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The Bone Carver
Ella Lisa Ella Jul 20, 2016 05:58PM
Okay, so maybe I'm crazy, but remember how the Bone Carver can appear as whoever he wants to whoever is looking at him? There is not a whole lot of description here about what he looks like except that he is a little boy with black hair and deep blue eyes. My first thought was that maybe it was Rhysand as a kid, but two reasons why that doesn't make sense. 1) Maas does not go so far as to say that the boy has violet eyes like she does whenever she describes Rhysand and 2) why would Rhysand as a child mean anything at all to Feyre? So maybe the Bone Carver was appearing as Feyre's and Rhysand's not yet conceived child? So was the importance the Bone Carver scene foreshadowing a possible pregnancy (despite Feyre not wanting to have a child yet) and if so, does that open the door to the possibility of Rhysand dying in the third book?

First of all, how dare you mention Rhys dying. That is the ONE THING I will riot over if it happens in the third book. I literally will not live if that happens.

Second of all, I don't know why. But I am SO convinced a pregnancy/child is happening in the next book. I think it's Rhys and Feyre's because of things like that Bone Carver scene, who I think too might be their child, and the point she made to mention pregnancy for an entire page. But it could also be Ianthe and Tamlin's because Calamni already passed and Ianthe is obsessed with having children and I'm also convinced Tamlin took her into that cave.

I mean, I hope it's Feyre and Rhys', just because my shipper heart would be thrilled. But that thought also terrifies the fuck out of me because Rhys will literally do anything to protect Feyre if she's pregnant and that could just be so terrible for both of them.

Sarah was supposed to add pregnancy in acomaf but decided to postpone to acotar 3,i saw this on tumblrso don't know if its accurate but i personally think Ianthe is pregnant with Tamlin's child.......

OH... that is evil..... I really hope not. But I could see Sarah doing that. I'm just going to think happy thoughts though because #feysandforever

If Rhys dies, I die with him!!!

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