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A little overpriced, but that mac n cheese tho.

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Isabel actually hadn't left Theo at school, thankfully, despite her threats to the contrary. He never quite knew when she was joking with these things. Like this morning, when she had almost snapped his neck in half for being late and causing her to not get her usual morning coffee.

That had been partly the reason Theo had suggested stopping at Panera. They had coffee; ergo Isabel might be in a better mood by the time they got home. The fact that Theo really wanted some of their pasta might have had a role as well.

"So how is it, being the main man, woman, sorry, on campus. Did you have any top secret meetings with the other clique leaders?" Theo asked offhand as they stood in line, one eyebrow crooked suspiciously in the direction of the somewhat stale-looking cinnamon rolls. They didn't usually look that rough. Maybe Panera had had a bad day today.

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The line inched forwards another small step, and Theo looked forlornly to where someone was sitting comfortably and eating their pasta.

"What's the point, then," Theo wondered. The leaders of countries had their subtle meetings, their accords and peace treaties and agreements; clique leaders should be part of that fun too, right?

"Did you get paired with some dumb jock? Or, oh, one of those people who just doesn't care, which means you're going to have to do all the work. Not that you really care about doing extra work, huh. Though chem was never the bright spot of your day. Or. Oh my god. Some uppity STEM kid who'll never let you live down a 92 or something." It had to be one of those. Isabel sounded so put-off, though; it couldn't possibly be that simple. Theo's last guess was most definitely the one that would annoy Izzy the most, though.

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Without looking away from the display cases beside him, Theo could practically feel Isabel roll her eyes. It was his sister's natural response to 65% of all situations; 75% of the ones concerning Theo.

"That's a shame." RNHS would be vastly more interesting and entertaining if its cliques were actually that hardcore. But — they were already more intense than any other school he'd heard of, so Theo figured he should probably settle with what was.

Theo had totally called it. Annoying STEM kid, but not just any STEM kid. The STEM kid. "Not just a fucking STEM kid knowing how bad you are at chem. The fucking STEM kid," Theo reminded her gleefully. He really loved his sister, he did. But this was a golden new piece of information. He would have to ask for daily updates on this. "What happened?"

His answer was a casual shrug. "Nothing much. Normal first day. Thoroughly boring. I'm betting that half of the kids are going to drop out of AP Comparative Gov by Thursday."

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