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message 2: by maisie (new)

maisie hehe awesome

message 3: by maisie (new)

maisie okay so I kind of lost all my recent characters so is it okay if I take a little time and create a new one?

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments so do u want to rp in a particular fandom, or do an original fantasy rp?

message 5: by maisie (new)

maisie original sounds fun but I don't really mind

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments Omg so my lappy just randomly decided to shut down so it could do updates. UGH. I had like a gazillion tabs open. >.<

message 7: by maisie (new)

maisie ohhh rough

but omg hey I do that too, keep open a bunch of tabs and get scolded for it by literally everybody

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments I have a boy, girl and adult male that are human (the kids can be aged easily); an adult male that is either a Centaur or a werewolf depending on the rp; an adult male werewolf; a male Dragon; a male winged horse; and a ton of warriors cats (male, female, young, old...).

The humans were all made for Hogwarts or Iron Druid but can be reworked to fit nearly any fantasy setting. (The adult has recently been reworked as a generic vampire.)

The Centaur/wolf was originally for Hogwarts, but reworked as a werewolf for Iron Druid, and could be reworked for anything.

The werewolf was created for Iron Druid, but could be any generic werewolf.

The dragon is fairly generic, haven't used him in ages.

The winged horse is generic, again, haven't used him in ages.

And the Warriors cats are pretty much stuck in that universe lol. Though I did use one for a pet for a Hogwarts student.....

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments Yeah thank goodness for the app lol

message 10: by maisie (new)

maisie oh also I live in China so my times are probs different

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments Maisie wrote: "oh also I live in China so my times are probs different"

lol def. i should have been in bed HOURS ago. i'm in the western US :)

message 12: by maisie (new)

maisie gotcha XP

so should we create an original plot or follow something ?

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments well, which of my charries listed above strikes your interest most? and what fandoms are you into (even if we nd up doing an original, it helps to know fandoms ^.^ )? any fandom, not just the ones i mentioned lol

message 14: by maisie (new)

maisie okay sorry i had to go out

message 15: by maisie (new)

maisie mostly mortal instruments, the hunger games, maze runner, and divergent

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments Lol ok so not really a whole lot of fantasy there.... Hmm gimme a min

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments ack sorry, it's been a long day >.< ok, so i kinda know a little about mortal instruments, but idt i know enough for an rp... the rest of those are more dystopian than fantasy.... thinking original would be best if you want to do a fantasy setting...

message 18: by maisie (new)

maisie so maybe we can start off with creating characters that have some abilities, and then create the plot from there?

message 19: by maisie (new)

maisie maybe this will distract u from ur long day :)

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments Sure. I have all my basic charries listed above.... If there's any that you like the idea of, I can tweak it to work for our purposes

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments Haha at least I crash for the night

message 23: by maisie (new)

maisie sorry ive been working on my character

message 24: by maisie (new)

maisie just writing the basic idea of personality, history, and all (should there be a specific template for our charries btw?)

and for plot idea maybe our characters can meet in the woods or something and then develop from there ... im totally in a writers block regarding a plot :/

message 25: by maisie (new)

maisie Alsoo, werewolf sounds interesting :)

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments lol and i fell asleep. which is good actually, cause i really needed to sleep lol.

as far as template, i say just use whatever you prefer. i already have my charries in templates from the groups they were in before. i'll grab one of my werewolves, make a few changes and throw him in here. do you want to do modern day or complete fantasy world setting?

message 27: by maisie (new)

maisie modern day maybe but honestly both are fine

message 28: by maisie (new)

maisie hope that's okay^

and if the werewolf and shape shifting thing is too close together I can give her a new ability

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments shape shifter is fine :)

sorry it took me so long, work n all.... um sooo.... both my werewolves are in their 30s, but were turned in their 20s.... is that ok? not really sure where we want to go with this rp lol. the younger one is 30 & part white part Navajo, the older one is 36 & black American/Norwegian.

message 30: by maisie (new)

maisie hmm 30's sounds a bit old lol, maybe we can rp when one of ur werewolves just turned and then work from there?

message 31: by maisie (new)

maisie oh wait maybe they could stay 30 and just be my characters mentor or teacher or guide or something

message 32: by maisie (new)

maisie ?

~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) | 25 comments ugh sorry, i thought i replied to this one a while ago... without knowing exactly where we want to go with this rp, it's hard for me to decide how old to make either 'wolf....

message 34: by maisie (new)

maisie Sorry some parts in China are rlly annoying and wont let me on the internet -.-

message 35: by maisie (new)

maisie but for this rp.. maybe our characters could be traveling together and there could perhaps be a teacher and student type of relationship so you wouldn't have to change the ages ?

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