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message 1: by lorien (new)

lorien Would rather go to Foxfire or Exillium?

message 2: by keeper (new)

keeper oooh i actually have to think about that one. I do not know

message 3: by lorien (new)

lorien I would choose Foxfire because in that academy you can live your life instead of having a small chance like Exillium. But, in Exillium they teach you hands-on skills that you could use later on in life.

message 4: by Abby ~Sign Please~, Head Mod & creator (new)

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 184 comments Mod

message 5: by Vernetta (new)

Vernetta | 27 comments I would choose foxfire for a good education. But then again, they don't teach you skills you can use in the real world. Foxfire gives to book smart, but exillium gives you street smarts

message 6: by Carly (new)

Carly | 90 comments Mod
I would probably go to Foxfire to get a good education so that I wouldn't need the street smarts they teach at Exillium.

*Molly Frannces* (primteahatter) FOXFIRE!

message 8: by Anna W. (new)

Anna W. (keefes1truelove) | 11 comments I don’t know!!! How can I chose!?

message 9: by MG (new)

MG Foxfire!

message 10: by Amreader09 (new)

Amreader09 | 1 comments I would choose foxfire but it would also be the other one that slipped my mind on how to spell it.

message 11: by Lily :) (new)

Lily :) | 4 comments I would go to Foxfire!

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