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mels (padmeskywalkers) | 203 comments Mod
The gymnasium was, as per usual, filled with plenty of testosterone and sweat. Plenty of guys (and girls) working out and showing off their muscles. Plenty of people competing to become the alpha. Always the competition, in the gym. The jocks seemed to all be victim to a strange state of being in which they all pushed themselves to become superior to everyone around them.

Cas, being a member of the jocks, was of course extremely susceptable to this atmosphere of intense competition. The only thing he was more susceptable to happened to also be in the gymnasium at that point in time as well. And that thing just so happened to be a someone. And was that someone in the workout room, working up a sweat? Were they pounding a basketball into a pulp on the court? Were they one of the many freshmen who had, for reasons unknown to Cas, started an impromptu wrestling tournament in the corner?

No, the object in the room that had captured Cas's attention was not, in fact, even on the gymnasium floor. He happened to be sitting on the bleachers, hardly noticable as he tapped furiously on the phone he held in front of him.

Unnoticeable, that is, until he punched the air and whooped loudly, proclaiming to all who bothered to listen that he was the master of the gym and curse those mystical stem kids who kept stealing it from him. Or something like that. Quite honestly, Cas wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying because he'd never really seen him from this angle before and that jacket looked really good on him and shit, he'd thought he was over this stupid crush.

That and right at that moment he nearly got hit in the head with a stray basketball because he was too busy staring at the dork sitting in the bleachers. He hastily ducked and cautiously began working his way towards those same bleachers.

He'd had a whole plan worked out for this, but damn it, he was here and Shua was here. What more did he need? It wasn't like the plan would've worked anyways. He'd just have to improvise. What could go wrong, after all?

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dyanne | 316 comments Mod
It was a very rare thing to see Shua in the gym. Track field? Maybe (he'd done cross country and long jump to get those p.e. creds and actually hadn't died). Gymnasium? As if. But suddenly, this gym had become very important to Shua-- because, as it turned out, those nintendo programmers had a sense of humor and had decided to place their gym inside this gym. Gymception.

It was also a very rare thing to see Shua so pissed with the stem kids. After all, Shua usually had no problem with them. Computers were fun to mess around with and there was a soothing sort of certainty to numbers-- Shua got that. He had almost become a stem nerd himself, 'cept the old stem leader was super intimidating and Shua had had (and still had, actually) serious non-confrontational issues. So.

But now? Oh, it was on. These fucking stem nerds thought that they could take his gym away from him? Seriously? With a fucking vaporeon? Seriously? Was that the best they had? These fucking blue team pasty almond faced stem nerds who thought that they owned this place-- Shua was here to end that. Team instinct was here to destroy the mystics who thought it would be a fun idea to try and mess with the true gym leader.

It had been a good battle-- he'd admit that. Whoever was controlling the gym (some fucking sophomore) had a good team of six. But Shua's Jolteon had a CP of 1584 and his Arcanine wasn't too far behind so-- "WHOOOO SUCK IT! FUCKING STEM NERDS! WHO'S GYM LEADER NOW? NOT YOU-- NOPE. SPARK, I DID YOU PROUD. I. DID. YOU. PROUD. High five? Anyone? No? Cool."

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