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message 1: by biblio • bliss, Mod Nerd (new)

biblio • bliss (bookgirl1987) | 1150 comments Mod
I see we have a few gamers in our community. Here's a place to chat about the gaming world with others!

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie (julie_prewett) Subnautical is my fav game right now!! Just came out for Xbox One. Its an underworld adventure where you were in a spaceship and it crashed on an alien planet that is mostly water. You have to harvest supplies for everything. The game is visually stunning. Good for kids and adults alike.

message 3: by StarMan (new)

StarMan (thestarman) | 1879 comments Subnautical looks interesting. Hope they come out with a PlayStation version.

"The Last of Us" is one of the best PS3 game I've played (also available for PS4). The "Uncharted" series is pretty good as well.

Does anyone play SkyRim? Or The Sims? (I haven't tried either).

Online, I sometimes log into SecondLife or InWorldz (virtual worlds, massively multiplayer).

Console (Xbox, PS, Wii), smartphone, or PC... which is your favorite way to play games?

And no, I won't be playing Pokemon Go.

message 4: by Julie (new)

Julie (julie_prewett) Okay, now I might get the haters after me, but I am with you on the Pokemon Go thing StarMan. I do grin and bear it and take our 11 year old son out and about every now and then, but for me it's just blah.

I have also played "The Last of Us" on our old PS3 but we turned it in and just became Xbox owners. The game is amazing and I miss playing it. I might have cried a little bit in parts, but what can I say. I cry at lots of things that are emotional. :-)

I have never played SkyRim or The Sims. For me it's pretty much Minecraft, Subnautica, Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2. Maybe a little Dead Island, but that game is scary so I usually don't play it that long. Haha!

We have a pretty old computer so we can't play too many detailed games on "old Betsy". She just can't handle it. Our son has an iPad mini and the games on there are fun.

message 5: by StarMan (new)

StarMan (thestarman) | 1879 comments And you thought YOU were a serious gamer...

message 6: by StarMan (new)

StarMan (thestarman) | 1879 comments I logged into Second Life (an online virtual world) last weekend, and recently started an older PC game, Syberia.

► What was the last game you played (board game, video game, or other) ?

message 7: by C.L. (new)

C.L. Forrest (clforrest) Does this include Tabletop RPGs? If so, I GM pathfinder groups, and just started running a Mouse Guard RPG.It'd be fun to bounce ideas off someone!

message 8: by Tiny (new)

Tiny (lostsoulreader) | 1 comments To be honest, I'm not a gamer my husband is but I do enjoy a good rpg once in a while. Final Fantasy XV was the last game I finished and enjoyed playing it quite a lot. I have also started playing Fallout but found it a bit difficult to play (remember - not a gamer :p ) so now I'm thinking of ditching it and starting on Witcher 3. I have read the first couple of books in the Witcher series and have a feeling that I will like playing the game. Let me know how are you liking it if anyone playing it here.

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