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Sep-Oct 2016 Life or Death > Life or Death General Discussion (NO SPOILERS)

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message 1: by Debra (last edited Jul 19, 2016 06:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Time to get ready for our next group read. Put your general comments here. No spoilers.

message 2: by Linda (last edited Jul 24, 2016 08:55PM) (new) - added it

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 598 comments I've wanted to read a book by this author but have not gotten around to it, I hope to be able to read this one!

Sarah Excellent! I have it ready :-) I'll probably read it in September as I have a lot on in October.

message 4: by Linda (new) - added it

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 598 comments I'm going to shoot for October.....

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
I've got the discussion threads set up. You can start whenever you want! Enjoy!

Janice (jamasc) | 801 comments Isn't this our Sept/Oct read? I have it down in my "To Read September" list.

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Yes, Janice. Just letting people know discussion threads are already set up. I got a big head-start this time. Sorry for the confusion.

Janice (jamasc) | 801 comments Ah! I gotcha. :) Thanks Debra.

Emma Ok. I've made a good start. Enjoying it so far. The fact that the chapters are quite short means I'm reading it quite quickly!

message 10: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann (annrumsey) | 466 comments I think I will be reading this one too!

Sarah I've got two books on the go at the moment. But then it will be this one :-) Good to hear it's a quick read!

message 12: by Debra (last edited Sep 10, 2016 10:46AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
BTW, if you've never read anything by this author, I highly recommend his Joseph O'Loughlin series. It's excellent!

message 13: by Emma (new) - rated it 4 stars

Emma I finished this and absolutely loved it..slightly slow in the middle, but otherwise fantastic.

Sarah I'm starting this today :-)

Summer (paradisecity) | 9 comments I listened to this on audiobook and I definitely wouldn't recommend it. The narrator had some very stereotypical (bordering on offensive) accents for different characters and provided no pauses between sections, which is really troublesome when there's a lot of time jumping. I enjoyed this book a lot less because of the medium, so I'd definitely steer clear if any of you were thinking about that.

Janice (jamasc) | 801 comments I borrowed the book from the library so I've avoided the narrator.

I have a couple of books to read before I can get to this one.

Sarah That's good to hear you don't have to suffer the narrator Janice. I thought of you straightaway when i read Summer's post.

It has started well.

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Summer, sorry about the audio of this book. It's such a great story. It's seems it was ruined for you.

Sarah I am really enjoying it. I can't wait until I've finished chapter 16 so I can come and discuss it. I have just finished Shawshank Redemption and there are definitely some resemblances (at least at the beginning) between that and this book. I'd say the author is a fan of King!

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Sarah, I agree about the Shawshank Redemption comparison, especially all that Audie goes through.

Janice (jamasc) | 801 comments I started the book last night and read the first chapter.

Sarah Looking forward to hearing what you think Janice.

Larissa | 270 comments OK, just got started again. Life interrupts so rudely!

Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Enjoy the ride, Manda!

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