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The Mirror King > ch 27-34 (pg. 302-381)

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They are not all dead. I refuse to accept that. I think it's Patrick or Colin's doing...or maybe they decided to work together or play off the other for some bigger purpose or something. They aren't dead. The books were taken away.

I have to say with this I'm trying to figure out a way to resolve this book, this series, with what's left and how to defeat the wraith and also have a happy ending between my ship (because they deserve it) and yeah I have no idea. I'm just trying to figure out how to sort out the wraith let alone the happiness aspect. Though I know for a fact Patrick has to die and if Colin doesn't die he will be banished to some service type role stripped of title such. I think I would feel better if he was dead but no power or anything made to serve would be fitting.

Also I find myself not 100% sure I trust Mel again? Just....I don't know I feel like keeping secrets again is a bad idea given everything happening.

Side note: Happy ending I also want James to be okay I kind of adore him but my leading suspicion right now is that he will have to die to defeat the wraith :(

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