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Alien Manifesto
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T.w. Embry (twembry) | 3 comments Alien Manifesto The adventures of the Human Thomas Scott is book 1 of the Alien Manifesto series. It is the story of a Ex- navy SEAL after he meets a mysterious stranger Snarth an inter galactic trillionaire. Snarth is recruiting a team to steal an ancient artifact from a business rival as payment for an unpaid debt. How Thomas Scott rises to the events he is thrust into as the artifact leads to the home-world of the greatest threat the Galaxy, has ever known.. Along the way Thomas makes lifelong friends in the stealth masters and fight masters on Snarths team finding the family he never had.

message 2: by Rishit (new)

Rishit Can you spare a physical copy for review??

T.w. Embry (twembry) | 3 comments I wish I was able to do that but I am truly a starving artist. I can however provide an e book copy

T.w. Embry (twembry) | 3 comments Rishit wrote: "Can you spare a physical copy for review??"
I wish I could but I am truly a starving artist. I will gladly gift an ebook.

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