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message 1: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne wagner | 3 comments I am looking to beta for the first time. I am a kind person, and see this as an opportunity to help build and be a part of a creative adventure.
I do not read fast, but I will be happy to send regular updates.
So you can better understand my personal bias, I am not a fan of things like vampires being heroes or Godzilla saving the earth from the smog monster.
I will take this very serious and give you my honest opinion.

message 2: by G. W. (new)

G. W. Boileau | 2 comments Hi Jeanne,

I'm looking for beta readers for my hard-boiled detective / supernatural thriller.

It's set in San Jose, so would love to get your opinion, as you'll be able to tell me if I'm on the mark or not as far as setting goes.

A work-in-progress blurb so you can see if its your kind of thing:

Twenty years in Silicon Valley, Detective Blake Gamble thought he’d seen it all. That was until today ... A Software Engineer has been brutally murdered and his head is nowhere to be found.

As Blake investigates, he begins to unravel a disturbing truth. One which will turn his world upside down ... One which will have him running for his life.

Thanks for your consideration.

message 3: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne wagner | 3 comments I'm reading for someone right now, and I'd like to give them a lot of thought.
In a week I'd be happy to look at it if that fits for you. I've lived her my whole life, so I can easily let you know what things were like 20 years ago. Is that the only feedback you are after?

message 4: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Miner | 4 comments I am a new writer, I'm only 16 but I've had a couple people read and enjoy my writing. My story is a western biblical horror. It's a Novella and its about werewolves attacking a big town in Virginia. The year is 1893, and an Inn keeper, Chester, has to cope with the loss of the love of his life while also falling in love, along with emotionally taking care of a 17 year old boy who lives in an abusive home with a drunken father. In a town of immorality and sin, a bad moon will rise, dividing the good, the bad, and the satanic. Everything's at stake and Chester can't save them all, as hard as he tries.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Grantham (michaelgrantham) | 12 comments Jeanne wrote: "I am looking to beta for the first time. I am a kind person, and see this as an opportunity to help build and be a part of a creative adventure.
I do not read fast, but I will be happy to send regu..."

I would love to get some more eyes on my 5K word short story - if your're interested you can email me at and I'll reply with the story.


message 6: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth | 53 comments Jeanne wrote: "I am looking to beta for the first time. I am a kind person, and see this as an opportunity to help build and be a part of a creative adventure.
I do not read fast, but I will be happy to send regu..."

I am looking for someone to edit and give me feedback on my 43,000 vampire novella. If you're interested in helping me out, please email me at

message 7: by Desiree (new)

Desiree Reyes | 36 comments hi, Jeanne,
I have a dark paranormal novel if you're interested. It's written in first person. I let the caracters tell their story.
I'm looking for comments on:
character devolpment
plot continuality
Here's the synopis. Please let me know if it's something you'd like to read.
Part 1 - Lila
During a horrific thunderstorm six-year-old Lila is comforted by her mother, who tells her not to be frightened because an angel is watching over her. After finally falling asleep she is awakened by her mother’s screams and the sound of her fathering fighting with an unknown intruder. She is in her room and does not witness what occurs, but she listens to the terrifying noises of her parents being slaughtered. When she cries out a demon appears in the doorway, tall, massive with long white hair, red eyes and talons that drip blood.
He smiles at her, showing fangs and beckons her into his embrace. Lila is so traumatized that she mistakes him for the angel her mother said would protect her. She does not notice the blood that soaks his cloak, only his mesmerizing, beautiful face, the ethereal countenance of an angel.
As Lila approaches the demon he pulls back his arm to strike her down, but at the last minute hesitates. Behind him the ground explodes and opens up into a chasm and the demon is swallowed up by the earth.
Lila is left alone with no chance of survival. She wanders in the forest for three days and on the fourth she sees the demon approaching. He has come for her. But for what purpose?

Part 2 - Angel
Kristoff Ashdown is the arrogant, spoiled son of Lord Ashdown, first Duke of Grafton. He is strong willed, selfish, cruel and hot tempered. His life consists of boar hunting, gambling, drinking and whoring. He has little use for God and no respect for the devil. After his accidental death he awakens in hell and finds himself slave to a Master he is forced to serve.
Now known as White Wolf he is different from his fellow demons. They are hideous and misshapen while he is nearly human in appearance. Any demon can rape and kill, but the Master has a different game for White Wolf to play. It involves seduction, luring women willingly into bed and betrayal, all the things he is good at and he performs with relish for the Master’s amusement.
When the Master sends him to slaughter a family, he has no hesitation in killing the couple, but when he is confronted by their very young daughter he refuses to slay her.
The Master is infuriated by his disobedience and extracts his revenge in the cruelest way imaginable.
Part 1 and 2 are included.
This book contains sex, violence, rape and incest. It is intended for mature readers only.

message 8: by Erik (new)

Erik Christensen Hi Jeanne,

I hope you're still looking for manuscripts to read. I have a 121k Sci-Fi/Adventure novel for YA called "The Reluctant Librarian."

Esper is a world colonized from Earth long ago, but has since devolved into a feudalistic society. William wants to follow his late father's footsteps into the military but is selected for clerical duties instead. A far more adventurous path awaits him than he could imagine--one that includes rebels, monsters, and an ancient alien race.

Please let me know if you're interested.



message 9: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) Good morning Jeanne,

Would love it if you would be willing to beta read our newest novel The Neuromorphs.

Here is a link to the book where you can read a chapter and decide if it is interesting to you.

The authors blog post here
explains why beta readers and reviewers are so important and that we do listen!

You can reach me at

Thanks for your consideration,

message 10: by J.Z. (new)

J.Z. (jzfoster) | 8 comments Hello! I have a completed horror novel. It is about 'changelings', things that steal children in the night and leave their own.

Would you be interested in reading it and giving me a review?

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