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and all the kids cried out
P L E A S E sᴛᴏᴘ , you're sᴄᴀʀɪɴɢ me

lydia × alyssa × karsten , 20 × femme × luna × alpha
× elizabeth olsen × blonde hair, slightly brownish. blue-grey-green eyes. pale skin -- white girl. five foot six -- not especially short, but not super tall either. fifty kilos, so not overweight. she has the luna pack's mark on the back of her shoulder. as a wolf, lydia has pale fur -- not quite blonde and not quite white/grey -- and yellow eyes.
× d e s c r i p t i o n × Lydia is a nice person. Most people wouldn't expect that, considering that she killed the last alpha, but she is a deeply moral and decent person. This doesn't mean she won't kill, it just means she'll only kill when it's unavoidable. Like when someone challenges her — the only never-changing rule of the pack is that the alpha cannot turn down a challenge. She doesn't like conflict, and prefers to try to come to a reasonable agreement without resorting to violence.

Lydia was born a werewolf, and as such she has greater control over herself. She grew up as part of the Luna pack, and saw the leadership change twice before she claimed the position. Her father died challenging the alpha when she was only six, and her mother abandoned the pack soon after. Lydia stayed, and trained intensively so she could become the best fighter in the pack, and defend them from danger even though she could not transform fully. When she turned eighteen, Lydia began training incessantly to be able to exert absolute control over her wolf side, and when she was nineteen she gained the ability to activate the mark.
The alpha at the time was a cruel, vicious man with few morals, and when he nearly killed one of the sentinels for a minor slip-up, Lydia challenged him. Her years of training paid off, and the drawn-out battle ended in his death and her becoming the alpha.

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Kᴏ́ʀɪ Rᴜɴᴇ Aʀɪ Kʟᴏ̈ᴄᴋᴇʀ

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?


twenty two × male × heterosexual × single

werewolf × lux pack × alpha

( mikkel gregers jenson ) × kóri is a tall and lean guy. he has dark blonde hair, brown when wet. his eyes are steely blue and his complextion seems to be pale which is a trait from his ancestry. he has the lux pack's mark on his left shoulder. other than his pack's marking kóri has many tattoos ranging from the on on his chest to a few on his right arm and wrist. as a wolf kóri is a golden blonde in color with a pale blonde underbelly and red eyes.


kóri is a strict but generous man. he is loyal to those who are loyal to him and deserve it. although he is young and does have times being carefree kóri is stressed most of the time. children see him as a role model and say he's brave, caring, kind and respectful. kóri wants to be a figure to on going generations.
being an alpha does have his cons as for stress, being strict and making him look like the bad guy. kóri has many obstacles to keep everything running together and smoothing. many pack memebers say that he's fierce and always one to stand up for others. although he can be stubborn and a bit of a hardass, kóri is determined and all around nice.

kóri is a descendant of arvid klöcker to begin with although the name klöcker is kept with each child no matter the gender and in marriage the partner takes the name klöcker. kóri was born october 18th to his father, einar klöcker, and mother, anne sundt-klöcker. his father the alpha at the time was hard on him as there were expectation. kóri was put through training to be stronger and be a good future alpha. kóri didn't get to be just a child for too long and he felt he needed to make his father proud.
at fourteen kóri almost lost his mother when she was teaching him hunting techniques for when he matured and had his wolf form. a group of hikers saw them and thought he was in danger and attacked. anne was struck several time in the face and became blind. kóri being smart said the wolf was his pet and then help his mother get back to the pack. this little outing made reality far worse than he thought.
the young boy he was promised to keep his pack safe from harshness like this. growing as a teenager kóri started to become his own person and was carefree and devoted to his family, friends and pack. although much changed when he was eighteen, his father was killed by hunters. it was a a few months after he fully shifted and when einar was found dead kóri was to be the next alpha. he didn't know what to do but he knew being who he was he should lead his pack.
everything changed about him, he was stressed more and only took little time to himself as he continued were his father left off at. eventually after a year things settled a little but the pack was cautious of the hunters. kóri was sad about his father it didn't get to him much as einar was hard on him. unlike his father though kóri decided to be more in the mortal community so his pack could know not everyone was evil as the were stuck on the vardø witch trials and the deaths in new york. it even allowed more socialization with others.
recently though some female pack members strive to get kóri's attention because one he needs an heir as an alpha and two they'd have the pack under lock and key. most fail to achive his heart and he knows some just want to have control so he shuts most down. within the past year kóri has helped his pack grow in businesses and make good livings.

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descriptiondescription“You think what happened to me broke me? Nah. I broke them because they were in my way.” ──────────────────────────────────────────────
× twenty-one × male × heterosexual × solis pack × austin butler
| beta: orange eyes |
× DESCRIPTION ; ── personality wise, nik is very sinister, sadistic, psychopathic, ruthless, evil, vindictive and even a little dangerous. he thinks of himself first, second, and third. he's not really a “pack” kind of werewolf, he sees himself as his own alpha and picks fights with pack members. his mood changes from cheerful and amused to absolutely enraged in seconds, and he is very unpredictable. nik never has any remorse for any kills that he makes, simply on the basis and notion that he is too far down on the road of darkness to have any sort of remorse, and that every kill is justified to him. he will threaten anyone or anything just so he gets what he wants. being a wolf has made him more primal and more animalistic in his personality, so listening to his instinct is imperative for nik. He will not hesitate to kill a human, for human life to nik is meaningless. nik is the epitome of why werewolf hunters were created in the first place. although, nik does have a human soul buried deep within him. he might not show compassion, but his senses are heightened and he does show feelings for lust.

─────── nik didn’t always use to be this way, in fact; he was a sweet young boy. when nik turned sixteen years old, him and his friend kyle took his parents speed boat out without permission, and without a boating license. just being teenage boys. unfortunately, they were both drinking, nik didn't think he was that drunk so he was driving the boat, going as fast as it could and collided into another boat, killing kyle. But nik survived. It only takes one huge mistake to change your life for good. that day nik’s eyes changed a dark orange color, for he was responsible for a pack members death. nik went to jail for man slaughter, and driving a boat drinking, without a license. at the age of nineteen nik was released by his father’s persuasive personality. ever sense that day nik has never been the same, taking a pack mates life changes your demeanor, and your soul. nik has the strength of two werewolves combined. once you kill a pack mate, you claim their strength.

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J O R D A N   S A U N D E R S   22 × male × noctis sentinel
john boyega

D E S C R I P T I O N :
First up — he's smart. Jordan can outwit most people, and his strategies tend to prove useful in defending the pack. Of course, nobody else listens, generally, because it's just so much smarter to rush in and get yourself killed.

Secondly — he's agile and fast. Jordan is faster, more sure-footed, and stronger than most other werewolves (aside from the alpha, maybe). This might suggest that he's a threat to the alpha, but Jordan really couldn't care less about having power.

Thirdly — he's brave. Although his tendency to hang back and observe battles whilst formulating strategies may seem cowardly, he's more than willing to die defending his pack. But generally speaking he can avoid anyone dying by entering the fray at the last moment and putting his strategy to good use.

Jordan was born a werewolf. As such, he's always had excellent control over the wolf, as far as anyone else is aware.
As a child, Jordan was teased by the other children because he preferred to stay out of their (often very violent) games. When he tried to explain why it made more sense to observe from high up and then jump on top of people, they just laughed and ignored him.
When he was in his teens, Jordan joined in with the games, and quickly became better at them than all the others. He didn't boast or brag about it, just stood there quietly after disabling all his opponents. Then, one night, the other boys dragged him out of his bed while he was still asleep and hung him upside down from the branch of a tree. When he woke, he found himself hanging upside down with the boys jeering in his face.
That was the first - and last - time that he lost control. The boys ended up in hospital, but none of them died. After that, he worked hard to erase the memory of it by giving people better things to remember.
When he finally became a fully-fledged werewolf, Jordan trained harder than ever before to keep control and learn to activate the mark. Finally, at age 21, he succeeded, and went on to become a sentinel, protecting the pack from hunters and other threats.

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『ᴡɪᴄᴋʟɪɴɢ ᴛʀᴀsʜ ● ɢᴏᴏᴅʙʏᴇ』 (wickling) | 6 comments
N I X I E × D E A × M A G N U S D O T T I R × face claim :: tuppence middleton

NIK-see × DEE-uh × MAG-ness-DAW-tur

× NIXIE :: Nixie means "To Wash," or "Nude". The names are held to derive from Common Germanic *nikwus or *nikwis(i), derived from PIE *neigw ("to wash"). They are related to Sanskrit nḗnēkti, Greek νίζω nízō and νίπτω níptō, and Irish nigh (all meaning to wash or be washed). The form neck appears in English and Swedish (näck or nek, meaning "nude"). The Swedish form is derived from Old Swedish neker, which corresponds to Old Icelandic nykr (gen. nykrs), and nykk in Norwegian Nynorsk. In Finnish, the word is näkki. In Old Danish, the form was nikke and in modern Danish and Norwegian Bokmål it is nøkk. The Icelandic nykur is a horselike creature. In Middle Low German, it was called necker and in Middle Dutch nicker (c.f. also Nickel or Nikkel plus Kobolt) . The Old High German form nihhus also meant "crocodile", while the Old English nicor could mean both a "water monster" like those encountered by Beowulf, and a "hippopotamus".

× DEA :: Dea means "Goddess." Deus is Latin for "god" or "deity". Latin deus and dīvus "divine", are descended from Proto-Indo-European *deiwos, "celestial" or "shining", from the same root as *Dyēus, the reconstructed chief god of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon. Compare Greek Zeus (Ζεύς dzeus; Aeolic Greek Δεύς deus) and Sanskrit देव deva. Latin dies ("day") is considered to have derived from the same PIE root that originated deus. This is to say that a celestial shining body, the Sun, gives material form to the words for "day" in the Romance Languages. In Classical Latin, deus (feminine dea) was a general noun referring to a deity, while in technical usage a divus or diva was a figure who had become divine, such as a divinized emperor. In Late Latin, Deus came to be used mostly for the Christian God. It was inherited by the Romance languages in French Dieu, Spanish Dios, Portuguese and Galician Deus, Italian Dio, etc., and by the Celtic languages in Welsh Duw and Irish Dia.

× MAGNUSDOTTIR :: Magnusdottir means "Daughter of a Great Man." Magnus, meaning "great" in Latin, was sometimes used as a first name among Romans but was not particularly common among them. The best-known Roman bearing the name was the third-century usurper. The name gained wider popularity in the Middle Ages, various European peoples, and their royal houses, being introduced to it upon being converted to the Latin-speaking Catholic Christianity. This was especially the case with Scandinavian royalty and nobility. As a Scandinavian forename, it was extracted from the Frankish ruler Charlemagne's Latin name "Carolus Magnus" and re-analyzed as Old Norse magn-hús = "power house". "Dottir" is added onto the end of the mother or father's name in Icelandic tradition as a surname, for example: Helga Jónsdóttir, the name literally means "Jón’s daughter" (Jóns + dóttir). The male equivalent would be -son or -sen.

30 years old × january 1st × female × pansexual × noctis pack × alpha

5'5" × 125 lbs × brown eyes × white hair × pale skin × slim body

Nixie is motherly to her pack, and stands as a pillar of strength for it. She had become an alpha while still in her teens, and has since mastered the art of leadership, empathy, and counseling. She is overprotective at times, and hesitant to take help or advice from others, believing she needs to be autonomous. This stubbornness had nearly costed Nixie her life on multiple occasions. She can quickly revert to a more primal, and animalistic, mindset when angered, acting like a feral and savage wolf. Raised to know the power of her blood, she is a bit biased in favor of born werewolves, opposed to those turned by bite. To those not of her pack, she is fierce and violent. They call her a radical pure blood supremacist, and to her, they are degenerated mutts(well, maybe not the Luna pack as much as the others). Nixie enforces the worship of Nyx and the old gods of Greece and Rome, she does not tolerate monotheistic religions among her people, as the werewolves were created by gods, not a singular god. She is far too eager to kill other wolves or humans. Nixie runs a tight ship. Every wolf must serve her pack and every wolf must serve a purpose, or else. To be useful is a virtue, to be useless, worthless, is death of the spirit, which is usually followed by the death of the body not soon after, by 'mysterious circumstances.' Some have speculated that Nixie isn't quite sane, and they could be right. She has shown signs of insanity, which frequented the alphas of old due to the dark powers of Nyx and Hekate that run in their thin, inbred, blood.

Nixie's father, Magnus, was a descendant of Cleitor, as his branch of werewolves went up the coast of Europe to Scandinavia after a civil war between two possible alphas hailing from Cleitor and Titanas' descent. Cicero, of Cleitor, had a sister, Circe. Dimitri, of Titanas, slept with Circe against Cicero's wishes, as he was secretly in-love with him. The two fought, leading to a division in the packs as wolves began taking sides. Circe miscarried due to the stress brought on by her brother and her lover fighting. After confessing his feeling and having them being unrequited, Cicero took his half of the pack and headed northward, with Circe staying with Dimitri, only to succumb to illness and die before bearing him any more children. Eventually Cicero's pack interbred with the local berserkers, and found their way to Iceland with the early explorers. Nixie's mother, Titania, is of English descent from Titanas, of the main Noctis pack who stayed in Europe during the second splintering, which occurred during the witch trials of Europe, where a large group fled to the New World, only to be slaughtered later on by the witch hunts of the American Colonies. The two met in Reykjavik, where "Tania" was studying overseas. The two lycans quickly fell in love, and when their ancestries were uncovered by the Noctis pack, they knew their child would inherit the rank of alpha after the previous alpha, a descendant of Cleitor from Sweden, dies. She was named Nixie by her grandfather, while Tania gave her Dea, seeing how it complimented the Nyx-like forename, thus meaning, roughly, "goddess Nyx," honoring the progenitor of the Noctis pack. Nixie grew up knowing her role and rank in life, and awaited her ascension to the role of alpha. It was by her hand, or rather, her claws, that old Faendal, died. After coming down with something akin to rabies, she was forced to tear out his throat at the age of seventeen. She has reigned as alpha for years now, and has grown almost regal in her stature and poise, looked up to by younger werewolves of the pack. However, it is merely a masquerade, as Nixie isn't quite right, and isn't quite all there. Since the ancient bloodlines of the two brothers have mated sibling with sibling and cousin with cousin multiple times, most of the alphas have mental illnesses that lead to poor judgment and bad decisions. And it appears Nixie can be counted among their numbers.


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L E OA L E X A N D E RC H A S E ────────────────── ❝ w e r e w o l f ❞

⌊ × ── 26 ; march 3 ; masculine ; pansexual ; sentinel ; lux pack ──× ⌉
A P P E A R A N C E ; Leo is a man of impressive stature -- that much is obvious. At 6'3", his height already marks him as an imposing man, his large, muscular (yet agile) body attesting to that. The same could be said for his wolf, which is as tall and dark as he is and covered in dark brown fur similar to that of his human hair. The only difference between his human and wolf forms are the eyes. Once he shifts, dark brown suddenly becomes fierce, blazing yellow.
ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴇss ʏᴏᴜ ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴄᴀɴ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ
D E S C R I P T I O N ; Leo's duty to his pack is to protect, and so protect he does. Is the embodiment of strong, of disciplined, of everything that is is to be a defender. He takes his position as sentinel very seriously, but you'd be wrong to label him as the somber guardian of his pack. Guardian, sure. But somber? No way in hell. Leo arrogant and crass and downright infuriating at times, the kind of guy that seems to think he's some sort of God-given gift to mankind. He never lets his natural cockiness interfere with his purpose, however, and while many tend to brush him off as unreliable (given his many sexual endeavors that lead him to being unfaithful, no doubt), he holds himself to different standards when it comes to the safety of the pack.

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