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[ Only If You Promise ]

Muse A is the daughter of a rapist who tapped and killed women and children who didn't comply to his sexual desires, when she was thirteen she was raped by her father and taken in by a man who's name is Aaron Hotchner.

Aaron Hotchner, a 30 year old man, who takes in a young girl after she is raped by her father, apparently she lived next door to him and Haley for thirteen years and they hadn't noticed. Aaron is now forty five years old and he lives by himself, he doesn't know where his adopted daughter is until she shows up in his office, sitting in his chair behind his desk.

Muse A joins the FBI during this time that Spencer Reid is dating Maeve Donavan, she and Spencer share a profound bond that turns into friendship pretty quickly. During a case, Soencers girlfriend Maeve is taken hostage and killed, in front of Spencer and Muse A who, alongside Spencer, was tied to a chair and forced to watch the murder of Maeve Donavan and the unsub. When they were both untied by their co-workers, Spencer immediately turned to Muse A for emotional support. For the whole week, Spencer and Muse A spend time at his apartment, Muse A stays to help Spencer through his pain and eventually gets him to go back to work when one case requires his need of intelligence.

Spencer goes to work with Muse A again and as the case goes on, Spencer stays with Muse A no matter where she goes, his mind telling him constantly to protect his best friend, he soon learns he's in love with her and when they return home, he tells her. Muse A doesn't say yes to Spencer until he promises to stop taking Dilaudid, does Spencer make this promise? Or does he turn?

[ Requirments ]

~ MxF
~ I would like to be Muse A
~ Detailed ; One paragraph per character
~ You are Spencer Reid
~ Romance ; No insta romance
~ Emotions ; We all have them, and if you watch Criminal Minds Spencer definitely has them
~ Minor characters will pop up
~ Have to have watched Criminal Minds

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[ It's becoming Supernatural ]

Derek Hale has not two but three sisters, Lauren, Cora and Muse A, he loves them all, not too much, not too little, he treats them all the same and speaks to them all the same. He has a soft spot for his youngest sister Muse A, and tends to be overprotective of her, he also tends to threaten those who get close to his sister. His sister being seventeen years of age, comes to Beacon Hills to finish her last two years of High School, Derek tries everything to keep his little sister from running into Stiles, but it's harder then it looks and he ultimately fails. Muse A meets Stiles Stilinski, a human being who is part of a pack, Muse A and Stiles hit it off immediately, and they become quick friends, they start hanging out more often. When killings start to rise again, Stiles is forced to question Muse A because of her other side, Muse A is saddened that Stiles doesn't trust her and she runs away. Stiles knows she'll be back and doesn't think to go after her, but the next day when she doesn't come back and he is shoved against a wall by Derek, he starts to grow worried. After receiving a threatening threat from Derek, Stiles and Scott go searching for their new friend, finding that Muse A has been kidnapped by Theo and his gang of Druid Doctors, Stiles and Scott tell Derek and they form a plan to retrieve Muse A. But when half the pack is fighting the Druid Doctors, Stiles is forced to rescue Muse A himself when he does, he is confronted by Theo who throws insults at him, this results in Stiles fighting Theo and knocking him unconscious. Stiles saves the day and Muse A, Muse A is thankful, but Derek is not.

[ Requirements]

• MxF ; I'd like to be the female
• Characters ; I am Muse A and you are Stiles
• Detailed ; One Paragraph per Character
• Romance + Emotions ; No insta Romance & Use Emotions
• Minor Characters will pop up
• Have to have watched Teen Wolf

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|| Based on Broken Home - 5 Seconds of Summer ||

[ Death Reunion turned Bad ]

Everyone knows who 5 Seconds of Summer is, Everyone knows all their songs, Everyone knows about the song Broken Home, Everyone knows how much Ashton relates to it the most. Does anyone know that it's really Luke who relates to it the most? Being the best friend of a girl who went through this pain, who went through the horrible journey of her parents splitting up, who went through the journey of becoming an outcast in her own home because of her parents? No one ever though to ask Luke if he related to this because they never knew Luke ever had a best friend. Luke's friend died on the day they released this song, and the only people who know this are his band mates, when the reunion of his friends death comes up, he meets someone he thought he'd never see again. His best friend. He's confused and angry, and confronts her, yelling at her about why she faked her death, why she let him think she was dead, why she never contacted him if she never died. Muse A didn't have a chance to tell him. She was heartbroken as she listened to him, she felt hurt when he cried in her arms, she felt horrible as she listened to the stories of what he did on her death reunion. Muse A spoke up finally and promised Luke to repair every single emotional damage she has done to his heart, she promised to fix everything she did to him, she promised to love him again. Does Luke let his old friend fix what she has done? Or does he leave her forever?

[ Requirements ]

~ MxF
~ I would like to be Muse A
~ I would like to start where Muse A and Luke are younger, around Eleven maybe
~ You are Luke Hemmings please
~ Romance ; This will begin when Muse A and Luke are fifteen, and then again when they are twenty
~ Emotions ; There will be a lot of emotions in this RP, please Roleplay them
~ Details ; One Paragraph per character

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[ Joe Sugg's Crush ]

Everyone knows Joe Sugg, the famous YouTuber and his buddy Caspar Lee another YouTuber, they all know him, but they don't know that Muse A another YouTuber used to be best friends with Joe Sugg. Joe Sugg hardly remembers his best friend, but he still thinks about her everyday of his life, how she just left London to be with her family, how she left right after he told her how he felt about her. Joe Sigg now along with Zoe and Alfie, watches Muse A's videos almost every time she uploads a video, he enjoys her wild videos and her wild vlogs, it almost as if she is right there with him, now they have collaborated a few times in the past, and still do sometimes, but Joe misses Muse A dearly. Muse A is invited to Vidcon along with her brother in whom she does her videos with, Muse A and her brother go to the airport the next day. When there they see Joe Sugg, Joe notices Muse A and he comes running to her, Muse A drops her bags and runs up to Joe, they hug for a while and now their fans think they are a thing. At Vidcon, Tyler Oakley, Zalfie, Jack & Finn, Joe and Muse A are invited up onto the stage, where they do a little Q & A, when it comes to Muse A she answers a lot of questions about her and Joe and then when it comes to Joe he gets a lot of little dares, and one dare leads him to kiss Muse A. Blah blah. They kiss... Blah. But after the kiss Joe starts acting weird to Muse A, he starts avoiding her and starts giving her cold looks, he then kisses another girl in front of Muse A. Muse A is heartbroken and leaves Vidcon for that day, no one can find her and everyone tries to. Muse A comes back the next day all happy and whatnot, but when she leaves early that day, Joe catches her at the airport and tells her his feelings, muse A confesses her feelings too and then Tyler brings up that she has to go back to America, that's when Joe invites Muse A to live with him, does she and her brother take up the offer, or does Muse A shut the offer down?

[ Requirements ]

• Male x Female
• I would like to be Muse A/Female
• You are Joe Sugg/Male
• Details ; One Paragraph per person
• Third Person Point of View
• Romance ; This will have to wait until the middle of the Roleplay
• Emotions ; There will be a lot of emotions
• When it comes to the other characters, We can decide who plays them
• Thread Only
• Comment below if you want to do it, or PM me if you want to do this
• ^ Note: When you PM, this Roleplay will not be roleplayed through PM

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[ Draco's Friend-Enemy ]

" Saint Potter, the Mudbloods friend," ~ Draco Malfoy
" Draco Malfoy, a serpent you don't want to tangle with," ~ Some Girl

On the train during first year, Draco's eyes caught the gaze of the notorious daughter of Sirius Black, he offered her a seat and she took it, from there they became friends and that was all. Draco felt nothing more then an intimate friendship bond, he felt nothing more then friendship. Until very recently, Draco hadn't know that he and Muse A shared a bond that could kill them both, Muse A had already know about the secret bond that was placed upon them as children. Draco finds that if one of them is away from the other for more then ten hours at a time, that one of them could grow very sick and die, now of course, being Draco Malfoy, he doesn't care about the bond and its risks. One day he leaves for Hogsmeade for a weekend with Crabbe and Goyle, he leaves for hours and when he comes back he finds Muse A in the infirmary with a high fever and a broken ankle from tripping over a rug. Draco finally believes the risks of the bond and tries as hard as he can to get Muse A to forgive him for not believing her. Come Fourth year, Draco and Muse A haven't spoken to each other for years, yet they spent time together and talked with friends when they hung out, Muse A puts her name into the cup along with Cedric Diggory, unknown to Draco, and from there she waits until it is told who gets to be in the triwizard tournament. When it is time, Draco and the rest of the school are waiting in the great hall, Dumbledore picks the names, and when it chooses Harry's name, people are surprised, but when the cup spits out a fifth name, the crowd goes quiet as Dumbledore reads reads the name. The school goes wild and frantic when they find out, Draco is angry and yells at Muse A in front of everyone, saying stuff like do you want to be killed? Don't you care about my feelings?. Muse A goes along with the other two from Hogwarts, she competes in the Triwizard tournament, Draco only shows for moral support, but when it comes to Cedric Diggory turning up dead and Muse A not in sight, he starts freaking out and runs to Harry. He demands where Muse A is, and when Harry points to the person behind him, Harry is dropped onto the ground and Muse A is engulfed in a hug, that she returns with tight arms. Will Draco finally confess in front of the whole school his hidden feelings for Muse A? Or will Draco get too scared and just continue to hug her?

[ Requirements ]

- MxF
- I would like to be Muse A
- You are Draco Please
- Detailed posts at least a paragraph per person
- Emotions ; Draco shows many emotions, please show them in the Roleplay
- Sex is PMed if there is any going on

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[ The Holmes Sister ]

Muse A is the youngest sister of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes, like them she is also an highly functional psychopathic sociopath. Like Mycroft, she feels no emotions at all, anger perhaps, sometimes sadness or bordness, but never any of the high tech feelings.

Jim Moriarty, we all know him right? We all know he wants to murder Sherlock Holmes right? But do we really know what he actually wants? Who he actually wants? No, cause no one ever knew that Jim Moriarty had a crush on the sister of Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, and by friendship John & Mary Watson.


It's a sunny day and Muse A is out walking with John, they were talking about one of her recent cases in Birmingham. They don't notice the man walking towards them with ear buds in his ear and a red hat on his head. But when he walks past Muse A, he shoves something into her pocket and carries on his way, Muse A looked over at her right and felt into her pocket, she found a piece of paper, the paper read: 'Greetings (Muse A), Did you miss me?'. Muse A continues to read the paper, seeing an address at the bottom, the caption of the photo telling her to go there at a specific time. Muse A stuffs the note into her pocket when John asks who it's from, she doesn't answer and they walk home to 221B Baker Street, where she lives with the boys.

At the time said, she leaves the home, only telling the boys she would be back, she leaves the home and goes to the destination, she didn't know that her brother Sherlock would be following her. Upon arriving at the destination, a figure appears and walks into the light, it smirks at her and smiles, " Did you miss me (Muse A) Holmes?". Muse A ends up hugging the figure who hugs her back.

[ Requirements]

• MxF
• Detailed
• Romance
• I am Muse A
• You are Jim Moriarty
• Thread Only
• Sex will be PMed if there is any
• Comment below or PM me

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[ The Moriarty Sister ]

Sherlock Holmes is known not to fall in love or fall for a woman or man, but what no one knows is that Sherlock Holmes is in love with his enemy's sister, (Muse A) Moriarty. The girl who threatens to kill him even if he took one step near her or her brother, Jim Moriarty makes fun of Sherlocks fear of Muse A, which only causes Sherlock to despise Jim even more. Jim loves his sister Muse A and will do anything to make her happy, even if it meant murdering another man, he has in fact done that before, what Jim does to Sherlock makes Muse A happier then ever.

Muse A is kidnapped one day and Jim can't do anything about it, he can't save her, and he can't find her, Muse A being the only family close to Jim, he can't live without her, so he has to go to Sherlock & John. When Sherlock finds out that Muse A has been kidnapped, he immediately takes the case, John is reluctant though and it takes a long time for Sherlock and Jim to convince John to take the case. Sherlock and John work the Moriarty case, in which it takes almost week for them to solve it and find Muse A, when they find Muse A, John calls the police and tells them the address, but even before he opened his mouth, Sherlock had already gone inside.

Muse A is in the middle of a room, tied to a chair, weapons above her, and weapons surrounding her, Sherlock enters the room, and is stopped by Muse A's kidnapper. The room is full of riddles and all shall be solved before Sherlock can reach Muse A. Does Sherlock reach Muse A and win her heart? Or Does Sherlock lose and kill Muse A?

[ Requirements ]

• MxF ; I am the female, you are the male
• Characters ; I am Muse A, you are Sherlock
• Minor Characters ; I can play Jim or John
• Details ; More then one or three lines
• Romance ; Romance will come in the end where Sherlock saves Muse A
• No Insta Romance ; Remember Muse A and Sherlock hate each other at first
• Sex is PMed if there ever is any
• Swearing ; British swears please
• Thread only ; Sex in pm only
• Comment Below if you'd like to do this or pm me

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[[ Change: New Addition, Last Goodbye ]]

After Savannah got shot at a hospital, and went to surgery, Derek Morgan runs into an old friend he'd never thought he'd see again, the friend he trusted since he was ten, the friend he ran to when he needed a shoulder to cry on, the friend he ran to when his father had died and when he had been raped. Derek learns that his friend was in the CIA and she was on a case for her team, he tells her everything that was happening right now and she immediately called her boss and told her boss she would be dealing with a family problem. As Derek battles through his pain, Muse A spends her time helping Derek's team find the man that had shot Savannah, Hotch is a little doubtful about letting the friend of Derek helping out, but the team quickly gets used to her and let's her start helping. Spencer Reid finds himself being pulled towards this mystery friend of Derek's, he finds himself intrigued by her intelligence, he finds himself infuriated with her, he can't stop thinking about her. When Derek suddenly disappears, Muse A and the team start to worry, Garcia and Muse A are called down to Savannah's room, where they learn that they need to do an C Section on her. The team is racing to find Morgan, when Garcia and Muse A get a phone call from Morgan, Garcia is searching up places where Morgan could be......blah blah blah.,..the team finds Morgan. Morgan tells Muse A everything Chazz had said to him and she calms him down and they all race back to the hospital, where Savannah gives birth to a healthy baby boy. The FBI team learns that Derek is leaving, and that the baby's name is Hank Spencer-(Muse A's name) Morgan, the team also learns that the baby has two Godmothers and one godfather, Muse A and Penelope are the Godmothers and they don't know the godfather.

Hotch offers Muse A a spot on the team, Muse A takes up the offer, and the team is happy, Morgan says one last goodbye to the team and then congratulates Muse A on the new job. Muse A quits the CIA and joins the BAU, when she joins the BAU, Spencer starts asking her questions and starts falling in love with her, after spending some time with Spencer during times they don't have any cases, Muse A falls for Spencer and they start going out later in the Roleplay and so on.

[[ Requirements]]

• MxF
• I would like to be Muse A
• You would be Spencer Reid
• Minor character will be in the Roleplay
• Details
• Romance ; Will be roleplayed later on
• Emotions ; We all flipping have them
• Crimes, Guns, etc
• Swearing ; American swears
• Comment below or pm me if you want to do it
• Good Grammar, Good Vocabulary, Good Spelling, Good Descriptive posts, Good Punctuation
• This will be in thread

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