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message 1: by Whitney (last edited Jul 19, 2016 08:36PM) (new)

Whitney | 2205 comments Mod
This thread is for discussion of where you think things may be headed in the story.

Since we end with a cryptic moon reference, I think we can assume the currently absent moon is going to play a role. My understanding is that the moon acts to help stabilize the rotation of the earth - on Startalk, Neil deGrasse Tyson described it as acting like an outrigger on a canoe. It's implied that the orogenes destroyed it, but no reason is given. Any thoughts on where we're going with this moon thing?

And how about those obelisks? And what's the relationship of the orogenes to the stoneeaters (aside from potentially being a tasty snack)? What's the big plan for the crystal city?

message 2: by Whitney (last edited Jul 19, 2016 08:36PM) (new)

Whitney | 2205 comments Mod
Marc posted a link to the uncorrected first chapter of the next book in the general discussions sections, here it is again: http://nkjemisin.com/2016/07/sample-f...

Since it's public record, I think it's fair game for discussion here.

message 3: by Marc (new)

Marc (monkeelino) | 2828 comments Mod
As soon as I saw the "moon" reference, I thought: "How big a chunk of material would you have to rip off the earth to create a moon? I mean, could you create a moon that way?"

Orogenes certainly seem like they'd have the power to send a chunk of their world into space...

Anyhow, I haven't really thought it through but that was my "gut reaction". Also, haven't read next book's first chapter yet (wasn't planning on doing so before the book comes out, but this thread may change my mind).

message 4: by Peter (last edited Jul 20, 2016 07:59AM) (new)

Peter Aronson (peteraronson) | 516 comments I wonder if the moon recreation is what the obelisks are for, or maybe what the obelisks, orogenes and stone eaters are all for...

message 5: by Whitney (new)

Whitney | 2205 comments Mod
I hadn't even considered that they were planning to recreate the moon, but that really makes sense. At the very beginning, Alabaster thinks how he is serving a larger cause in creating the season, and at the end Essun realizes that "He’s not crazy at all, and he never has been." Is he really effing the world up in order to fix it?

message 6: by Veronique (new)

Veronique Moon - I would guess also that this would be as a stabiliser effect, like our moon, but Jemisin seems to like to go against the grain...

The Obelisk gate - now that is interesting. Obelisks were used in pair in ancient Egypt, usually at the entrance of temples and other structures. They represented the God Ra, who stood for the Sun. Could this be the ultimate orogene power?

message 7: by Whitney (new)

Whitney | 2205 comments Mod
The obelisk / origin / stone eater / moon connection is for sure the big mystery. Hoping for some answers in the next book, and that the teaser for the third is something newly introduced.

From the first chapter, it appears that Nassun will be the main protagonist, or at least one of them. I wonder if Jija is going to get some kind of redemption arc? It seems unlikely given the the nature of his act, as well as Jemisin's avoidance of literary cliche.

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (topaz6) In the middle of the book, they said something along the lines of humans destroying Earth's favourite brother or toy or something (don't remember the exact wording or where it could have been). I wonder if that has any relevance to the next book (my mind jumped to a moon when I read that, as well as during an Interlude when the narrator mentioned that there were stars in the sky, but something was missing). I wonder where/what the Obelisk Gate is!

message 9: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (topaz6) The second book is out today, is anyone going to read it?

message 10: by Veronique (new)

Veronique Michelle wrote: "The second book is out today, is anyone going to read it?"

Yes :0)

message 11: by Teanka (new)

Teanka | 36 comments Yes, I already started reading:). Sorry for not taking part in the discussions of the first book, but I read it a year ago so my memory of it isn't so fresh anymore and I didn't want to spoil anything.

message 12: by LindaJ^ (new)

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2401 comments Yes. I have the 2nd will tuck it in for reading on my flight to San Francisco.

message 13: by Trudie (new)

Trudie (trudieb) Yes, I just got hold of The Obelisk Gate - saving it for a trip in September. Are we going to discuss it in here maybe in another thread ?

message 14: by Whitney (last edited Aug 26, 2016 08:07PM) (new)

Whitney | 2205 comments Mod
I will open a topic in this folder for discussing The Obelisk Gate. We can't start another folder, so it will be a single topic for the entire book. Since I'll probably start the thread before I've read the book, it will a moderator free, open discussion.

message 15: by Marc (new)

Marc (monkeelino) | 2828 comments Mod
I just got a copy at the library. Not sure when I'll start it because I need to finish reading a book I agreed to moderate for September!

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