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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fictional children's book about an explorer who finds mythical creatures and has envelopes with small letters inside or pull up flaps

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Lola | 1 comments It was a fictional adventure / exploration children's book that was also quite humorous as the explorer had funny / gross things happen to him and featured things like the ammount of poop a mythical creature had compared to a real life animal etc. The book cover I think was yellow but had lots of colourful drawings on it , inside there is a lot of illustration and interactive things such as small letters , pull up flaps , some pop up pages etc. I think I read the book in 2009/10 or maybe even 2011/12 , the book was most likely published in the early 2000s but I'm unsure.

message 2: by Historic_Heroine (last edited Jul 20, 2016 05:54PM) (new)

Historic_Heroine | 74 comments The covers aren't yellow and I'm not sure if the content is humorous but Monsterology or Mythical Creatures both have the interactive elements that you are describing. I think it is more likely to be Monsterology as that one seems to be written as if it is from the perspective of an explorer.

Tammy ~Witching Hour Reads~ (03tammy-lynn) These were what came to my mind, but I could not find my sons to know exactly what they were called.

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Juels | 2529 comments This made me think of the Ology series too.


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Lola, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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