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message 1: by ~KarenH~, Moderator (new)

~KarenH~ | 8035 comments August - Teresa Medeiros

Teresa Medeiros is the New York Times bestselling author of Historical, Paranormal, and Contemporary Romance. Her first book, Lady of Conquest was published in 1989. Since then she has published more than 20 books, consistently appearing on the New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, and USA Today bestseller lists. She's a two-time winner of the Waldenbooks Award for Bestselling Fiction, an eight-time RITA award finalist, and winner of the 1995 Romantic Times Award for Best Historical Love and Laughter for Fairest of Them All.

Teresa lives in Kentucky with her husband and cats, Willow and Buffy the Mouse Slayer.

Teresa's GR page is here: Teresa Medeiros

Challenge Task: Read one book written by our featured author, Teresa Medeiros.
Challenge Duration: The whole month of August.

To sign up:
Post your interest and the book you are planning to read.

You must also signify if you are:
A - I'm a big fan! I'm excited to read another of her books.
B - Familiar with her work, and wouldn't mind reading her again.
C - Totally new to this author. Will see how I like it.
D - Didn't like the last one I've read, but willing to give it another chance.

To complete:
Post the date when you've completed your book.

You must also say if, after reading:
A - would definitely look at her other books, since I've enjoyed this one very much.
B - could take it or leave it. Was not an unpleasant experience but I'm not burning rubber to get to her other books.
C - Oh well, I tried. Definitely not my cup of tea.

A little review of the book read is welcomed but not required.

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~KarenH~ | 8035 comments **

message 3: by ~KarenH~, Moderator (new)

~KarenH~ | 8035 comments **

message 4: by MountainKat, Moderator (last edited Jul 19, 2016 10:17PM) (new)

MountainKat | 22955 comments I'm a C for this author, I should find a book before picking in the M&G starts!

ETA: I think I'll go with Some Like It Wicked

message 5: by Calila (new)

Calila | 2746 comments Guess I'm a B, I'll probably read Goodnight Tweetheart if I can fit it in.

message 6: by Zorina (new)

Zorina | 236 comments I read a book the other day A Kiss to Remember and I enjoyed it (I say that makes me a high B or low A), I was already planning to read the next one in the Fairleigh Sisters series so I'm going to read One Night Of Scandal for this challenge.

message 7: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 1066 comments I got The Temptation of Your Touch (Burke Brothers, #2) by Teresa Medeiros from the library for next week.

message 8: by Shelby (new)

Shelby (stang_lee) | 1706 comments Well I'm a C so I guess I'll go with something different and go with Charming the Prince (Fairy Tales, #1) by Teresa Medeiros

message 9: by ~KarenH~, Moderator (new)

~KarenH~ | 8035 comments I'm a C for this author, and I'll be reading (or actually listening to) Some Like It Wicked.

message 10: by MountainKat, Moderator (new)

MountainKat | 22955 comments I finished Some Like It Wicked yesterday. I chose that because it was available in audio and that is easier for me, and I prefer to listen to historical romance anyway. It was ok for me. Not great though, there was way too much back and forth between 'I love you' and 'I hate you' in deeds if not words - it got old. It felt like it was written at least a decade before it was to me. It wasn't bad so I would consider the author again, but I'm not going to be rushing to do so.

I started as a C, and I'm ending as a low B.

message 11: by Zorina (new)

Zorina | 236 comments I finished reading One Night Of Scandal yesterday and I liked first half of the book ... I was really expecting an answer to the mystery, I was hopping for a logic "fix" to it not a fantastic. I guess Teresa Medeiros was going for a "gothic romance novel" but I didn't feel like it belonged with the first book in the series even if we met the MC in the first book in the series. Didn't care for this book but I will pick the next in the series because I want I'm curious. I started a high B/low A but after this book I'm a low B. To much ADD in her writing.

message 12: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7316 comments high B/low A...not sure what i'm going to read yet - need to browse the library (both my kindle one and the actual library) and see what is available

message 13: by Calila (new)

Calila | 2746 comments Read Goodnight Tweetheart, I loved the flirtation throught twitter between the MCs, but I felt that after they met it was a bit of a let down. Huge things (I don't want to spoil things) were glossed over in an effort to keep it fluffy and light.

4 stars and ending a B

message 14: by Shelby (new)

Shelby (stang_lee) | 1706 comments I think I'd say I'd end up at a high B after reading Charming the Prince ★★★★★. I really enjoyed the book, and the antics of the kids were awesome and over the top in the best way. But I'm not a huge run out and read historical sort of person so I probably won't jump out and run to get the next book. It'll be added to my TBR, but I'll get to it when a challenge forces me to.

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