this because it is difficult and cruel. It is unknown how aether are born, but sexual reproduction has been all but ruled out because no one has ever seen a family of aether.

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Light elves: This subset of the elves thrives on sunshine and light. They are even more perfectionistic than their fellows, believing very firmly that purity is important. They look nearly identical to elves.

Dark Elves: These are creatures that favor shadow. With the same grace and beauty as their other elven counterparts, their skin and hair is darker, to allow them to blend in more with the caves they call home. They are not dwarves, but many dark elves have formed strong relations with the dwarves that share their subterranean home.

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Kehl | 239 comments Humans-Humans are easily among the weakest of creatures. They are small, weak, and have pitiful lifespans. Not to mentions their greed and selfishness. The humans have a few things going for them. Their massive numbers, the humans breed like rabbits but all year round. This makes for massive armies and a huge civilization. Two is their unity. When threatened humans have the ability to put aside their differences and work together to defend themselves. Although often selfish some humans are quite admirable. Certain special humans will unify the rest of the humans and propel them into a golden age every few hundred years. One other strength is the gods. Many human cities are protected by a guardian diety that they worship for protection or other things.

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Polaris Dragon | 164 comments Shape shifters - the Protectors of the Tree of Life - shape shifters are the most powerful species. They can read people's fears and use their shape-shifting power to change into the other person's fear. They usually have a form that they are most comfortable in but usually they take the form of mortal beings. Shape shifters are immortal they can live forever but they can be killed. Shape shifters are stars that have fallen from the sky there's usually another one born every few thousands of years the shapeshifters are actually the fruit of the Tree of Life

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Aaron Johnson (peter_potter) | 3 comments Dragons - Dragons are a race of immortal beings that are partly capable of having offspring with other races, the exceptions being ... uh ... well, it seems this book is missing pages ... we'll have to correct this. Anyways, Dragons can have offspring with other races, though they usually only mate with each other and those like them. Originally, dragons weren't as magnificent as in folklore and legends, but because of this interaction with the other races, like elves and humans, they have become more and more grandiose, eventually gaining the ability of true flight, rather than taking large hops and gliding from the elevated position that said hops grant them.

Anymore information is up to the creator of one of these beasts or their offspring.

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