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message 1: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie Twachtman (lizzietwachtman) | 186 comments Mod
I'm knee deep in July's book, Tarkin by James Luceno. Hope you're enjoying it if you're reading along.

Wanted to share a quick thought about a passage from page 84: "Tarkin had long nursed suspicions about who Vader was beneath the black face and helmet, as well as how he had come to be..."

I realized that I never thought about the people who knew him before he became "more machine than man." Of course Obi-Wan, that much we knew from the OT. But people like Tarkin who knew Anakin before he was Vader and must have wondered what happened.
What an interesting thought.

message 2: by Grady (new)

Grady Brown | 7 comments I was so glad to see more of Grand Moff Tarkin's relationship with Darth Vader. Even though they have their differences, they make a pretty good team when it comes to crushing rebel cells.

message 3: by Anthony (new)

Anthony DeRosa | 8 comments It plays well with some of the established canon with Tarkin, New Hope, Cone Wars TV Show, and Rogue One. I found it stale and un-Star Wars like at times. Overall, I thought it was an interesting read showing some of the early foundations of the rebellion and the Empire's response.

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