Abused/Fragile-Heroine Romance Novel Fans discussion

Why are you a fan of this type of heroine?

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message 1: by Jami (new)

Jami | 3 comments I was very interested to find this group, because I lean towards books which feature a "abused/fragile" or low self esteem heroine. Unfortunately for me, this is not a common book theme easy to find. In my observation, it seems many tend to prefer a strong female lead who has this natural confidence and bravado.

I began to wonder why I had this pull towards this heroine choice, at odds with "the masses."

The answer for me was simple, I personally relate more to this heroine archetype. I cannot connect with an extroverted, dynamic heroine with tons of friends, catchy one liners, and confidence oozing out of every pore. Without that connection to the heroine it's hard to immerse myself into the reading experience.

And while the "being able to relate" concept seems like the obvious conclusion, I am still baffled. Are the numbers of the "insecure" so few, that more cannot feel a similar connection? I know some may think "abused/fragile" is equivalent to "weak" or "pushover" but I do not agree with that in the least.

Thoughts? What draws you to this theme?

message 2: by Jillian (new)

Jillian | 2 comments Hi,
I, too, actively seek out romance novels with this trope. What draws me to this type of book is that I also have a "difficult past" and having a relationship was a challenge. I like to read books where the heroine has this same challenge and the hero helps her overcome her past to get an HEA. I have a Goodreads shelf with more than 200 books with this trope!

message 3: by Alisha (new)

Alisha Lynn (lovemeanalpha) | 2 comments I prefer the meek, shy, introverted heroine because I need her to be protected by the hero. I'm not shy or introverted and I'm pretty alpha myself and I think that's why I enjoy reading about the opposite. It's the fantasy that I love. I find myself drawn, in books, to things o wouldn't actually like in the real world.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Baffi | 8 comments I also have had a difficult time with relationships because of my past. I love to see the hero take care of the heroine when she feels like she can not take care of herself, however she has a backbone she just has to find it. I also love a happy ending.

message 5: by Jami (new)

Jami | 3 comments So true! The hero's role in helping her overcome is always an intriguing adventure.

message 6: by Monica (new)

Monica | 5 comments I like this type of heroine because I like the underdog in a story. Usually she blossoms at the end of the story because of proper nurture. I also like strong alpha male characters who are alpha because of there protectiveness and possessiveness. This is great because I seem to be the leader in my life, and it's a nice fantasy to have the man in this role.

message 7: by Jami (new)

Jami | 3 comments Monica, I can totally relate to the leader IRL feeling. After a long day at work it's nice to let someone else handle the burdens even if it is just in Fictionland

message 8: by Ria (new)

Ria | 2 comments Because IRL most women are strongest when cornered! We have to be scrappy or society would have gone by the wayside long ago!

message 9: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Catala | 3 comments I think I like them because of the character backstory. I find more interesting a novel where the main lead has to fight not a concrete enemy, but herself. And the fact that she can do so with the help of the hero. I don't like when the heroine stays fragile/weak throughout the whole novel, I love when she finds strength. As some said, her backbone

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