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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 136 comments One side is completely sterile, with a completely white asethic. The other is as messy as possible.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments Claude observed his space, double checking his bed for things that would be considered 'harmful' before letting out a relieved sigh and sitting himself down with a book he snagged from the library, specifically 'John Dies at The End'. Thinking to himself that at last, he had some time to relax without any interruptions.

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Alright, alright, get your hands off me already will you?? F*cking prick."

The cell door parted only for a moment before a certain red-head was shoved through, expression irritated and sporting something of a busted lip and bruised jaw (curtesy of an earlier fight he'd started in the halls... and resulting in the guards leading him back to his cell for the evening). Muttering a string of insults under his breath as the door was shut behind him, Dante bristled as he wandered over to his side of the room, paying the other no mind as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor before carrying himself heavily to the bed and sitting himself upon it. From here he made to feel at his bleeding lip, that hadn't stopped stinging like a bitch ever since he got knocked in the jaw earlier.... his knuckles were sore too.

Sighing in some frustration he finally glanced across the room in regard for his cellmate, glowering at him as if daring him to say something. Regardless, the highly-strung criminal was not in the mood.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Hm, it's a shame I was too bored to keep track of how many times you've come back here looking busted." Claude peaked up from his book and raised a brow at Dante through his sleepless eyes, "Please tell me you didn't get into this scuffle 'cause you don't have a lick of decency . . . Then again who am I to talk, oh wait, it's you I'm talking about. But I digress." A sublet smile rose on the mans face as he returned to his book, awaiting either a 'brooding' silence or a whiny temper tantrum.

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "You should shut the f*ck up, unless you want to look fifteen times worse." Dante was quick to spit back, balling up a tight fist in threat to the other, although he was already feeling too jaded to have a proper go at another prisoner. Much less his apathetic *sshole of a cellmate. Even so it was extremely hard to suppress his lingering anger.

"Bloody bitch-*ss bookworm." He grumbled in half-hearted insult as he turned himself onto his bed and lay there for a bit trying to calm... a difficult task.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments Stopping mid chapter, Claude kept a still and fairly stoic expression. Not yet wanting his inmate to see how hard he was laughing in his own thoughts, "Um . . . Excuse me, Bloody Bitch-*ss bookworm? Wow for the time I've known you ye're already full of surprises, that has got to be the smartest thing I've heard from you . . . Ever." True Dante needed to calm down, but what fun would that be, sure his book was getting fairly interesting, but watching his cell mate blow us was even more entertaining . . . Though sometimes costly . . .

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments Dante didn't react to Claude's taunts at first, focusing solely on his breathing and trying to sate himself on the satisfying mental image of his cellmate as a messy puddle on the ground but unfortunately that sort of thing only tended to make him want to make his fantasies into harsh realities. That said Dante did not want to go into solitary confinement again nor attend anymore forced therapy sessions for his 'anger management issues'..... As such sometimes sacrifices must be made.

"Listen d*ckhead," He drawled, setting his forearm over his eyes as he forced himself into a state of composure despite the other. "If you want to start something proper with me quit yapping and head over here. Then we can we have a proper conversation, like real buddies."

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Well I suppose, getting pretty boring here after all." After he set the book aside, Claude fixed up his shirt before kneeling down next to Dante's bed, "Well I'll be D*nmed, ye're almost a decent human being. So how long's this gonna last? A year, month, day, hour . . . A minute?" Claude's smug expression began to surface as he nudged his hair out from his eyes, almost astonished at Dante's calm attitude, sure he only knew the man a short while but usually it's a lot faster to get really deep under his skin.

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments Hearing the other actually move from his bed and walk over, Dante was actually somewhat disbelieving at first, but seeing pale eyes gleaming down at him and that smug *ss grin before him, Dante was both irritated... and somewhat amused.

"You're really something, huh?" He bared his teeth in a grin, accompanied by a low chuckle. Lifting a hand, he grabbed the front of the other bloke's shirt, dragging him closer and narrowing dark green eyes at him, although the smirk did not yet leave his face. "What are you trying? Do you really just want me to knock your teeth out or is it something else...? 'cause just like every other day you're really giving me the sh*ts and I'm not in the mood to f*ck around tonight either, if that wasn't already obvious. So just let me know now so I can fix things between us." He spoke with a very unusual sort of calm.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments Oh, so he actually wants to fix things, Claude began to think to himself about his next course of action. Before butting on his best 'genuinely okay with this face after lifting his face a tad away from Dante's hand that gripped his shirt, "Now now, I see what ye're doing. For a while I thought you were some no good hoodlum, but I suppose things can change right?" Curious, oh so curious. Claude could only imagine how much anger he is actually holding in, that and if his cellmate would still be ever so easy to piss off.

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "I really couldn't give a sh*t about what you think. You're just irritating the f*ck out of me and I want to know why." Letting go of the other then with a light shove away from him, Dante tucked his arm beneath his head and glanced away.
"Then again most of the sh*ts in this hellhole tend to do the same, and for what? You'd think they'd have a death wish." Licking at his ruptured lower lip, Dante huffed as he finally calmed enough to realise a rising and equally irritating urge to have a smoke. Without looking, the inmate began to feel aside him for his pillow, where he'd hidden a few blunts.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "I can't say I know why others like to piss ya off, but I do know why I do it. But, I'm not gonna say it . . ." Claude watched his cellmate looking about his bed, and giving a casual look at the pillow. "Now now, what'cha doin' this time?" His curiosity was peaking, then again curiosity killed the cat. 'Oh I wonder what he's looking for, must be something to calm down . . . But again what fun would that be?'

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Yeah, 'cause you're a prick like that," Dante absently responded as he stuffed his hand inside the insubstantial fluff of his pillow and snagged a thin, pre-rolled blunt between his fingers. Ignoring Claude's inquiry, he let his small and secret cigarette (and in this lucky instance, weed) stash speak for itself, placing the papery object in between his lips and snagging his lighter from where he'd wedged it in between the wall and bed. And although he was uncaring of being the company of another he admittedly did not trust as he did this...

"If you're thinking of ratting me off for stashing smokes..." Dante mumbled around his cigarette in idle threat towards the other, although he was much more occupied in lighting his blunt and taking a long and very relaxing drag first. ".....then I swear to f*ck I will rip your tongue out and make you wish you never knew me. You don't seem like a snitch but here's hoping you don't disappoint."

Exhaling deeply, Dante practically melted into his pillow as the drug's effects washed over him. The room had began to fill with the typical stench of marijuana but considering the guards wouldn't rock by until next morning (most probably... there was always a risk but Dante did not care for these), it was clear this was something for which the red-head was not concerned.

"Mm, this is good sh*t. You want some?"

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Aw c'mon now if you rip that off, how would we have these pleasant talks?" Claude coughed a bit as the smell of Dante's blunt spread, but thankfully he couldn't feel the 'new to the blunt headache' as he watched his cellmate relax. "I'd rather not, thanks. Hmm . . ." Claude could only roll his eyes at his cellmate, till be began to think . . . Now was he able to say anything . . . Without Dante blowing up like a three year old in a department store. "Ha ha there ya go relying on something else to satisfy you."

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "We wouldn't... how great would that be," Dante remarked rather unfeelingly, although his tone of voice was blase, almost absent. At Claude's snarky attitude he did little more than utter an unbothered grunt, focusing solely on his little treat for the moment and staring somewhat airily up at the ceiling, perfectly in the midst of getting stoned. Nothing Claude could say would properly bother him anymore...

"Shaddup," He huffed lazily at his cellmate's last comment, and smacked his arm lightly with the flick of his wrist. "'s that even a insult...? I mean no sh*t, I love weed..." He mused languidly and raised his joint for another puff.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Yeah heard that stuffs popular in the west coast or something . . ." Claude weighed his options, get away with saying sh*t with Dante being to relaxed to even do anything, or just leave him be . . . The answer is pretty obvious to say the least, "Oh the officers must have a feild day with you, I still don't understand how you keep at it when all you get is pain and humiliation . . . And me, you know I quite like this new attitude, much less whiny and loud."

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Is it?" The bloke responded without real concern, hooded eyes skimming the blurry edges of the ceiling before settling on his cellmate. Studying him, almost. Claude's derisive comments were met with a slow grin. "Hah... neither do I. Maybe 'cause they're asking for it, you know... But I miss streetfighting. Gettin' money for beating people up... those, those were good times."
Dante nodded, ignorant of any uttered insult as he took a rather wistful drag.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Excuse me, you got paid to beat people up? Um, why am I not surprised. You get so much more money killing people, plus you don't end up looking like trash . . . More than you already do of course.", Claude sighed as he look a quick glance at his cellmates side of their shared space. 'What a slob . . . As if he has not a care in his miserable life . . . At least he knows if he's hurt. Lucky bastard.' The older man thought to himself as he began to think about what other things he could say to Dante . . .

"What if I told you that you are hopeless?"

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Oh yeah. Those were sweet, sweet times. The thrill of taking some over-ambitious motherf*cker down... his blood on your knuckles... the metallic taste in your mouth... hundreds of dollars laid into your hand for having swung a chair into some prick's face and having given him permanent nose damage..."

Dante laughed quietly to himself and nodded approvingly, his smile airy as he put out the shrivelled end of his blunt and flicked it underneath the bed. Laying his hands over his tattooed navel, he sighed contentedly, not paying much attention to anything until he heard the other utter the word 'hopeless'.

"Me?" He confirmed, gaze travelling across to the other in idle enquiry. "Heh... might have to agree. Stuck in this pathetic zoo with a bunch of d*ckheads I don't even like... for the rest of my life, to boot. Where's the hope in that? Yeah..... but then again you're pretty hopeless too."

Dante continued to stare at the other for a bit, his eyes shot but his gaze intent enough.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments Claude was remembering each word Dante was saying, hoping to use for them future reference. The man could only laugh and feel releived that he could finally have some decent banter from Dante as he continued to ramble. "Well I never said I wasn't hopeless, so this street fighting thing? What did it feel like to be hurt, I can only imagine that it fed your ever growing ego. When it really hurt, it shattered what little pride there is in that miserable mind of yours . . ."

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "You're such an *sshole," Dante laughed, baring his teeth in an amused grin at Claude's unrelenting snarkiness. While any feelings of irritation were very well suppressed due to the dope, it didn't stop him from noticing how terribly snide his cellmate continued to be.

"But yeah, whatever. It always starts like that. You're fresh meat. You go in thinking its all about whoever's strongest and you get your *ss kicked. Then you either drop out like a p*ssy, or you keep at it." Dante lifted a hand, flexing a solid and well-worked fist before tucking his arm behind his head. "Eventually you learn the tricks of the trade... if you're in the arena, you figure out which b*tch to take out first. Find weaknesses. Learn to counter different fighting styles. Taunt them, cheat them. Typical sh*t. Work up the crowd and you'll find new challenges every week. All the money comes rolling in while you earn a reputation as some bad*ss motherf*cker. It's good..."

"And even if you get hit," Dante added thoughtfully. "It's not always a bad thing. The crowd loves a bit of a trade off. Sometimes you let 'em hit you, just so you have a reason to deliver them the full treatment. It's great like that..... But its different here. A lot of these f*ckers were top contenders back in their day as well. And they play even dirtier here. Not to mention the bloody guards trying to stick their noses into every little bit of mayhem."

Dante rolled his eyes, and sighed before shrugging.

"But whatever. Still worth every bit of blood I've spilt over these grounds. Hehe."

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Do you ever wish you had common sense? I mean really letting someone hit you, come on its easier to kill them. Plus, your problem is making too much of a scene to again feed your ego for the guards not to ignore . . ." Claude was only partially amused by Dante, and quite frankly bored of all this. Maybe there was some way yo set him off . . . Some way, "Hm, I suppose it is a bit nicer being less responsible not that you're stuck here, the bad*ss Motherf*cker is now the laws, how do you people put it? The laws b*tch?"

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Sh*t, you don't think I love the attention?" Dante smirked at the other, unruffled by his lack of understanding. "I don't beat people up just to knock them out. I beat 'em up because its fun, and it puts on a bloody good show. You call it feeding my ego but I call it entertainment..."

Dante hummed contentedly at this, before rolling over onto his stomach and hugging his pillow, coughing a bit and wondering if he should take a nap. But since the other was being persistent in his demeaning comments Dante found himself tucking that thought aside.

"Meh... this place is full of bad*ass motherf*ckers turned b*tches if you put it that way. Society's got no need for the best of us." Dante remarked rather sadly. "But streetfighting wasn't what I got jailed for. Some other dumb sh*t... shoot-outs... shanked some pansies... ran a motherf*cker over... you know. You see that sh*t on TV. Yeah... Guess I miss it."

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "What can I say dumb people make dumb choices." Claude watched as Dante further relaxed, now . . . It was almost agrovating seeing his cellmate so, full of bliss. It was a short walk to his own bed and to retrieve his book.

"Let's say you have an ax. Just a cheap one, from Home Depot. On one bitter winter day, you use said ax to behead a man. Don't worry, the man was already dead. Or maybe you should worry, because you're the one who shot him.” David Wong, John Dies at The End

He returned to Dante's bed side, and let out his silent but ever growing frustration . .. Be smacking Dante with the book, "Good god you ain't two, it ain't nap time either."

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments Dante didn't bother to respond with anything more than a soft 'hmph', closing his eyes as Claude left his bedside, thinking he was finally leaving him alone... Although this was obviously not the case when he felt the book collide thickly against him, and what was becoming a mildly irritating accent sounded. Jolting a bit and letting out a soft growl, Dante shot a glare at Claude.

"'ey, f*ck off. 'm too tired for your sh*t. Dope makes me sleepy... and hungry. But mostly sleepy. Don't wanna fight with you." Dante decided simply, and muffled his mouth into his pillow as he blinked lazily at the other. "If you wanna go then piss me off later. Then I'll break your nose for you. It'll prob'ly make you happy." The red-head commented absently.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Um, nope." Claude continue now just poking the back of Dante's head, doing so continuously again and again. Humming a bit with a stoic and sleepless face. It was quite fun watching him react to the first book sure, but he was suddenly craving more. Still waiting for Dante to come down from his high, and to be more . . . Reactive

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments Dante bristled a bit as the other continued his attempts at annoying him, actually doing his best to ignore it all before one particularly harsh poke to his nape drew from him an annoyed grunt and had him shoving himself up from the bed, ignoring his wooziness as he snagged the front of Claude's shirt and yanked him forwards.

"Listen here, puta," Dante snarled, and then paused suddenly in his anger, staring the other in the eyes before emitting a light-hearted snort. "Mmm... Hah... You look like this one guy I f*cked at my nineteenth birthday party. No wait... that was a chick. Twentieth then? Well... He was a prick... Real flexible though. F*cking c*ck."

Dante kinda sat there for a moment, quite clearly lost in his thoughts and whatever screwed up memory he had before he sniffed and rubbed at his eyes, glancing tiredly at the other.

"Meh. What was I saying...?"

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CaptainEm | 55 comments Claude was . . . Puzzled, though ammusing the nature of these rambles were both hilarious and . . . Odd, "Did you just . . . Eh never mind, you mentioned something about how pathetic you are."

'So . . . Apparently I . . . Um . . . What? Huh, I guess any old person looks like someone he's bumped an ugly with . . .'

The man shrugged and slowly began to reorganize his thoughts, before allowing his smug grin to return as he began to try prying Dante's hand og his shirt.

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Pathetic? I'll give you pathetic..." Dante mumbled unintelligently before leaning back against the wall and sighing. He kinda missed those old partners of his now. They made great entertainment for him back then, when he was bored...

After a couple of seconds of Claude trying to pry his fingers off of him, he finally let go, blinking for a bit before closing his eyes again... quite clearly contented with sleeping while sitting.

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CaptainEm | 55 comments Claude quickly straightened out his short after Dante's grip finally left him before murmuring and making his way back to his bed, thinking to himself how odd it was seeing Dante so calm. 'I suppose I have to wait for him to come down ey? Hm, I'd like the banter a bit more if he wasn't so lazy . . .' Claude sat on the edge if his bed, his hands clasped together, elbows resting on his knees, and hunched over as he stared . . . Waiting for good old 'whiny brat' Dante to return.

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments Well, it didn't take long for Dante to pass out once left alone and apart from falling over onto his side halfway through his nap as well as the occasional snore, he hardly budged at all. Three hours it was until he eventually found himself tugged back to reality... his eyes and throat were dry, and as he turned over with a groan, he found himself coughing before he shoved his head into the pillow to quieten himself, emanating a low groan of 'f************ck' as the grumpy criminal (who always despised waking up, especially after getting stoned) finally roused himself (somewhat).

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Ah, you're finally up . . . I was getting pretty bored." Claude, still looking at him, this time with a book in hand. "You were out for a while . . ." Snapping the book shut, Claude stood, dusting off his clothes and adjusted his hair, "I mean what was it . . . A few hours . . . Plenty of time to think to myself . . . That and wonder how I got stuck with such a load of scum . . ."

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments Dante cracked one eye open to glare coldly at his roommate.

"You know what I dreamed of..." He grumbled slowly, although with obvious irritation and spite. "That I hacked out your tongue while you slept. I then got stoned and woke up to the sound of my own voice... and just my own. Let's make that a reality one day, hey."

Finding the energy to push himself into a sitting position, Dante groaned and ran his fingers through his messy bedhead, trying to come to terms with a lingering dizziness.

"Ugh, f*ck."

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "Even if I can't talk to ya, you can't just cut out my tongue, what's that gonna do? A little infection, guess that could do a man in, but really what's it gonna do? If I live I'll still be here, then again I suppose you got nothing left to loose, not that you can gain anything more anyway . . . Though cutting your tongue out, might be so much enjoyable for me, why? Cause it'd hurt that pride you hold to deal . . .'' Claudes voice was deadpan, but dripped in amusement at Dante's hopeless dreaming. "Cmon now, you don't hate me that much right?"

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GoldenBlight | 34 comments "Well, genius," Dante started condescendingly, clearly in a sh*tty just-woke-up mood as he ruffled his hair a bit before dropping his arm to his lap, and directed his tired gaze towards the other. "Regardless whether you die or not when that happens, you won't be able to speak. And when you can't speak, I don't have to listen to your bullsh*t. And when I don't have to listen your bullshit, I am a happy man. Turns out we'd both do well in that regard, nah?"

Rolling his eyes, Dante coughed a bit to clear his voice before sighing.

"But yeah, whatever. I've met worse people. Although I believe you're one of the most irritating f*ckwits I've ever met... I can't exactly despise you just for that. Not when I've known the f*ckers I've known."

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CaptainEm | 55 comments "I might be the most irritating, but you are the whiniest I've ever met," A Smug grin began to rise onto Claudes face as his 'good old scumbag' arose. "Complain, complain, b*tch and moan, really can't you say anything else besides that? Why not just I don't know, just keep quiet? Hey how's about I cut ye're tongue out? Won't that be interesting?"

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