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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 464 comments Mod
Homeroom. The first class of the day.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments Itzari was, of course, brilliantly early for her first class of the day. Usually because it was the quietest class of the day, and she could talk to her agent in peace. It wasn't exactly quiet as she tried to hammer out a short term band deal and discuss costuming and lighting. She had her cell-phone and laptop out as she spoke, in a three way chat with her agent and manager, throwing designs and outlines out for a show. Most shows were local, though she was pretty popular on Youtube, but she had a tour coming up soon that was sure to break her, officially, out there.

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Rock | 310 comments Yunna, for once in her life, had showed up to class a bit early. As usual her shirt was a bit to small, and her pants a bit too tight, hugging against her as close as possible. Her small shirt not fully being able to be tucked in showing off a bit of her navel. As per usual she had a jacket in her backpack incase the teacher got onto her. As per her boss' request she was posting things like selfies and status updates as she was told. She had a modeling gig later today, so she was feeling pretty good about herself. She barley noticed itzari as her phone made another snapping noise as she took another picture.

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"Ok everyone settle down before we begin I would like you to get to know some people around you, By the way my name is Mr. Lang" Mr. Lang tells them opening his desk cabinet pulling out papers. He puts his suitcase on the floor and goes marking names down.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "I'm sorry, I have to go," Itzari said, annoyed at all the flashes and clicking buttons. Was that phone connected to surround sound, by any chance? She groaned a bit. "I'll send you some emails pronto," she said, shutting down the skype call and linking up the designs she'd drawn online. She was trying to juggle school and work, and finally managed to get her laptop only focused on notes. She glanced at Yunna. Ug. Please don't sit too close...

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Rock | 310 comments Yunna always tried to get to know people, and seeing as Itzari was one of the few in their class, she sat directly next to her. "Hi there!" Yunna said with a big smile.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "Hi," Itzari said dryly, glancing over. She typed the professor's name. "What's your name," she asked slowly, as if worried.

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Rock | 310 comments She should be worried, for what Yunna did next was quickly fling her hands behind her. Stricking a pose before proclaiming, "I'm Yunna Hegemone!" Her held her pose for a moment, absorbing the looks of the boys walking into the room before returning to reality to ask, "and you?"

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments Oh dear Lord. God had given humanity plagues, tsunamis, and starvation. But Yunna? How was that fair? "Itzari Kugel. I've seen some of your videos," she said quickly, glancing as some dudes pulled the hog oggle.

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Rock | 310 comments (( brb.))

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments ((Jealousy))

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Rock | 310 comments She seemed a bit taken back. "W-which one?" She asked. She had stopped showing herself on youtube because all she had gotten were remarks about her breast, and she rarely did modeling videos. Oh god, what did this girl think she was?

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "The one with the lyrics about the dying dove or something," she rolled her shoulders. "I think it was made in a park? Jeez... Too bad all your old music was taken down." she rubbed at her scalp. It hadn't been that shallow back then when she hadn't realized the attention she could garner. Itzari had sort of dropped her after.

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Rock | 310 comments "Oh. Well, you know. I kinda blossomed and boys started asking me to... Well, you know.... And accusing me.... ," she said, shivering slightly.

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 464 comments Mod
"Everyone look here we have a new student here so please be nice and show him around." Mr. Lang says "You might already know him from some famous groups like Hollywood undead Rev rock group and Generations pop group with his brothers." Kirito hair sort of blocked his eyes but he a had a little light smile on. As be crowd around him but he walks to his seat. (

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments Itzari felt some pity for the girl. "So... your reaction was to take advantage of their pervertedness... huh. Good call," she smirked. She glanced up at Kirito and gave him a cursory smile before returning her attention to Yunna.

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Rock | 310 comments "No! That's why I stopped uploading to that channel. I still do songs. If they want to stare at me they can buy my modeling pictures!" she said, crossing her arms against her chest, attracting the eyes of males across the room. She was about to say more before the teacher introduced the new rock star student. She was, to say the least, unimpressed. She had never heard the band so she didn't crowd around him in some fan girl fashion. Not that she ever did that anyways. Boys came to her, to bask in her greatness.

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Kirito just sat at his seat with out a word. He then put in his headphones and listened to music while waiting for class to start. One of his friends pasted him a note saying the 'The guys here are perverts and that girl is a slut.' Kirito didn't reply he just threw it out and shook his head.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "That girl" wasn't very specific. Itzari nodded. "I guess that's understandable, but... if you're selling modelling pictures, why do you post so many pictures for free online?" She googled Yunna's name. About 10,000 selfie results popped up, along with various mixed media results.

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Rock | 310 comments Yunna's cheeks started to get rosy. "Well if y-you most know. You are allowed to sell pictures you take on Instagram and my agent says that if I get enough followers I can get payed for certain post I make!" She said quickly, her blush grew larger. "Also I do like the attention.... They're just really mean online," she admitted.

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"She is so self centered and slutty" One of Kirito friends Mako says to his other friends making them laugh. Kirito smacks Mako in the head and he gasps in pain "Ouch dude what!?" he questioned Kirito "Don't be rude to girls it explains why you don't have one" Kirito says dryly as his friends laugh. "Then why don't you have one?!" Mako says trying to get even "Cause I haven't found the right one idiot" Kirito replies putting his headphones back on.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 184 comments ((Can I join in?))

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "Huh, wow. And I assumed some people had brains," she rolled her eyes, looking forwards." She tore a bit of notebook paper, formed a paper airplane, fastened a razor blade to the front, and threw it directly at Mako's neck. It hit, dead center. "It's one thing to disagree with someone, it's another to be such a jerk about it." She glanced over at Yunna. "You just have to play it safe sometimes, I guess. How much money do you make already? Is it worth creeps like that guy?"

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments ((Sure, I guess.))

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Rock | 310 comments "Well yeah, most of the dweebs who say stuff in real life look like trash when compared to my beauty," she said, striking a pose. After a moment she added, "Also it's usually only one or two people, not thousands saying the same thing." Yunna's eyes widened when she saw the girl toss the airplane. Damn, she has guts.

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 464 comments Mod
"Hey Itzari! Cut it out you do this every year!" Mako yells at her while people laugh. "Sit down Mako you always do this every year knock it off ok? Girls are cute no matter what you cant insult them and get away with it idiot" Kirito tells him with a tone trying to listen to his music. "How aren't you fazed by this?" Mako asked him and Kirito just shrugged.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 184 comments Madison sighed and walked into class, though it appeared she was late. She must not have set her phone to the correct time. Without a word and with her head held high, she walked into class, found an empty seat, and sat down, placing her violin case beside her chair and her bag on the back of her seat. She ignored people whispering since she was new, after being the new girl so many times, she was used to it.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "I do it every five minutes, you mean, or every time you make a misogynist comment. Keep it up and I'll find it in my heart to report you to the principal." She looked back to Yunna. "Really, yeah... People like that are just so desperate, they try to drag down someone else's beauty and self esteem so maybe they might have the chance of a snowflake in Hell of dating that person. Also... why do you keep posing? I don't think the classrooms are recorded," she chuckled.

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Rock | 310 comments "You gotta let beauty like this filter, don't want to look like I'm desperate for attention. Like those kids who just got owned by a girl," she tossed at the boys. Wanting to change subjects she said, "Hay teacher! We got another new student today!"

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 464 comments Mod
Mr. Lang looks up from his work. "Ah yes could you please come up here and introduce your self young lady?" he asked her. Kirito took off his headphones to hear her. He puts out his hand for a high five from Itzari "Nice hit" he chuckled.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 184 comments Madison frowned and inwardly groaned as the girl who seemed like a airhead bimbo called attention to her. After having a famous mother and being a new girl her entire life, Madison wished she could just be a normal girl. But no, she dumb model had to point her out to everyone. Madison sighed and got up and walked to the front of the class and turned and faced her fellow students. "Hello. I'm Madison Kendall Walters, I just moved her from America but before you ask, yes I did live in London for awhile which is why I have an accent." She said swiftly, her British accent crips and clear. Once she was done talking wHe went back to her seat, looking bored and annoyed.
((Sorry, I know you're OC's not actually like that, Madison just gets irritated by people like her easily))

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Rock | 310 comments (( Oh no, I don't mind. Yunna has always garnered glares at her for her loud and egotistical ways.))

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "You... don't?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at Yunna's statement. She ignored Kirito's hand for a moment. "Thanks, she said slowly, eyeing his hand like a snake. She offered a fist-bump instead, typing names quickly on her computer. She was subtly taking pictures of people using a camera attached to her computer. She was saving them so she could remember names and faces! Oh man... she managed to get a bad one of Yunna... somehow.

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Rock | 310 comments Catching her before she finished a pose usually got you a bad one of her. "Well my agency is teaching me how to make a professional social media account so they limit what I do," she explained. Lowering her voice so only Itzari could hear her, she proudly added, "and besides it's not being desperate when the twin suns gather all the attention I could ever need!" Perking back up she waved to the new girl, watching to see where she sat. She'd have to invite her to sit next to her tomorrow.

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Rock | 310 comments (( Guys?))

message 36: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments Itzari's face flushed with color. "Wonderful imagery, princess," she chuckled. "Your agency? You don't have just an agent?" she checked, glancing around at the seating. The students were sort of late, weren't they? "Have you ever tried making a fake account, where you make all the friends in the world, then reveal yourself for who you are, doing a huge publicity thing."

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Rock | 310 comments "My agent works for some big agency already, it's not my own. They help a lot of people," she said, correcting herself. "As for that? No, not really. It would be kind of stupid to do that if I already have a lot of followers on my account," she shrugged. "And don't be jealous of the awesome power I hold!" She said with a snicker, responding to her earlier comment about imagery.

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Rock | 310 comments ((?))

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 184 comments Madison snorted slightly with laughter and rolled her eyes at the model's statement. "What power? Without real talent all you have are your looks which will alter or fade away to time and reality. You have no throne or power. You're just another pretty, daff girl who thinks she's queen over all just because you put a crown on your own head." Madison said, more saying it to herself, not expecting the girl to hear or even listen but not caring if she did either way.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "What does that make any of us, then?" she asked, "Her looks bring her power. Money is power. It's all you get in this life. As long as she has that, she has power. It seems to me that she's using what she has to secure her future when she doesn't have it. Money can even purchase her looks over again when she loses them. And with money, she can do anything to anyone who shamed or bullied her. So I'd hold my tongue, if I were you, little woman."

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Rock | 310 comments Yunna turned to her and gave her a slight eye roll. "Your talent is just as fleeting as my beauty. Your body will grow old as well. Your arms to weak and shaky to play properly, your vocal cords giving out due to the pass of time, and don't fool yourself into thinking that beauty isn't needed to be famous today. You're just trying to enjoy your gifts as much as I am. Before we both grow too old to use them," she said, striking another pose. She the turned to Itzari. "No future? I make money being a model, I can pay for myself thank you very much," she said with a huff.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 184 comments Madison rolled her eyes again. "True but you're wrong also. There are thing more important than money. Such as love, family, friends, the legacy we leave behind and how people remember us. All the money in the world will mean nothing once your dead. But the lives you touch while you're alive matter far more than all the gold on the earth. I love singing and playing my instruments, but they're not my identity, nor are they the most important thing in my life. I invest my time and life into things that matter, not selfies and Instagram followers." She said and opened her notebook and began writing something down.

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Rock | 310 comments "If you think people can't connect and touch other people's lives through social media, then you obviously haven't spent that much time on it. I play an important role model to many other young people online. As for friends and love? Those come easy due to how I am. The looks are only what attracts, the personality is why they stay. I plan on finding myself a good man, whose reward for his loyalty to me shall be my loyalty to him. My looks would just be the icing on the cake. Don't kid yourself into thinking that your or my "legacy" actually matters. We'll be as irrelevant as any other humans in a few generations, the only thing that matters in our legacy is how well off our children are down the line. Something large sums of money can actually help with," she said.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "Except, some of us don't have that," she said, "I don't care what I leave behind me when I die. I don't care what anyone thinks of me while I live. I'd rather live comfortably then die in the streets," she rolled her eyes. "I have no taste for what I've never needed."

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"Knock off girls. now who wants-" Mako gets cut off from what he is saying by a punchin the head. "Stay out of it you idiot" Kirito says as Mako slowly slides to the floor holding his head in pain. "Ow ow ow" Mako groans.

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Rock | 310 comments "Well she's a spoil sport," Yunna said with a frown. "It's funny she talked about not needing money even though I heard her complaining about how her violin imported from a U.K specialist was damaged," she whispered to Izar with a sly smile. Her smile turned to annoyance when she saw the kid get punched. "Ugh, boys," she said, rolling her eyes.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 184 comments Madison rolled her eyes. There was obviously no reasoning with these girls, they were hopeless. Madison just chose to ignore them and went back to writing in her notebook. She looked up at the guy who punched the other guy and smiled slightly before looking back at her notebook and flipping to a new page before writing something else. "And the Violin maker in London is my Grandfather who would have repaired it for free. I just hate paying for shipping." She said, having heard what the brat said, her expression remaining emotionless.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "Ugh, people." Itzari buried her nose in her laptop again.

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Rock | 310 comments "At least the newbie is kind if cute though,"
Yunna said as she softly elbowed Itzari. Trying to drag her back out of the laptop.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 308 comments "No taste for what I've never needed," she reminded, in different context.

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