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Adita ✨The Slumbering Insomniac✨ (aditaprithika) | 22 comments Scheming, cheating, conniving, finagling, sweet Captain Thorne. Who doesn't love him? ♥♥

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Michihako (michimochi) | 71 comments Best boy of Lunar Chronicles I guess xD

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Sophia | 21 comments Lets be honest....Thorne is the best out of Wolf/Kai

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Emma Gibson (chickenthighhhh) | 28 comments Chase wrote: "Lets be honest....Thorne is the best out of Wolf/Kai"
sooooooo true. I definitely imagined Thorne as being the most attractive out of all of them. I loved Thorne and cinders chemistry, but him and Cress are absolutely adorable together.

JasmynWasFlowers hot boi

i do agree that him and cress are cute together :D

he's not my favorite or anything, but he's still awesome

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