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The Mirror King > ch 1-7 (pg. 1-86)

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Late but here.

So I'm so so so happy her didn't die. Okay I was like 99.9% sure he'd survive but still. Had me worried.

I hate that he couldn't be with her though. I mean is it horrible if I hope something tragic happens to Meredith, not that she was horrid, but that would free him up. And a marriage alliance would be nice....just trying to help my ship out. Or maybe she can redeem herself to the people and it would make more political sense to marry her? I'm trying here.

Also Queen asking why she didn't just send her healer friend. Well did she trust they would let him help? Also what about wraith boy under her bed...leave him there while she went hunting Patrick?

I really can't stand Patrick but I'm so so so happy that Mel is on our side. That was such a huge relief. Also couldn't she just travel to Aecor and publicly, without Tobias and his army, explain she is in fact alive and not captive but working with the Indigo Army to reclaim her rightful place peacefully and that Patrick is in fact the traitor? Something has to be done there.

Anywho I'm a bit conflicted about wraith boy. Like I think he's evil but like there might be hope for him somehow? Either way I have a bit of an issue with him being treated so harshly is hard to take. Also what was he saying about James? Maybe James has some type of power in him, clearly he has something that let him heal, and maybe what's in him is something that will help defeat the wraith as a whole if the boys reaction to him is anything to go by.

I'm really liking this and where it's going but I hope something is sorted out for my ship to work. I loved that he had all those outfits made for her :)

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