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Marie Silk | 1022 comments Hi everyone :) I was curious to know your thoughts on or processes for launch days. I have never had an official launch day, as in, a day that I promoted in advance as "this is the day my book releases". Mostly because I never know what my release date is going to be. I just publish it as soon as I get the files back from the formatters. However I have read that other authors do quite a bit of build up for an official launch day or release date, sometimes with positive results, sometimes with zero. What do you think? How do you do it? Thank you :)

Tara Woods Turner | 2063 comments Congrats! I know that many writers have a launch 'party' on facebook. They post heavily throughout the day with updates, giveaways and even scavenger hunts. They respond to comments and generally make a fun time of it. You could also launch your book on a podcast or on a blog with giveaways and raffles.

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