Fifteen Dogs (Quincunx, #2) Fifteen Dogs question

Question #4: Characters
deleted member Jul 18, 2016 12:57PM
Which dog are you most drawn to? Least? Why

Benji was probably the character that most stuck with me after reading the book. He's one of the most selfish characters I've ever experienced in fiction, and yet he's still a plausible character (well, within the context of the book.) His overall weakness, compared to the other dogs, can explain some of the terrible acts he commits, but doesn't make me want to forgive them.

His death left me feeling very conflicted. He'd done some horrible things, but his abandonment and self-poisoning rank up there as one of the most disturbing character deaths I've ever read about.

I suppose I'm drawn to him because I wonder, in many cases, whether his tendency to think only of himself was his only way to survive. The pack could very well have turned on him if he hadn't lured them to the poisoned garden, for example.

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