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Come one, come all to the new and improved Fuck or Chuck List :)

This is pretty self-explanatory, the two lists will be composed of many different factors: hoe-like tendencies, appearance ( duh ), and social status in the hierarchy of our lovely highschool. If you see your name where you want it to be great! If not...well there's no use in complaining about something the entire school thinks of you :)

au revoir <3

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Fuck List:
1. David Prescott: (view spoiler)
2. Johnathan Garner: (view spoiler)
3. Mireille Alsace: (view spoiler)
4. Alana Le Douche (view spoiler)
5. Caleb Freeman: (view spoiler)

Chuck List:
1. Luk Chakrabonse: (view spoiler)
2. Valerie Barretto: (view spoiler)
3. Luca Hartley: (view spoiler)
4. Zuri Ryence: (view spoiler)
5. Emilia Mencher: (view spoiler)
6. Park Minah: (view spoiler)
7. Reagan Palmer: (view spoiler)
8. Rosemary Keats (view spoiler)

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