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((Where Aila and Mizuki live!!))

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((Whoot!! You post first XD))

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Mizuki sat on his bed, his room was incredibly clean...exept for the crumpled up music sheets on his floor. He started to play a small song on his violin, Mizuki suddenly stopped and set his violin down, leaning back into the pillows, sighing. ((Sorry for the short post^^"))

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Aila was enjoying the sounds of Mizuki playing his violin She had a small frown but went into the kitchen. "Hmm.." She was looking for something sweet as usual. Finding nothing, she went into her room and dug out her secret stash. "Yum!" She said while she ate pocky.

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((It's fine. I'll probably have some short posts to ^^"))

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((Sorry for the late reply!! My internet was being a butt*.*))
Mizuki got up and stretched, unaware that his dark blue cat ears and tail popped out. He strolled into the kitchen, looking for something to eat. Something preferably sweet or sour, he walked to the fridge and grabbed an apple. Mizuki walked in the living room and sat on the couch, eating his apple.

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((Hold on I lost the character and i'm trying to find her XD))

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((Ah, here we are.))

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Aila curled up on her bed and kept eating the Pocky. She kept looking at her door making sure Mizuki wouldn't walk in and find out about her stash.

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((Sorry it's so short))

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((Its fine! Mine are short too))
Mizuki finished his apple and threw the core in the trash. I haven't heard anything from Aila... he thought before walking to her room, still unaware that his cat ears were out. "Hey Aila" he said "Whatcha doing?"

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Aila quickly hid her pocky under her blanket and went over to him. "Wow!!!!!" She said in an amazed tone. She started to pet his ears and had a glint of curiosity in her eyes. "This is so cool!" She kept petting his ears.

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Mizuki turned a bit pink, he had no idea his ears were out..and it tended to embarrass him. "Y-Yeah" he mumbled while Aila was petting them.

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"What's wrong Mizuki?" She asked him. She was still petting them. "Should I stop petting them?" She asked with a pouty look.

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Mizuki smiled "nothing, I'm fine" he said happily, although his face was still pink from the shock of knowing his ears and tail were out. "So what were you doing?" He asked, wondering what Aila had been doing.

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She nodded and had a small blush. Aila looked over and noticed her stash. "Nothing!!" She said practically leaping to hide it.

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"Is that your secret stash or something?" he asked, wondering why she was so quick to hide it. Mizuki smiled, Secret stash of candy and sweets..huh.. he thought.

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Aila narrowed her eyes and hissed. "Don't touch it!!" She said. She covered the stash with a blanket and walked over to him. "What time is it?" She asked him with a smile.

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"Don't worry, I wont" he said before looking down at his wrist. "Oh...wait...I don't have a watch..I think it is around 12.." he said.

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"Good" She said happily "And alright.." She started to pet his ears again. "They're so soft." Aila muttered. "Um I'll be right back. I'm gonna get something to drink. She ran into the kitchen and started to make a smoothie.

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Mizuki smiled "Ok" he said before walking to the kitchen after Aila, he thought for a bit, thinking about violin as usual.

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"Hmmm..How about we watch a movie?" Aila thought for a bit. "Or...Train, go to the park, go to a cafe. Though I can make great coffee." She boasted while winking. She spun around and smiled.

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"A movie sounds great!" he said, smiling "Maybe we could go see a movie then get some coffee!".

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Aila grinned. "Yay!!!" She grabbed his hand and ran out the door. "Can we walk to the theater?" She asked him hopeful.

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Mizuki smiled "Sure! Shall we go?" he asked, excited for the movie that they would see.

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She nodded and pulled him out the house. "What movie are we gonna?" She asked him as they were walking. She adjusted the purse on her shoulder and looked up at him.

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((Shall we move to the theater?))

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((Yeah, should I post first?))

"What movie do you want to see? I am fine with any" he said, looking down at Aila, smiling.

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((Yes please))
"Um...I think I want to watch that new robot movie!" She said as she started reenacting the trailer for it.

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