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Pirates often come here for medicines, or to sell the herbs and medications that they themselves find. A witch doctor can be found here, a marked one, who uses their powers to heal.

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Cain wasn't always the most respectable god. He knew that. He wasn't always the most mature entity. He also knew that. What he didn't know, was how to fix those things. Because he was incredibly childish, and a lot of people didn't know that. He sat atop a tree as Raylee walked passed, raising an eyebrow down at her and clearing his throat, "Lost are you?" he questioned.

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Cain looked a bit strange considering where they were. Pirate's Territory was home to merchants and well.. pirates? Not noblemen with belted jackets and clean cut hair with dark, handsome eyes. He tilted his head up, "You shouldn't curse. It's not very ladylike." he muttered before looking away, "You're lost." he added.

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He folded his arms, quirking an eyebrow up just as she had, matching her defiance with his body language. "I don't need to know someone to know that they're incredibly and uncomprimisably lost" he replied simply, ignoring her other comment.

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Cain laid down over the branch, blinking slightly when it cracked and fell to the ground. Oh. He hadn't expected that. Oops. He crashed to the ground, but remained in his relaxed state as he stared up at her, arms still crossed, leg curved over the other. Ouch. That kind of hurt. Okay play it off. You're a god for fucks sake what aRE YOU DOING?
"Chilling." he said simply.

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Beaten up by a tree.
More like beaten up by gravity.
He remained stoic and stared at her, but found solace in the fact that he had gotten her to laugh just slightly. "Is that not apart of "chilling"?" he questioned.

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