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message 1: by Werner (new)

Werner Back in 2011, a lady on Goodreads, who was concerned about the need to support physical bookstores in order to keep them open and preserve all the benefits they provide, challenged the rest of us to buy at least two books (new ones, not used) per year from a brick-and-mortar store. I've met that challenge every year from 2011 on, and I've met it for 2016, having already bought two books so far (as presents for my wife). Maybe some others would be interested in taking up this challenge as well?

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner Here's an interesting and encouraging article on independent bookstores, from a blog called the Passive Voice, which one of my Goodreads friends regularly reads: .

message 3: by Werner (new)

Werner This past Monday, I was saddened to learn that the local bookstore, Hearthside Books, will be closing its doors for good on Feb. 18. :-( I've shopped there since at least 2004 (they were the only bookstore I could find, besides Bluefield College's, that was willing to carry my book!). According to the newspaper article, they just didn't have enough business to sustain the store, so it's a graphic reminder of how important it is to support bookstores while we have them. (Now, I'll have to go further afield to find one to support.)

message 4: by Werner (new)

Werner I haven't updated anything about this challenge on this thread since early last year (sorry for the omission!). But I did meet my challenge goal both last year and this year, though both times not until the last month of the year. There's a chain bookstore at our local mall, which is located over on the West Virginia side of the border, about halfway between Bluefield and Princeton; so that's the one I've been supporting, since it's the closest one to where i live. It's probably due to the Christmas season or to post-Christmas sales, but both last year and this one the store seemed to be pretty busy.

message 5: by Werner (new)

Werner Once again, I've recently met the challenge to support brick-and-mortar bookstores by buying at least two brand-new books a year in one! This year, I didn't leave it until the last days of December. :-)

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