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message 1: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Hi. ^.^

message 2: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments hi

message 3: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Did you have any ideas?

message 4: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments maybe a college roleplay or highschool?

message 5: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments A college one sounds good to me.

message 6: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments cool do you have a idea for plot?

message 7: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Hmm dorm roommates that have complete opposite personalities and can't stand each other at first?

message 8: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments sounds interesting lets do it

message 9: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Cool. ^.^ Do you want to do FXF, MXF, MXM?

message 10: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Can we do MxF?

message 11: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Sure, I'm fine with that.

message 12: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments I hardly do Mxf anymore

message 13: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments That's mostly all I have done, but I'm good with it. ^.^ I usually do doubles since more characters usually makes things more interesting, but am good with singles too.

message 14: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments We can do doubles

message 15: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Okay cool. I'll get started on my characters, should it be a large dorm with the four of them living together?

message 16: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments lol yeah im actually doin that right now

message 17: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Name: Ruby Scotts
Age: 19
Personality: Very shy and quiet until you get to know her.

Name: Luca Hampton
Age: 21
Personality: Loud and outgoing, makes friends with everyone easily.

message 18: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Name: Isha Hendrick
Age: 20
Personality: Out going party girl

Name: Jake Weimmer
Age: 19
Personality: Quiet but very out going and loves sports

message 19: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Would you like to start us?

message 20: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Sure

Jake and Isha are two best friends that has been friends since they was babies. They had arrived at the dorm early to go a head a decorate their room

message 21: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments "Ruby, stop pouting. Even if you are stuck sharing a common living area with me this is better than the freshmen dorms again right?" Luca smirked over at Ruby as they walked towards the building their dorm was in.

"I'm not pouting because of that. I'm not pouting at all actually I'm just tired and wish the apartment off campus would have ended up working out."

Luca rolled his eyes, "It wasn't the apartment that didn't work out, it is the fact you tried to move in with your boyfriend who is now your ex, how would that have been going in a couple of months?"

"Shut up," she muttered as she unlocked the door and held it open for him since he was carrying most everything.

message 22: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Jake hears the door open and pokes his head out of the kitchen and asks "Who is there?"

Isha walks out of the bed room her and Jake had putted their stuff in to get it out of the living room

message 23: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca smiled happily seeing the dorm was going to be full while Ruby was groaning inwardly. "Hi! I'm Luca and this is Ruby, we're your other roommates apparently."

Ruby had waved briefly when he introduced them and was hiding behind Luca now.

message 24: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Jake walks up to Luca and says "What up man. I'm Jake and this is Isha" as Isha walks up behind him.

"Hi ya'll how are you?" Isha asks kinda flirting with Luca

message 25: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca shook Jake's hand, but his eyes were on Isha. "Nice to meet the both of you." He glanced back at Ruby and moved pushing her forward. "Say Hi Ruby."

Ruby blushed brightly, "Hi," she said softly her southern accent more evident than Luca's. She glanced at Isha and Jake and smiled at both of them.

"She isn't always this quiet, just get some whiskey in her and she becomes a loud mouth."

Ruby blushed, "Thanks so much Luca."

message 26: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha smiles, "Speaking of booze. I brought so drinks as a home warming gift"

Jake smiles noticing Ruby's accient

message 27: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca smiled, "Sounds good to me! I know we have booze in one of the boxes out in the car I still need to grab."

Ruby smiled, she didn't drink often, but if it would break the ice a little she was fine with it. "We have a lot of boxes in general still in your car."

"Eh we have clothes in these bags and we need the booze box the rest can wait." Luca grinned and looked at Isha, "Want to help me find the booze box?"

message 28: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha smiles and say "Sure i'll help you"

Jake looks at Ruby as isha walks out side and says "So where are you from/ I noticed your country accent"

message 29: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca smiled leading her outside shutting the door before Ruby could protest that she would help. "So what is your favorite drink, Isha?"

Ruby laughed a little, "Yeah, I can't hide it very well like Luca. I'm from South Georgia. What about you?"

message 30: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha blushes and says "Anything that involves alchola"

Jake kinda gave her a smirk and say "We are from tennessee"

message 31: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca chuckled slightly at her blush, "Fair enough." He unlocked his car and opened the back door, "I think it should be one of these boxes back here and not one in the trunk, but never know."

"Are you and Isha..." She realized then that might be a forward question and she was always shy about it. Blushing she continued and looked down, "Um are y'all dating?"

message 32: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha bends over looking in the box in the middle not caring if her shorts came up.

Jake stutters "Me and Isha? No, she sees me as a brother but i.." he pauses for a moment "never mind"

message 33: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca smiled and bit his lip seeing her bend over. He went over to the other side and started searching in those boxes. "Is this your first year here?" He was trying to figure out how old she was without flat out asking.

Ruby looked away assuming he liked her as more than a brother by his reaction. "Sorry I have a bad habit of asking the wrong questions."

message 34: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((?))

message 35: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments (sorry thought i replied)

Isha smiles looking up at him, "No im a sophmore here what about you" she says as she finds the booze "hey i found it"

Jake looks at ruby and smiles as he softly says "Hey never be afraid to ask me anything. I will always answer honestly"

message 36: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((No worries.))

Luca smiled back, "Senior year if I don't screw anything up." He smiled wider, "Perfect!" He reached over taking the box from her and got out of the car kicking the door shut.

Ruby smiled a little, "Oh I'm not very talkative anyway. I tend to hide if possible."

message 37: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Pulling a bottle of the whiskey out of the box she opens it and takes a swig before they go in.

Before jake could say anything Isha opens the door for luca and says Jake! you should mixs the drinks like you do

message 38: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca laughed, "No sense wasting time huh?"

Ruby looked over when Luca and Isha came in. She smiled at Jake then grabbed her bag to find an empty bedroom to stash it in.

message 39: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Going to the living room, Isha plays some music and starts swaying her body to it as jake goes and starts mixing drinks

message 40: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca followed Ruby and grabbed her wrist, "You aren't hiding in here all day."

Ruby groaned, "Luca just let me be miserable please?"

He ignored her and brought her back out. She glared at him and sat on the couch.

message 41: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha sees Ruby on the couch and says "come on Ruby have a little fun" as she takes her hand trying to get her to dance with her

message 42: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Ruby laughed nervously as Isha got her to stand up, "I'm a better singer than dancer." She tried to sway with Isha and not bump into her and knock her over which would be her luck.

message 43: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha acts like a goof and starts singing along with the song to make Ruby feel better

message 44: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Ruby laughed more like herself relaxing a little.

Luca smirked watching the two, "We'll just get her shooting whiskey. She'll loosen up."

message 45: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Isha smiles and whispers thats my favorit to

message 46: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments "It was just what was available easily," she laughed, "Something about the south and whiskey I guess." She smiled looking over at Luca and Jake briefly.

message 47: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Jake looks at Luca and quietly asks "You got the hots for her dont you?"

message 48: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca raised an eyebrow, "Who? Ruby?"

message 49: by Ice (new)

Ice Princess | 362 comments Jake laughs and says "yes her. you two come in acting like you two have been together for a long time"

message 50: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luca laughed shaking his head, "We tried dating once, it didn't work out. We had been friends too long. She just got out of a crappy relationship." He looked at Jake trying to figure out if he already had a crush of Ruby or if he was genuinely curious about him and Ruby.

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