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The Mirror King > ch 21-26 (pg. 230-301)

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Well now....I don't trust Patrick by any means and I wish she had just let loose her dagger and took him down. I just don't trust him. I trust Colin a bit more than him and THAT says tons as I want him dead too. Maybe he could have killed Colin as he died and it would have been an ooops moment like "I tried to save him" kind of thing.

I'm so nervous for everyone right now. I'm curious to know what James was referencing to earlier as well.

Also I kind of think that wraith boy, I'll never remember how to spell his name, was helpful. I feel maybe treating him like a human may still be the best option. He almost seems like a horribly misguided puppy. Like maybe if she treated him a bit better and didn't shove him in a closet and never visit he would know better what she really wants and not make as many mistakes. Though I do think Colin let him out and encouraged him to help her with her "sadness" over the wedding.

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