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ivy (cunning239) I shall post mine here when I get the chance XD

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ivy (cunning239) description

[Name] Ichirou Akemi Kichirou
[Ichirou] “Blooming”
[Akemi] “ Brave child”
[Kichirou] “Good luck”

[Age] 17

[Date of birth] September 15

{Zodiac Sign} [VIRGO]

[Gender] Male


[Sexuality] Homosexual

[Crush] N/A

[Relationship Status] Not looking


Ichirou has chin length deep purple hair. It curls around at the ends, but it's nearly imperceptible. His hair is also mixed with snow white-ish steaks. His hair is noted to be quite soft by Cressa.

Ichirou has deep purple eyes that seem to compliment his hair. His eyes are warm and forgiving, but can cloud over at any moment.

Considerably tall, standing at 5”7

130 lbs

He never really gets out out in the Sun, but his skin carries a lightly tanned tone to it.

{Body Build}
Ichirou's body build is slight and slender. He packs a bit of muscle, but he is more or less extremely slender and tall.

{Clothing style}
He is usually wearing a long sleeve shirt that hangs slightly over his hands, with a pair of jeans. He doesn't have a very colorful wardrobe. He wears space pajamas when going to bed.


He is known to be a very kind and righteous person. He doesn't try to lie or cheat his way out of things. He knows how and when to take responsibility of his actions. He wants to be loved and remembered for who he is and not how people want him to be. He loves to cuddle up with Cressa ( even though it results in a quick kick in the groin) and he wants her to be happy no matter what it takes. He is really the only person who can withstand Cressa's personality, but he knows when to stay away at times.

Ichirou is also a very shy and antisocial person, especially around people he doesn't really know. [He's even more shy around people he does like] He has a sort of awkward way of doing things, mainly because he doesn't know how people will react and what they'll do. He prefers the company of animals to people.

Ichirou is no slacker when it comes to schoolwork. He makes sure he does everything right and consistently studies to become top of his class, he really wants to make his parents proud. He tries to get Cressa to do her work and not be such a slacker, but she just ignores him. This deeply frustrates him. He lives to color and clean their apartment, because Cressa won't do it, so he had most of the house's responsibilities.

When his parents had died, he became apathetic and stubborn for many months, he didn't really know what do with himself. His parents were really the only family he had, so when there death came he felt alone and hopeless, but having Cressa as his weapon and more importantly, his first friend changed his attitude a bit and let him know that he could still love and be happy.


{Deadly Secrets and things to know}

He has extreme social anxiety when confronted with people he doesn't really know or like. This is mainly from not being able to actually interact with others regularly.

He is highly protective of Creesa, mainly because she is his first real friend and he is afraid of losing anyone else close to him.

He has a slight fascination with witches and doesn't agree to how they are treated by the general public.

That rare moment when Creesa-chan actually smiles, it's really cute.
Animals of all kinds.
Eating ice cream with Creesa-chan.
The smell of popcorn! ( yum!)

He has an instinctive fear of fire.
Any abuse directed towards animals
Creesa when she is angry, which is most of the time.
Discussing his past.


Ichirou childhood is something he dosent really like to discuss.

Ichirou family mainly consisted of him and his parents, seeing as his mother almost died during childbirth, so they really didn't wanna chance it. Ichirou parents were both scientist/ inventors that wanted to discover and explore, so they decided to move out of the city and into the wilderness, where they were free to surround themselves with nature and pursue their studies.
Ichirou was only 4 at the time, but as he grew older he yearned for something he couldn't really explain. He had no one else to speak to peer-to-peer and Ichiro's parents were great, but they were so consumed in their studies trying to make breakthroughs and such. So he soon started developing animal friends in absence for human friends. He developed a warmer, gentler nature to animals and life.

One day, when Ichirou was regularly playing in the woods, with a family of chipmunks, Ichirou parents were trying to perfect an experiment that they had been working on for about 5 years, it would've been there first major breakthrough. The experiment went horribly wrong and it ended up backfiring and caused a huge explosion, setting their small cottage ablaze. Ichirou was deep in the forest, oblivious to what was taking place. Ichirou finally decided to hear back home after several hours. He immediately saw the black smoke billowing from his home as an ominous sign, causing him to rush home. He found him home, or what used to be his home. He searched for his parents with a sinking feeling resting in him.

Ichirou couldn't find his parents anywhere. , He succumbed to the fact that his parents hadn't survived the fire. Ichirou scourged the ruins, trying to find something to remember his parents. Everything seemed to be burned without recognition. Ichirou went through the forest, He knew that place up and down and was able to safely get through the forest, with the help of his animal friends. On the outskirts of the forest was a small cabin, where a kind old lady lived. Ichirou asked her for directions to the nearest city and she gave him a map leading to death city.

Ichirou made it to death city after several days, and soon discovered the academy. He desperately wanted to attend, but he wasn't a meister or a weapon, so he decided to make himself a self proclaimed meister after continuous practice and diligence! He still needed a weapon though, but he was deathly afraid of asking people to become his weapon. One day, he saw cressa eating lunch by herself looking and he decided that he wanted her to be his weapon. He begged her to become his weapon and she reluctantly complied to his request, and they have been a dynamic duo ever since.


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ivy (cunning239) description

{Name} Makoto Tadao Suzumuchi

[Makoto]  “Loyal child”

[Tadao]  “Enlightened”

[Suzumuchi]  “Sincere”

{Date of birth} May 21st

{Gender} Male

{Race} Japanese/Korean







Makoto has short unruly dark hair. It is somewhat messy, reaching down to his thin jawline. He doesn't believe in gel and all that fancy stuff, he combs it every once in awhile, but it doesn't require anything extra.


Makoto has large red eyes. They can be described as being somewhat cold, but holds a sort of long forgotten warmth.


Makoto is quite tall, standing at  5'9 and weighing around 123 lbs.

{Body build}

Makoto has a slight and slender build. He isn't very muscular, and has an unimposing figure according to some people.


Makoto has extremely pale skin, as if he's never been out in the Sun. Most likely because He doesn't necessarily care about being outside, he'd much rather stay inside and watch nothing.


Makoto's father was a meister and his mother was a weapon. They both attended DWMA and were some of the brightest and best of their year. This particular trait was passed on to Makoto.

Makoto hadn't shown any signs of being a weapon, so his parents put him in intensive meister training sessions and kendo practice. He soon became an extremely adept user of kendo and it was obvious he would be a prodigy such as his parents.

Makoto's parents had always been proud if him and hoped to enroll him into DWMA, by the time of 13. But when Makoto turned 12, he was in his weekly kendo practice, when he heard the unfortunate news, his mother was in the hospital being treated for a terrible life threatening illness. The doctors said it was a spontaneous and slow acting sort of cancer, and his mother had a very slim chance of staying alive… A year later ( after he'd started going to The academy) his mother died in the hospital.He was only 13 at the time, but he took the news very harshly.

Makoto was devastated and entered a very fragile state over his mother's death.He began to have uncontrollable spasms of rage and guilt. He for more distant and anti social. It was like his whole personality had flipped! His grades slipped and He didn't attend his weekly kendo matches anymore. His father was concerned about his son's own well being and didn't wanna see another family member suffer. He put Makoto through strict therapists  sessions, to control him and keep him in check. Makoto slowly, but surely got a lot better and started to change bit by bit, but he still retained some of his distant and anti social attributes. At least, now he could still attend DWMA. Although he is still looking for a meister.



Makato was always a kind and passionate individual. Ready to help anyone and everyone without prior hesitation. He was always surrounded by a close knit of friends, and he was the type to hug his parents everyday before school…..

But that was before she died.

When his mother died, something in him changed. He felt more reserved and lonely, everybody else had a mom, but his mother had died. What of his father died?, he would be left alone and without anyone to support him. He got a little more selfish and cold, not as open and outgoing as he usually seemed. He didn't even talk to his father anymore, only “Hi” and “Goodnight”, nothing special. He spent his time writing poetry, it was really the only way to express his feelings. He felt like he was the cause of all the emptiness he felt. He wasn't ready to accept her death, it had happened predictably, but to soon. He feared it was starting to turn him into something he didn't want to be.

After consulting with the specialist, the guilt and self loathing he felt sort of evaporated.  He became kinder and got some of that passionate fire back, although he still retained some previous qualities, you couldn't deny that he had changed a lot.

{Things to know}

He has never kissed a boy { Ssshh!}


Being alone in his apartment

Writing poetry to express his feels

Fighting ( an excellent swordsman)

His fluffy cat, Mizuki

Pointing out people's flaws.


Being outside, when the Sun is out.

Being in large crowds of bodies/ people

Romantic anything

Being in the dark alone.


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ivy (cunning239) "I am literally hemorrhaging generosity."


Zoe Komiko




Female (*duh*)

{Date of Birth}

May 31st

{Role} -






Relationship Status



Smiley face

Zoe is a very pretty girl. She has short blonde hair and dark yellowish-green eyes. She is quite short, standing at only about 5"1 and weighing 93 lb. Her skin is a light pale tone, not too pale and not too dark. She usually has a bubbly smile or a sarcastic grin on her face, but otherwise she has a pleasant and attractive appearance. She is always wearing causal clothing as indicated in the picture above. She has a small scar above her right eye from taking an extremely difficult mission in a hidden swamp.

Zoe was born destined to be a great meister. Her father was an extremely skilled meister that was one the top of his class. Her mother was THE top of the class, had the best combat abilities and was extremely intelligent. Not to mention beautiful, everybody liked her, but her dad got lucky. They fell head-over-heels in love. Soon after, Zoe's mother had Zoe. Zoe was always a fierce child, and she was intelligent just like her mom. She had inherited both their prodigious skill and from an early age, was able to wield any weapon like it was a part of her. Zoe was eager to go to DWMA, she would carry on her parents name and make them proud. When Zoe turned 12, she finally was able to and the academy. This was her big day, and she would show them all just how powerful she was. When she got there, she had extreme difficulty finding a weapon. She couldnt believe this. She was so likable and people always wanted to team up with her. After a few months, she just stayed in class sitting in a corner, one of the only students still without a death weapon. She was embarrassed and decided to do something. The next day in front of the school, there she was early in the morning up in the auditorium, waving a large sign "Do you wanna be ma' weapon" in big bold letters, she had a mega phone and was yelling rapidly. She looked a little crazy and desperate. Most if the female weapons scoffed at her and walked away, and everyone else slowly slipped away heading to class. Only one person reamined,

Zoe took this as a good sign and approached him with that cheerful, beautiful smile. She made a big mess of introducing herself, but she realized the kid had headphones in, he hadnt heard a thing she said. She was furious, she had done all that and made herself seem desperate almost ruining her reputation, and for a bunch of apathetic people and headpone wearers . She sucker slapped. Alec, his headphone fell out and his face utterly supispred. He quickly responded with a round-house kick, that Zoe quickly dodged. He exclaimed angrily, but Zoe wasnt listening to that. She raised her fist to punch him, but he doged it and grabbed her hand. In a dark voice, he asked why the hell did he slap him. Zoe explained that she didnt have a weapon and she really was looking for one. He rolled his eyes. He kind of liked her detmerimed and unruly behavior and she was kinda cute. He didnt have a meister himself, and was seriously for a meister as well. He rolled his eyes again and agreed to be her meister, as long as she didnt get annoying. Zoe was over-joyed and hugged him, which he returned by pushing her off him and making her folow him to class.

{Personality} :

Zoe can be a little bubbly and optimistic at times. She loves to look on the brighter side of things and can be described as a little pretty ball of emotion. Her optimistic and friendly nature allows most people to be able to directly open up to her and befriend her. She loves working with people and will go to special lengths to protect the things she loves. Of course, she can b e a little over-bearing at times, showing extreme emotions about particular topics.

Zoe is a very bubbly, but at the same time serious individual. She is always happy with a big round smile on her face ( Alec, her death weapon hates this) . She is very kind and loves to lift people's spirits, making her a very nice person to be around. She is extremely optimistic to the point where it drives others crazy. (like Alec). Other than her cheery and bright persona, she is a determined and hard-working individual that has gradually risen to be one of the top meisters in the school. She will happily cut down any enemy that dares stand in her way. She is ambitious and plans to transform Alec into an elite demon weapon.
She can be a little insecure at times

-Alec. She will protect him with her life and he would do the same for her. They work in perfect sync, even though Alec may be a bit of a jerk sometimes.

-DMWA. This is her favorite thing in the world, DWMA is the best school ever and she will always protect this school. She loves going here, every minute fells her with happiness.

-Reading/Manga. Zoe reads a lot of manga. She is often seen in the DWMA library reading or checking out manga. This is just something she does when not studying or actually doing schoolwork

-Training. She undergoes relentless training everyday. Waking up at 4 every morning to train with a groggy and cranky Alec. All in efforts to become a very student.

- Animals/ especially cats.

-Sometimes she enjoys a little spotlight. But not very often

-Well shes a very strong and intimidating individual.

-Has an nonbinding love for most things


-Has a strong sense of right and wrong


Being Alone


-Thats really it, she dosent have too many fears. She looks on the bright side. =)

"An apple a day keeps any one away, if you throw it hard enough

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ivy (cunning239) Name :
Haku Uchiha

|Age| - 16
|Gender| - Male
|Date of Birth| - October 14th
|Place of Birth| - Death City

|Race Death Weapon
He can take the form of a hooked chain and a windmill shuriken
Smiley face

Smiley face

Haku is an attractive and young death weapon. He has long ash colored hair that falls right below his jawline and sharp dark eyes. He can be described as angular and bony, with his sharp features and high cheekbones. He has pale alabaster skin and his most noticeable feature is the large scar that covers the right side of his face, it's a memories from his fathers beatings.He is usually wearing something casual, a long sleeved jacket and a pair of jeans with various blotches of grey in them, but otherwise he isn't a colorful or formal person. His face is usually impassive or hard to read, but analytic and intimidating.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single (currently)
Crush: Alec ( Zoe's weapon)

Personality Description-
Haku is known to be a very quiet and imposing individual. He rarely speak to most people and prefers to be wrapped up in his own personal bubble. He dosent open up with anyone unless they have proven their worth to him. His tone makes him sound harsh and haughty, but in reality he really just dosent care. He usually ends up insulting people and getting his way. He's just looking for that person he can open up with, and be himself without scrutinization. Most people turn him away becuase of his heritage and past, who wants to deal with the son of a murderer. No one will directly talk about him, but he knows people whisper behind his back. He dosent really care much about others opinions, but he would really like it if people didnt talk about him as if he was some kind of monster or something. That was the past. He is known to be quite intelligent and quick-witted and does excellently in school. He is a skilled death weapon, he likes to analyze his opponents first, and just when he knows he can beat an opponent he will go all at it. He isnt known for his loyalty, but he will protect his meister form harm of the need arises. He personally dosent think he should help anyone, they should be strong enough to do it on their own. Haku may come off as a cold and emotionless teenager with his cold tone and apathetic demeanor, he doesn't show his emotions to anyone, except maybe Alec. He acts like he hates everyone else, and most people just stay away from him.He rarely speak to most people and prefers to be wrapped up in his own personal bubble. He dosent open up with anyone unless they have proven their worth to him. His tone makes him sound harsh and haughty, but in reality he really just dosent care. He usually ends up insulting people and getting his way. He's just looking for that person he can open up with, and be himself without scrutinization. Most people turn him away becuase of his heritage and past, who wants to deal with the son of a murderer. No one will directly talk about him, but he knows people whisper behind his back. He dosent really care much about others opinions, but he would really like it if people didnt talk about him as if he was some kind of monster or something. . He is known to be quite intelligent and quick-witted and does excellently in school. He is a skilled death weapon and will fulfill his duties of protecting the innocent, he can quickly analyze an opponet and discover their weaknesses, and only then will he make the fatal blow.
Smiley face

Haku was born into an assassin clan, the Uchiha clan was the most feared league of assassins that roamed the earth at that time. Just hearing their names made people whimper in fright. It was comprised of super-powerful and bloodthirsty meisters and weapons that went around killing indiscreetly. When Haku was born they just saw someone who could carry on their name, they had devoured so many souls- you couldnt tell what they were- weapon, meister, demon. Growing up in such a clan, was extremely hard on Haku, his "family members" were heartless killers, who only cared for themselves. He had no friends, becuase they were always moving from place to place, destroying towns and conducting mass massacres. He grew up, the only thing he could do was act like... them. Cold and heartless. He really just wanted to be a normal child, living in a normal house, with normal siblings... was that really too much to ask for. The worst thing about it was his father... the man was all kinds of crazy and not too mention MALICIOUS . He was the worst person in the clan, he orchestrated all the killings and massacres. He constantly was dodging the DWMA and killing their students, Haku absolutely hated him.
Smiley face
Hakuś father was also a major abuser- emotional and physical. He constantly beat Haku, calling him weak and unworthy. Haku would cry everyday, but no one would hear him. He was weak and insignificant and that would never change. He didnt want to be weak, but how was he supposed to just kill innocent people with no consequence or consideration for that person. He wasn't a murderer. He hated his father and wanted nothing to do with his horrible family, so he ran away one day. Ran far away from his clan, he didnt want anything to do with those... monsters. He had no money, no food, nothing. BUt that was better than being relentlessly abused. He arrived in a large town that he came realized was death city, guarded by meisters and a death god, Haku thought it was the perfect place to go. He had heard so much about the "DWMA" (death weapon meister academy) and had always wanted to join, but how could he- with his horrible family and the clan name, they would reject him. But he went and tried to get in anyway, he personally went to see Lord death and begged him to come to the school. Lord death accepted him, and without hesitation let Haku join the school, Haku was extremely happy at this, but he just needed to find a meister now. He has had several mesiters over several months, but each of them proved to be too incompetent for him, he couldnt stand any of the m and left. NOw he is still looking for the RIGHT meister. Soon after, he heard news that the Uchiha clan was finally killed, a team of elite meisters found them and were ordered to kill the entire clan. Haku wasn't shocked at the news, and frankly he didnt even care, he was glad in fact.
•Alec. If there is one person in the DWMA he enjoys the company of its Alec.
• Sarcasm
•Rock n' Roll

•Lousy Mesiters
•His family/father
•Loud, obnoxious People and noises

{Favorite things}
•His favorite food is pancakes and ramen
•His favorite animal is the cat
•Reading, especially manga is his favorite pastime.

•Showing emotion
•His cruelty
•Getting along with others.

¨Trusting someone not to hurt you... how idiotic is that?¨

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