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message 1: by Crystalphoenix (new)

Crystalphoenix Crystalphoenix | 6 comments Hi everyone. I am looking for reviews on Goodreads and Amazon for my science fiction/fantasy/romance series Chronicles of Mystra. I will give a free copy of both books, Kiosan and Cenchrea, in exchange for an honest review. Both books went live on Amazon and Smashwords today.
In the wake of the Kryllidar war, creatures of myth and legend, the elder races, and the psychically gifted fled the telepath phobic Alliance worlds in search of sanctuary. They found their safe haven on the planet Mystra. It was a paradise world, then something went horribly. A great cataclysm unleashed a storm of deadly energy that threatened to tear the planet apart. Cut off from the rest of space by a barrier of destructive force, all appeared lost. Then from despair came hope. The energies unleashed by the cataclysm had an unexpected effect. Dormant genes carried by women of an ancient Druidic line were suddenly activated, giving the women the ability to control the elemental forces of nature. The elementals saved Mystra from destruction, but their newfound power came with a price. The incredible forces they wielded, in time, destroyed them. Only by bonding with a male, who also carried the dormant gene, could an elemental be saved and her powers safely harnessed.

An elemental’s power reaches maturity on midnight of her twenty first year. If she is not bonded before the midnight hour, the elemental will go mad, lose control of her powers and destroy herself and everything around her. Tivonna, daughter of King Arcus of Aquilla is nearing her twenty first year. A level four elemental, her father has searched the planet for a bondmate, a kiosan, that can match his daughter in power. Searched and failed. He is left with no choice. For the good of Mystra, at midnight on her twenty first birthday Tivonna must die.

Meanwhile, high above Mystra’s skies a golden starship takes up orbit around the shrouded world. Jasen, telepath and last of his kind, has come to Mystra seeking answers. Beings of fire and light appeared from nowhere and swarmed across the galaxy before disappearing as mysteriously as they had appeared. In the creatures’ wake three star systems lay in ruins. Nothing survived except for one lone world. The planet Mystra was untouched. Now Jasen and his friend Hawk will do what no one has done in centuries. Penetrate the planet’s deadly energy barrier and reach the surface below. What they find there will change their lives forever and may hold the key to saving more star systems from destruction. For the fiery invaders are not gone … only sleeping.
If you are interested email me:

I have epub, mobi or PDF formats. I will also be releasing both titles in a single print edition entitled Mystra. Proof copies are on the way. Let me know if you would be interested in reviewing the print edition.



message 2: by Rishit (new)

Rishit | 70 comments I did like to review the print one!

message 3: by Crystalphoenix (new)

Crystalphoenix Crystalphoenix | 6 comments Hi Rishit. Thanks for your interest. Paperback proofs are on the way. I would be happy to mail you a copy when they arrive. email me your mailing address.


message 4: by Aurora (new)

Aurora A (aroraw) | 2 comments I too would be happy to review the print one, if you still are in need of reviewers! (:

message 5: by Poetry (last edited Jul 25, 2016 06:54AM) (new)

Poetry (poetrythanki) | 4 comments I would love to receive and review print edition if you're still accepting reviewers.

message 6: by Crystalphoenix (new)

Crystalphoenix Crystalphoenix | 6 comments Yes, I'm still taking request. New proofs will be here this week. I'd love to send you a copy. Email me your mailing info and I'll send it out as soon as the proofs arrive.

Thanks -- Wanda

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