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message 1: by Daisy (new)

Daisy (naggy63) | 16 comments Yes but can't remember, the title.
It's about a young woman who lives in a pack and is shared by the members of her pack whenever she is in heat. She had been denied a mate, instead the alpha to avoid conflict with the females found her an isolated house, where she has to service all the males.
She met a vampire and a feline shifter. To deter her pack she mated her vampire who is seconded by the feline, and her pack had to leave her alone.
She learned that she was special and an anti breeding spell has been woven on her to that effect, until she decides to have a baby.

message 2: by Daisy (new)

Daisy (naggy63) | 16 comments I finally found the book which is part of an Anthology: Three
by Lisa Andel, T.A. Chase, Bonnie Dee.
"Tia is an half-breed werewolf. For three quarter human, she can't change in a wolf and she lives among the pack only because the new alpha, Mason, has not killed her when she was a puppy. But now there is a problem, she goes into season one a month and not only two/three time in a year like the other she weres and even if this is a joy for the men of the pack, the women want her dead. So the alpha decides to confine her in a cottage outside the pack territory. Tia for the first time in her life has the chance to meet other people than the packs members. And in particular two men, among the all men she makes sex to, holds her attention: Risk, an handsome vampire, and Briggs, an alluring were panther. But the pack is not happy to share Tia.

message 3: by Dona (new)

Dona | 8 comments I know that has been the trickiest part of the challenge.

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