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Name: Lyra
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Tribe: Greyclaw
Rank: Lieutenant


Physical description: Gray, incredibly large wings. Two horns on each sides of her head. White patterns along her spine to her tail. Tip of her tail is sharp, can be used like a knife. Blue eyes and razor sharp teeth.

Personality: Outside: Sweet, dependable, a great friend to the Queen, knowing, calm.
Inside: Deceptive, manipulative, rather evil, envious of dragons with high power, ambitious, vicious, vain.

History: Lyra grew up with Mitzuki, and used to be a truly good friend to her, but quickly grew jealous of her friend's favor with the future King, because Lyra liked him as well. When The King picked Mitzuki over her, it not only broke her heart, it made her incredibly angry and spiteful. So, she concocted a plan: To become Lieutenant by still being the Queen's best friend, and then make sure she's killed.
Note: Her plans may not come out quite like she wants.

-Her appearance
-Being in control

-The Queen, Mitzuki
-Anyone in her way
-Rebelliousness in others

-Manipulating people
-Watching people be intimidated by her

-Her ambitious nature
-The King
-Her hate for the Queen

Fighting strategies: Using her unusually large wings to flap wind in the face of her enemy, Lyra will attack with her claws first. When in close range she will use her dagger-like tail and razor-sharp teeth.
Special ability: Can manipulate the shadows to hide something, but it takes up energy. Same goes with light: she can redirect it, but it takes up energy. The illusion making, though, is what saps her energy the most. While doing this she is vulnerable, which is why she doesn't do it often.
Family: Open
Other: N/A

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod
Emily's ~ To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ~

Name: Cleasanna (Means tricks)
Nickname: Sanna or Clea
Age (Human years please): 4
Gender: Female
Tribe: Grayclaw
Rank: Apprentice training to become a healer
Description of scales: Her scales are pure white
Appearance (Do include armour, necklaces etc if your dragon has any):

Personality: Clea is calm most of the time, but as most young ones do, throws a tantrum when she gets mad. She is clever and loves her little tricks. She is also compassionate and caring, but rarely shows it. She wants nothing more than to be a healer and help others. She has no problem admitting she's wrong, and likes to think and plan before deciding something.
Strengths: Healing, illusions, hiding her heart
Weaknesses: Her temper, expressing her feelings, going without playing her tricks
Does your dragon have any specific fighting strategies, if so, what?: Clea tries to stay away from fighting and typically succeeds, but when challenged, she's clever and uses her illusions to defeat her enemy.
Special ability (None too OP): Bending shadows and light, and she has a tiny bit of healing magic, so she mostly relies on stuff from nature
Likes (at least 3): Making friends, tricking people, healing
Dislikes (At least 3): Harming people, fights, when people don't fall for her illusions
History (Optional): Clea is a demi-god, ((if that's okay, if not, I can change it, just let me know :) )) offspring of Yin and an unknown grayclaw. She's wanted to be a healer her whole life.
Family (Put "Open" if looking for family): Open, but they could only be half siblings or adopted family, don't need a ton of demi-gods from the same god running around xP

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod
Emily's ~Hira is the Best~ ~A Lie Twice Believed is Self Deceived~

Name: Brisingr

Age (Human years please): 34

Gender: Male

Tribe: Grayclaw

Rank: King

Description of scales: Brisingr's scales color depends on the lighting. They can be as bright as the sun, or as dark as night, but they mostly look gold. They have an almost metallic sheen and can mesmerize you if you aren't very focused on something else. They have razor sharp edges, and he has to be very careful to not cut something with them.


Personality: Brisingr seems like he would be high and mighty, but he is, in fact, very humble. He loves his people very much and wouldn't hesitate to defend them at nearly any cost. He's very wise and knows much. He loves his queen especially, and would travel through space and time for her. He's extremely dedicated to everything he does, and everyone he trusts. It's not extremely difficult to earn his trust, but only because he has almost a sixth sense for when people have pure intentions, which makes him a great King. He often takes trips into the kingdom and most, if not all, of his close-by kingdom are close friends. He does make visits to the farther out parts, just not as often. Watching the apprentices train and playing with hatchlings are two of his favorite things, along with studying with the scholars and sparring with the warriors. He's very graceful and agile, and is often described as a gentle giant.

Strengths: His kind personality, his amazing ability to make friends, and his actual strength

Weaknesses: His queen and his many friends

Does your dragon have any specific fighting strategies, if so, what?: He'll turn himself invisible and sneak up on enemies.

Special ability (None too OP): He has better control over shadows and light bending than most dragons and uses this to make himself invisible.

Likes (at least 3): Watching apprentices train, studying with the scholars, sparring with the Warriors, playing with the hatchlings, and visiting the dragons of his kingdom.

Dislikes (At least 3): Untrustworthy dragons, wars and violence, abuse of any kind, and higher status dragons that are snobby to the lesser dragons.

History: (Optional)

Family (Put "Open" if looking for family): Open

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod

Name: Mitzuki
Age (Human years please): 18
Gender: Female
Tribe: Greyclaw
Rank: Queen
Appearance (Do include armour, necklaces etc if your dragon has any): A sleek, black dragon with two shiny ivory horns and large, leathery dark grey wings. Her eyes are icy blue and can change with her temper, but she can control what color they are when she pays attention to her eyes. She has extremely sharp claws and is the edges of her wings are razor sharp. 35 meters tall from shoulders. She wears a necklace with a strange, glowing ice blue gem.
Personality: Mitzuki is a happy dragon, she works well with all other types of dragons. She loves to study and loves to ask questions about the world around her. She doesn't express her emotions a lot, even if she's feeling wonderful inside she'll keep a straight face outside. She loves to socialize and talk with her friends. She can be extremely cunning.
Strengths: She is great at fighting; her aerial maneuverability is very high, and she's extremely fast on the ground. Like other Greyclaws, she can play with light to create really life-like illusions or shadows and create places to hide in broad daylight. Apart from that, she specializes in the art of manipulation. Also, she has razor sharp blades she can sprout from her tail and fling at her enemies.
Weaknesses: When creating a life-like illusion, she needs to focus her energy into doing it for 3 seconds, and during those three seconds she is most vulnerable. Also, she hates heat. Heat makes her sweat a lot and distracts her from what she's doing.
Does your dragon have any specific fighting strategies, if so, what?: Yes, Mitzuki has a specific fighting strategy. In close combat, she likes to mess with the opponent's mind by creating illusions, and disorienting them before attacking. From afar, she likes to fling her razor sharp blades. She is very accurate, though the spikes sting and burn very much, but are not that lethal.
Special ability: She can freeze time for about 30 seconds, which only she can move. But, she can only move very slowly as everything else is frozen still.
Likes (at least 3): A good conversation, learning, reading, hunting, and fighting whether if its actual or just practice.
Dislikes (At least 3): Show-offs, dragons who look down on others, arrogant ones, those who dislike or do not appreciate learning.
History (Optional): She was chosen as lieutenant when the previous one died, for her skill in fighting and her knowledge.
Family (Put "Open" if looking for family): Open

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod

Name: Saphira
Age (Human years please): 17
Gender: Female
Tribe: Grayclaw
Rank: Warrior
Description of scales: She has diamond shaped, light blue scales. They are very sharp and sometimes, during battles she brushes against the enemy and it scrapes them. They are also as strong as armour.
Appearance (Do include armour, necklaces etc if your dragon has any):

Her armour: None, her scales are basically her armour.
Personality: She is very humorous and often makes very witty jokes. She is very courageous and is almost never afraid to do anything. She is extremely protective of everything she loves and won't let it be harmed.
Strengths: She is one of the best Grayclaw fighters.
- her strength
- her passion
- family
Weaknesses: Not very many but not giving up sometimes causes her to get very hurt.
Special ability (None too OP): She basically has a gift for fighting. She has sharp teeth and claws and strong armour like scales. She can breath fire, giving she used to be a Fireclaw.
Likes (at least 3): Exploring, cooked meat, playing around in the lake, flying
Dislikes (At least 3): The sound of dry grass crunching, droughts, getting stuck in the forest, spicy stuff
History (Optional): Used to be a Fireclaw. She hated being a Fireclaw because she liked to go in the lake and other dragons would think she was weird.
Family (Put "Open" if looking for family): Luna is her mother

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod
Name: Shadow
Age: 350
Gender: Male
Tribe: Greyclaw
Rank: Forger, mostly. If needed in fighting he will help out.


Physical description: Completely black with a countless number of sharp spikes. Yellow eyes; two spiky horns.

Personality: Always in a dark mood and always grumpy. Incredibly fierce but a great forger. Be very polite when around Shadow and never, ever mention his mate. He is grudgingly respectful of his leaders but quite rude to most others.

History: Both parents and his mate are dead from a Greyclaw raid against the Waveclaws 200 years ago when he was 150. He holds a grudge against all Waveclaws for that and is depressed because he has no family and no mate left.

Likes: Nothing really, but he somewhat enjoys forging. He is vicious when fighting Waveclaws.

-Anyone mentioning his mate
-Annoying dragons

-Getting people to shut up (xD)

-Thinking about his mate and family makes him very sad and angry
-His anger against the Waveclaws (could be used against him)

Fighting strategies: Just attack them head on.
Special ability: He can make illusions, but doesn't do them very often, except maybe to trick an opponent.
Parents: Dead
Mate: Dead
Other: N/A

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