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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Young single mom, have a child by rape by family friend, flees her parents who doesn't believe her, have the child and falls in love with smalltown cop

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Nix | 6 comments Book is about a young girl (18 or so) who is a new mother and lives in a crappy apartment and has a difficult time with a new baby and with little money. She was raped by a family friend and her parents didn't believe her, so she left home to get away. She lives in the crappy part of a small town and after a break and entry calls the police. The officer sees the deplorable living conditions and demands that her landlord upgrade the apartment, but that until it is fixed she is to move in with him temporarily, Reluctantly she does this, and they fall in love, she meets his family and they love her. and at the end I think her parents finds her and are forced to believe that their old family friend raped their daughter.

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Jorja (jorjamaree) | 111 comments Is it Shelter You - Alice Montalvo-Tribue?

Shelter You

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Amanda | 110 comments Definitely "Shelter You"

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Nix, was that your book? Someone moved this to Solved.

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Is this YA, NA, or adult?

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