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A.J. Super (opheliaspansies) | 1 comments Seeking 2-3 people to give me a full critique, good and bad, of the 2nd draft of my first sci-fi/li-fi novel. 169 pages, 46k words.

"The invaders came. One. Planet. At a time. Not overrunning, but overshadowing. Blocking the light of the stars in ships like black holes. Inhaling light as they approached. Then launching world evolving mists. Strangling. Growing. They came to cover her white world in green. Make it. Theirs. Like so many. Before.

Once. She was soft. Round. With wide eyes and comfortable hands. She was trained, like her father, like her grandmother, like her great grandmother, and farther back than her family could remember to be an architect. One of the preeminent middle class, White Class, families on Capitol. A family of quiet hardness. And little tenderness. She was resigned to her arranged marriage to a boy with enormous eyes whose fake laugh made her feel ease.

Now. The invaders, the Darkness. The Beetles. Want it all. They are hunting. For survivors. This is genocide.

She must survive. At all costs."

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Debbie | 12 comments What do you consider "soft sci-fi"? I thought it had to do with the "soft sciences" as opposed to the "hard". Guess I was wrong?

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Debbie | 12 comments Thanks

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