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Here we go!

Brother/Brother RP

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Xavier | 1084 comments Yay! How do we want to do this?

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Did you have any plots in mind?

I'm fine with whatever. And could also come up with some plots too if you don't have anything in mind.

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Xavier | 1084 comments What if we did faeries? Like one brother is a faerie prince and the other brother is a half blood, the son of a faerie deity and a human so they're half brothers, if that makes any sense.

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Yeah that makes sense! Which brother would you like to be?

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Xavier | 1084 comments The faerie prince.

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Fine by me :)

A couple quick questions before we make characters.
1) Do they know they're brothers? If so, do they live together?
2) How old should they be? And are they the same age?

Personally, I was thinking that they do they're brothers. And I was thinking that maybe my character just recently moved in with your character and their shared father, and that my character has grown up kind of resenting your character because your character got to live the life of a prince while mine did not. And as for age, I think they should be relatively close in age, within a couple years.

Feel free to shoot down one or all of those ideas, haha

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Xavier | 1084 comments I'm going to adapt that just a bit.
Um.... I was thinking between 16-18.

What if my character had been, like you said, living in the faerie realm all his life and their father had your character pretty much taken away from from the woman (can be his actual mother or not, whatever) he was living with so your character could stay with him and learn about the royal line and blah blah blah. So that's part of why your character hates mine is because he's always been there and treated so well but he also hates their father because offensive did. Maybe. >_< I don't know.

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Xavier | 1084 comments And what if the fact that they end up falling in love is like "forbidden" because duh, they're brothers.

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I like your idea! Should your character or mine be older?

And do you do simple or detailed character sheets? I can do either, so I'll just follow your lead.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Whichever. Maybe your character should be older just to give more room for resentment.

I can do either. Just make your character however you want and I'll do mine tomorrow. I'm out at an amusement park for the day.

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Okay, sounds good! I'll have mine up at some point.

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Name: Vincent Caspian Drake
~ His mother named him without the help of his father, so Vincent has his mother's last name.
Nickname(s): Vinny or Casp
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Half Faerie/Half Human
Sexuality: Bisexual


Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Stops Right Above His Shoulders, But He Almost Always Has It Pulled Back
Eyes: Brownish Green
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 187
Build: Athletic, Not Too Muscular Though
Piercings: Just His Ears

Vincent's mother raised a very polite, and well-behaved young man, rules were not broken under Penelope Drake's roof. Vinny was brought up to be kind, and taught to only say the things that would make others happy rather than tearing them down. Even though his mother had a strict set of rules, Vinny still found ways to be mischievous and could always find a way to get out of the trouble he found himself with a charming grin or some quick pleading.
Living with his father hasn't completely changed Vinny, but some parts are different. Instead of only occasionally breaking the rules and trying to hide it, he does it openly and often. Vincent is known for having a sharp-tongue, although the retorts and teasing doesn't come that natural to him so he often just ends up looking like a fool. He tries to hide his kindness and his good qualities, not wanting to give his father or his brother the chance to get to know the real him. They had the past 16 years to do that. If they didn't care before, why should Vincent care now?
However, if they catch him off guard they get a chance to see the real Vinny, the one who cares deeply for others, the one who loves to make those around him smile. He's actually come to enjoy spending time with his father and his brother, especially his brother. But you'd be hard pressed to get Vinny to admit that.

History: Vincent was born to Penelope Drake, the first and only child his mother would ever have. His mother loved him dearly, and tried her best to give him as normal a life as possible. From very early on she made sure that Vincent knew who his father was, not doing the best at keeping her not so kind thoughts about the faerie to herself. When he was 16 his father forcibly took Vinny from his home, wanting his son to learn the ways of the faerie kingdom. Vincent has lived there the past two years.

~King Auberon (Faerie Father)
~ Penelope Drake (Human Mother)
~Authlin Divisav (Faerie Half-Brother)


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Just a heads up that I won't be on until Monday because I'm heading out of town.

Let me know if you think anything should be changed with my character!

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Xavier | 1084 comments Name: Aithlin Divisav*, Prince Son of King Auberon
Nickname: Lin
Name Pronouncement: A-th-lin Dee-vee-sah-vuh, Ah-burr-on
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual ~Closet~
Handedness: Ambidextrous


General Appearance
Hair: Brown/Blond
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215 lbs
Body Type: Lean and Lithe (Graceful but Powerful)




(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)


Aithlin was born into the royal family of Auberon by his father's permanent mistress, or consort as the polite way to say it would be, and found himself to be the only full blooded faerie born to Auberon. He grew up in the royal court and knows no other way than that life. Aithlin was aware he had half-siblings in the mortal realm as he grew up but never met one until Vincent arrived. Aithlin was trained to be a fearful and dangerous swordsman, rivaling his use of daggers and darts to that of assassins in the faerie realm. He also is strongly invested in the use of glamour and finds it one of his primary weapons when he has need of it.


Aithlin is a force of nature on and off the battlefield. He comes in like a hurricane without any care to whomever is in the room. But there are times when he is quite the opposite. Aithlin is in fact capable of being genuinely good to people. He will help people when asked and often lowers himself to the status of those his father seems below them. He also has those moments when the innocence of his 16 year old age that had long been buried away reappear, if only for a moment, despite his hard mentalities.
Aithlin is homosexual, the only "flaw" in him. While it is not deemed an unacceptable thing in the lower class society, how is Aithlin to have an heir of his own if he is partnered to a man? He has never told his father of his sexuality and dodges any questions someone may have on why he has yet to pursue a consort of his own.
Aithlin finds particular interest in Vincent because he is a half being, half human and half faerie. He wants to know why his father brought him to their realm, to their castle. He tries his best to befriend this half-brother of his but finds his attempts to be in near vain as Vincent seems to dismiss his endevours to learn more about him.


* Father: King Auberon
* Auberon is the Faerie King of Summer and Spring making his powers and those of his children related to heat and bringing things to life, reviving plants and healing people.

* Mother: Lady Titania (Auberon's Permanent Consort)
* Half-Brother: Vincent Caspian Drake

*Faeries do not have last names. Divisav is Aithlin's middle name.

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Sorry I didn't get on yesterday, I got home super late and needed to sleep!

Where should we start?

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Xavier | 1084 comments However really. I can roll with however it's started.

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Hmmm... How about Vincent has been living with them for a couple months?

Could you post first though?

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Xavier | 1084 comments That's fine. I have a friend over so it won't be until this evening.

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Okay :)

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Xavier | 1084 comments Aithlin looked around the wilderness that surround his father's palace, admiring its beauty. The land of faeries, or Nevernever as was the true name of his father's kingdom, was a stunning land. No matter where you went. But here, in the land of summer, plants were always in bloom and the green leaves of the towering trees never touched the ground, never thirsting for water nor dying from heat. Aithlin ruffled a hand through his short blond hair and watched the leaves sway in the wind, making the light dance over the ground. He loved living here. The supposed beauty of Tir-Na-Nog was only a trifle compared to that of the land he lived in.

A sound from behind him roused him from his musings and he turned to find a guard standing stock still. "Your highness, Lord Auberon wishes to see you in his throne room," the knight disclosed to the young prince, bowing as he spoke.

Aithlin nodded and motioned the guard away. He began his walk to the throne room, the caps he wore trailing behind him and the distinctive noise of his rapiers clinking against their sheaths accompanied the sound of his steps. Aithlin walked through the vast halls and rooms of great grandeur on his way to meet his father. He pushed open the heavy carved doors that revealed the throne room, slowing his step as he walked up to the dias, leaning on his knees and touching his forehead to the steps that led up to Auberon's throne. "Father," he greeted once he had straightened and stepped away. A side glance to the right brought his stepbrother into view and he began to wonder what was going on.

Aithlin and Vincent were half brothers and there was the accompanying fact that Vincent was only half faerie. It had only been three months ago that his father had taken Vincent from his mortal home and mother and brought him here to Nevernever. Aithlin didn't know why his father had done that and even after several attempts of learning why, he had continually failed in gaining any information. He had stopped trying by the end of the first month and had started his endevour to befriend his older half brother but it was very clear to him that Vincent wanted absolutely no part in him. It hurt Aithlin that he didn't even have the audacity to say he didn't care instead of just ignoring him time and time again. Yet Aithlin continued to try to learn more about Vincent. It wasn't very well his fault that even though he was aware of the many possible half brothers and sisters he had, he never interacted with them. He stayed away by strict orders from his father and he genuinely wanted to at least stand on good grounds with Vincent. But that seemed like a far fetched dream to him at that point.

Auberon watched as his son and heir stepped into the room and then bowed, humbling himself, at the bottom of his dias. Once the young man was standing again, he leaned forward on his throne, steepling his hands in his lap. Auberon was a spectacular sight to lay eyes upon. He had red hair the color of flames that fell down to his waist. His eyes were a stunning display of his power as they were constantly morphing between a magnificent gold and a green that could very well rival the green of the trees in his own kingdom. Auberon's skin was a golden brown, reflecting his powers. He was adorned by silken robes and wore a pair of swords handcrafted by the skilled metal smiths of his kingdom at his sides. His fingers sported an array of golden rings and a golden crown sat on his head with rubies and emeralds embedded in the gold. To a human, he was a sight that could not be unseen. "Aithlin, my son, I have an undertaking which I am putting full faith in you to complete," Auberon announced, watching his son with golden eyes. "I want you to teach your brother how to fight," he commanded, his eyes darkening as they dared his son to oppose him. He turned his gaze to Vincent for only a moment to show that he wasn't to fought with about this demand.

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Vincent closed his eyes as his settled among the roots of his favorite tree in the main courtyard of the palace, it was what he deemed his spot. He still wasn’t sure where everything was, his new home larger than the entire town he’d grown up in. Vincent came here whenever he just wanted to be alone, which meant he was almost always at the foot of tree among its protruding roots or up in the crook of one of its lower branches. The house he’d grown up in, with his mother, had bordered a small wooded area and they’d often ventured into it together. She was the one that taught him how to climb trees in the first place, his mother had taught him everything he knew.

He cleared his throat and shook his head, trying to clear all thoughts of his mother from his mind. Thinking about her just made him sad, and he didn’t want anyone here to see him like that… The less emotion he expressed around them the better. He eyed the branches above him, contemplating finding a more hidden spot when a guard seemed to appear out of nowhere, Vincent flinching in surprise. “You must be a master at hide and seek,” he thought aloud with a smile. The guards were some of the few who got the chance to see Vincent be nice, who had the opportunity to see the real Vincent.

Vincent bit his lip when the guard told him that his father wished to speak to him… The throne room? He tried to picture where that was, his cheeks growing hot with a mixture of frustration and embarrassment. He’d been here three months and Vincent still needed to be escorted everywhere because the place was so confusing. He opened his mouth, prepared to ask for help but was interrupted by the guard, “Follow me.”

Vincent tried to memorize their path, recognizing a few landmarks here and there. “Its useless,” he muttered to himself, thanking the guard when they reached their destination. He took a deep breath before walking into the room, as much as he enjoyed disobeying his father, Vincent knew better than to ignore a request like this. Vincent tried to figure out if he’d done anything to get himself into trouble, preparing an apology speech to try to get out of whatever punishment was headed his way, swiveling his head when the doors opened again. “Great…” he grumbled when he spotted Aithlin, his little brother walk in.

Vincent crossed his arms as his father began to talk to them, well, to be more accurate to Aithlin. He opened his mouth to protest, but shut it when Auberon’s gaze fell on him, deciding this wasn’t a battle worth fighting. Vincent turned his gaze to Aithlin, wondering what his perfect, little brother thought about all this.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Aithlin said nothing after his father's request and merely blinked, trying to wrap his mind around what Auberon had just said. It was an easy concept to grasp but the fact Vincent hated him would make such a thing ten times harder than was absolutely necessary. After a moment of carefully contemplating his response, Aithlin bowed ever so slightly at the waist. "As you wish, Father," he replied and once his father had found his answer satisfactory, Aithlin turned to walk away. That was until he decided to test Vincent's reaction time. In a move that had long ago become second nature, Aithlin slid a dart hanging at his side into his hand and launched it at Vincent. There was no possible way this dart could kill him, unless Vincent moved in the wrong direction but Aithlin knew he was smarter than that. Aithlin watched the dart fly and for a moment, everything was quiet as no one dared to breathe. The chink of the dart meeting stone echoed around the room and Aithlin saw a sliver of bright red blood roll down Vincent's cheek. They had work to do. He glanced up at his father then back at his brother before finally leaving the room.

Aithlin waited until the doors had closed before he launched a dagger at a guard standing in the corner of the room, the throw accompanied by a strangled cry of anger and frustration. The poor man managed to dodge to dagger, used to the young prince's antics. Aithlin went and retrieved his dagger before stalking out towards the wild once more. His father wanted him to train Vincent to be a swordsman? There was no doubt in Aithlin's mind that Vincent knew next to nothing of how to fight and now his father wanted him to teach his brother. Aithlin threw the doors to the path leading out the expansive forest surrounding the palace and began towards the tree line. Of all the requests his father had ever made of him, this had to be the worst.

Auberon leaned back in his throne, calmly observing the actions of both his sons. It came no surprise to him when Aithlin threw the dart or when a line of red trailed its way down Vincent's cheek. Auberon stood and stepped down off the dias, making his way to his son. "I expect you to listen to Aithlin. Neither of you will get out of this. And such as I find it clear that you resent me and my son, you know I find no room for idocity or incompetence. I made this demand because I very well think you will become a strong fighter but laziness will not be rewarded," Auberon explained to his eldest son as he passed his hand lightly over Vincent's cheek, using his powers to heal the slot on his cheek. Yes, Vincent was son but he had no reservations on teaching the young man just exactly where his place was. He had taken Vincent away from the mortal to teach him should anything happen to Aithlin but still he made it clear that hurting Vincent wasn't among the extravagantly short list of things that would bring guilt to the forefront of his mind.

Auberon dropped his hand away from his son's face and looked down at him, his eyes making their transition from gold to green. Vincent's green eyes were the only discernible feature that allowed Auberon to claim the boy as his son. "Now, go find your brother. I expect you to begin your training by dusk today," was his final statement before waving him away and stepping back up the dias.

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Vincent watched Aithlin with a small smirk, wondering what his half-brother really wanted to say to their father. When he’d first arrived, Vincent had talked back to and disobeyed his father every chance he got, doing it partly to show his dislike for his newfound family but also to get his father to notice him. Although, he’d never admit that second part to anyone. Within the past week or so he’d come to realize that the punishments he received and the minimal attention he got from Auberon, weren’t equaling out and didn’t make the rule-breaking worth it. Besides, it was more fun to push Aithlin’s buttons and there was the plus-side of not getting into trouble for doing it.

Vincent’s brow furrowed when he saw Aithlin suddenly pause mid-step, grabbing something from his side and launching at Vincent. Growing up with humans, there wasn’t a whole lot of weaponry going around. Not that there wasn’t fighting or violence, but all of that was done with what God gave you. Your two bare hands, maybe a kick or two, a rock if needed or a stick, but no darts or swords or whatever silly names Aithlin said the different pieces of metal had. So, seeing a shiny piece of something zooming towards wasn’t a sight that Vincent was used to. He shifted slightly to the left, much to late for him to really get out of harms way, a sharp jab of pain coursing through his right cheek. His hand instantly moving to check the damage, his fingers feeling blood. Vincent glared at Aithlin, waiting for his father to give out some sort of punishment, but none came. Of course… Because somehow this was all my fault, he thought with a scowl as he watched Aithlin leave the room.

Vincent shifted his weight back and forth when Auberon made his way towards him, he still wasn’t used to calling the King his father. His gaze fell to the ground when his father stood in front of him, listening to his demands. Did he just say something nice about me? he thought with an almost imperceptible smile. Although he felt no need to make his father proud, or prove anything to him, Vincent felt a yearning to be the best fighter he could be, Maybe that’s how my father will finally notice me. Vincent moved his hand to his cheek after his father removed his, “Thanks,” he mumbled, not all that sure if Auberon heard him or not.

Vincent brought his gaze to Auberon’s, finding a green gaze waiting for him. He much preferred when his father’s eyes were green, they were more human and made Vincent feel like he was actually a part of this family. He nodded his head, watching as Auberon walked away, and then turned to head outside.

“Where is that abusive brother of mine?” Vincent muttered to himself with a soft chuckle. He’d noticed over the past couple months, that like him, Aithlin spent a lot of time outdoors especially when he was upset about something. Not that that really helped, the palace was surrounded by trees. You’ve got to start somewhere, he thought with a sigh as he headed into forest. Unlike the palace that seemed more like a maze, the forest was much easier for Vincent to navigate and feel at home in. He toyed with the idea of calling out for Aithlin, but decided not to, there were still a few hours till dusk he had some time to kill.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Aithlin sheathed his dagger as he tromped through the forest, branches and twigs snapping underneath his feet as went. He could be much stealthier than this, his steps could make no more noise than a mouse in the mortal world if he so chose but he didn't at that moment. Being the prince and the heir to his father's throne, Aithlin had been raised and trained up to be Auberon's golden child. He was the only full faerie son or daughter that Auberon had so the weight of everything was placed on him. He needed to look like the son of a king, act as such, and fight better. The only reason Aithlin fought as well as he did was every time he needed to get out his endless anger or frustration, he would train. With that mentality, bit by bit he became a better fighter than his father.

Aithlin froze in place when he heard someone else clomping around in the forest. Never one to underestimate the danger of the forests of Nevernever, Aithlin began to run up a tree. He swung up into a branch and slipped his hand underneath his cloak, his hand slowly moving to a dagger strapped to his opposite forearm. Aithlin pulled his arm back, ready to throw his dagger with the flock of wrist and he narrowed his eyes. But immediately, his body relaxed when he saw Vincent. He sheathed his dagger and dropped down from the tree in front of Vincent. "Hi, Brother," he greeted, pulling his cloak out from underneath the leather boots that he was wearing.

Sometimes he would forget that Vincent was older than him but in moments like these when Vincent looked positively pissed at him and just a bit surprised, he would find it personally obvious. He ran a hand through his hair and looked at his older brother. "When do you want to start your training?" he asked Vincent, getting straight to the point. He began to fidget where he stood, his hand resting on the hilt on one of his rapiers and he began picking at the jewels embedded in it.

This was one of the rare moments where he actually got to look Vincent straight in the eyes, and face, and he found himself musing on how attractive his older brother was. The two of them clearly shared no traits and claiming they were siblings, even half. Auberon always had told him that his mother was Titania, the king's consort, but Aithlin looked nothing like either of his parents. Still he never questioned it but always assumed that it was a one time mistress his father had had that was his actual mother. And Vincent only shared one trait with their father, his eyes. While Vincent's eyes were the shade of green that Auberon's eyes were in a split second of their transition from gold to green. He had seen it many times in his father's eyes and now he was seeing it in his brother's eyes.

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Xavier | 1084 comments :)

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Xavier | 1084 comments ((Jojo?))

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Xavier | 1084 comments ((Do you still want to do this?))

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