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message 1: by blue manatee (new)

blue manatee press (bluemanateepress) | 5 comments Hi Librarians,

We're a small children's publishing imprint called blue manatee press. One of our authors tried to make an author page for herself, but found that her books were already being attributed to a different author of the same name. The author in question is Sandra Gross (her personal profile can be found here:, and her books are as follows:

Toast to Counting (ISBN: 9781936669097)
Toast to Feelings (ISBN: 9781936669172)
Toast to Family (ISBN: 9781936669189)
I See, You See: Day (ISBN: 9781936669448)
Sleepy Bee (illustrator) (ISBN: 9781936669271)
Mama Monarch (illustrator) (ISBN: 978193669332)

The above books currently link to a different Sandra Gross, found here: To reiterate, this is NOT the correct author for these books. I'm hoping someone can help us sort this out. Thanks so much!

- blue manatee press

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments They were imported which means they go into the default single space profile. We cannot attribute books to a user profile.

I have moved them to a new profile "Sandra^^Gross" where ^=space.

She can claim the profile by following the link below.

message 3: by blue manatee (new)

blue manatee press (bluemanateepress) | 5 comments That's perfect. Thank you for your help!

- blue manatee press

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