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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments A figure sits on top of a metal bar close to the ceiling, there eyes seeming to be searching the cells for something, or someone. The figure wore a black cloak with the hood up, so there gender and appearance remained a mystery. Only thing that could be seen is there dangerous, blood thirsty purple eyes.

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) The rattling of chains could be heard echoing through the vast halls, accompanied by a form of psychotic laughter. The pale figure shuffled around the cell, his eyes blazing and locked on the inmate across from him with a wicked grin. "Aren't you adorable... no need to act so shy...."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments The figure's eyes quickly darted towards the noise. For a prison, it was quiet. Though, it was about 2 am, so the figure could easily hear the chains. That must be him. They jump down, landing rather quietly on there feet before heading down the hall. Judging by there calm demeanor and slowness, it was obvious they were in no hurry to get to the noise.

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) With another subtle shake of the chains, his dark gaze glanced over the uneasy man and sat down more easily in front of the bars. "You know, you aren't the first one to give me the silent treatment. Since i can remember, no ones ever wanted to get near me. I don't frighten you, do i?" Cry tilted his head, hardly hearing the stuttering man speak in objection before standing back up and seeming to pace a bit around the room. He glanced towards the blank, slated wall before sighing, "Its really rude you know... And you really don't want me to make you open up to me. It's not a fun time for the whole family to enjoy." He combed carelessly through a strand of his dirty pale hair, seeming to take a moment to think to himself, all while pacing furiously. Why he did this was really anyone's guess but he always had a tendency to feel rather anxious when it came to moving about.

A cold sigh left him though while walking about before sitting back down now in the corner of the room and looked down, "I'm sure you can agree with me though that the guards need to hurry up and feed us. I'm fucking starving..." The young man had clattered the chains around one of his wrist hard into the steel wall with enough force to crack the restraint but not much else. The adjacent man was eyeing him wearily before walking in the direction of footsteps and said quietly with a hopeful breath, "Well that could be one of them now." "No no. I doubt it. Probably one of the guard's whores." Cry had peeked out the cell bars in the direction as well and murmured with a playful note, "Though whoever's it is, that's a fine ass looking bitch~ Not usually a ginger man myself, but I suppose that red's an exception."

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments The figure speaks as she approaches, having heard him,"That's very kind, but I didn't come here to be looked at like I'm a whore. I suggest you put those eyes back in your head before you lose them for good." She crosses her arms,"Who here is Cry? And don't lie, I'll kill you if you do."

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He had simply rolled his eyes with a simple sneer at her comment before murmuring, "If its fuckable, its a whore to me. You act like that's an insult. Truthfully, you should feel honored someone like myself would even bother saying such a thing." The young man smirked sitting up but didn't answer her question, yet the figure adjacent had looked at alice with quite the blank stare, as if he was amazed she wasn't aware who he was. "Who the fuck knows, " Cry finally said sarcastically, "Maybe the fucking fag finally did us a favour and hung himself. That would be a bit hilarious to watch honestly."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments The figure glares at him,"Or the fucking fag is asking for his tongue to be cut off with dull scissors then shoved down his own throat slowly so his last memory before he dies will be him slowly choking on his own tongue while bloody foam poured out of his mouth." She exclaimed darkly,"I'm here to get you out."

✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "It doesn't exactly work that way darling. He would probably choke on his own blood before you could try and thrust it in." he said calmly but smiled a bit, "Though who knows, it might be a bit arousing." Despite wearing a smug smirk after his last little comment, it had soon faded into an emotionless voice as he didn't say a word to her in response. In fact, all he seemed to do is turn his back to her and ignore her.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments The girl doesn't seem to care, simply kicking the door, watching it break off the hinges. She glares at him,"Yeah, we'll see if you get arroused with your own foot so far up your ass that the dentist has to pick toes out of your teeth." She turns her back to him,"You're free." She begins walking off.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) (xD that random entrance though)

He shrugged, You should figure that threatening a masochist is only going to turn them on. Its really rather pointless." Cry had stared at the now gaping entrance, though shockingly didn't budge from the spot, simply laying on the cold ground with a yawn with as much enthusiasm as a lazy cat.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice narrows her eyes,"Yeah well don't expect me to stop just because of your fucking hormones. You going to exit or not? I don't have all fucking day."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Cry smirked," So you admit you're trying to flirt with me? How cute!" He still hadn't moved from his spot, glancing over at the woman and said, "Give me a good reason to get up, and I might." He could hear footsteps come closer, though abruptly stop before running the other way. the young man looked at his black nails before murmuring," You probably have about a minute or two before you're swarmed by guards by the way."

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice narrows her eyes,"Yeah, like I'd flirt with a jackass like you.. And let them come, I've dealt with worse." She crosses her arms,"Because I can make better food then this hellhole and give you free roam to kill a few people?" She suggests with a shrug.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) "And yet you are..." He commented with an amused smile. Cry just stared up at the ceiling afterwards before saying, "Ok, let me rephrase that. Why do you want me to go with you? You really think I'll fall for something like that? If i really wanted, i could probably kill you and do that myself." The young man simply shrugged and murmured, "Besides, you cooking? That's funny. Girls don't cook."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice sighs,"On the contrary, it's one of the things we do best. Besides, you, kill me? I'm the god of Death, I cannot be killed unless by another powerful god. Which you are not." She turns to face him,"I've been sent to free you. The person who sent me thought it would be amusing to them to see how you'd react once free."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He had rolled his eyes," You would be surprised. And I am a god. I could easily tear you down if needed be." Cry smirked slyly before snapping his fingers," I'll go with, if you make him carry me." the man tensed as he was pointed at and frowned,"if it means gettting out, then I will."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice sighs,"Very well. I suggest you two idiots hurry up, I want to kill as few morons as possible getting out."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He smirked continuing to lay down comfortably where he was as the frightened man had picked cry up to carry him. His eyes locked on him as he yawned lazily," And you better move your ass then. If you don't, then you won't make it out of here alive..." The stranger simply nodded obediantly and yet the mass he was holding was overwhelmingly heavy, he began to follow Alice out.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments ((Might not reply right away, fixing up Alice :P))

Alice glances back and huffs, mumbles,"I swear, all men are fucking idiots." She turns and heads out, easily seeming to exit without no problem at all. She glances back in annoyance at the man's slowness.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) ((Mmk~))

The man continued to struggle carrying him onward, seeming to finally give in once they were outside. Cry raised an eyebrow watching before smiling, "Thanks fodder." He stood up for himself now, stretching his arms and stepping on the man's wrist, hard to tell if the action was intentional or not. He yawned and started to walk on ahead with a small spark of eagerness.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice glances back, watching him pass her before she followed,"Where is it you are going?"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He lifted his head taking in a breath before saying, "No clue. Does it really matter where we go?" Cry placed his hands in his pockets with a small sigh before wearing a smile, "Exploring can be fun. And maybe there will be some strong willed victims on the way."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice eyes him,"I suppose not. I was just told to watch over you, and that's what I'm doing. Lead on."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Cry stared back at her with a raised eyebrow, "Well the first thing i have to do is get out of these raggy ass clothes. Are you really going to watch me undress and bathe?" He shrugged at the thought while walking towards the distant city quite a bit away from the outside of the prison still. As he said, he really did need to clean up. It looked like he didnt move from that cage in ages and had debris and dirt covering much of his skin and torn up clothing.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice eyes him,"Why? Scared? Well, if you must know, I won't. I can track your scent as well so I can watch over you without actually watching if I need to." She replies simply.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He snickered," Nah mate. I just might blind you if you watch." Not too far off, a small creek ran right through their path, seeming to lead towards civilization. Cry was already beginning to strip, tossing his shirt to the ground without much care.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice turns her back to him when he does,"You're right, much too ugly for me to see. How do you intend on getting fresh clothes?"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) (I could have swore i sent a reply for this last night, but oh well)

"Eh, it can't be helped. Be in my position and I'm sure you would look like a complete atrocious slag as well," he suggested with a mild smirk. Cry began to unbutton his pants before rolling his eyes, "I'm not too worried about that. I can always just steal some off someone. Though that have to be fashionable..." He trailed off a bit in thought, thinking as he stripped completely. The entirety of his body was covered in bruises, some subtle while others seemed a lot more recent. There were even a few large cuts, one of which still had faint traces of bleeding. Once he was stripped, he walked towards the water to head in though paused at the stinging sensation the one on his back was giving off. "Fuck!" He snapped more so at himself, holding the spot and closing his eyes. The man had tensed in brief spurts of pain, somehow not getting through his thick skull that open cuts shouldn't be soaking in polluted river water.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Lucy glances back. She sighs,"You're a big idiot, you know that?" She turns to face him,"Get out, I know a better place where you can bathe. Your wounds will get infected in there."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Cry stared back at her with a grunt before murmuring, "First... Don't tell me what to do... Second, I got this! I- AHH FUCKING JESUS CHRIST ON A BICYCLE!" His voice had rose as he glared down at the water bitterly, gritting his teeth as the tremor in the water that had splashed in his wound has passed. He bared his teeth before grumbling under his breath and stepping out, "Where exactly did you have in mind princess? And i thought i was too hideous to look at."

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<< You know I never accepted your character Kami, and would greatly appreciate it if you replied to my comment concerning him and the others.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) (( I believe i remember something about that last night because i remember that lucy brought up in a conversation we were having.

Regarding morgan, you can go ahead and delete her if necessary. I have a copy of her info and like i told her, didn't have any idea you had to request gods. No big deal and thats dilemmas solved.

As for whatever's wrong with crysis, Ill have to look back on it later as im on my way to work at the moment, so i probably wont get to looking to it until late tomorrow night. (I have back to back shifts today and tomorrow). Unless maybe you want to repost it here just so i can see or skype it to me. ))

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments ((Sorry I started rping too without being approved :( ))

Alice sighs,"My place. And you are, I'm nearly blinded. But I know you're hurting, so I'm making an exception. So come out."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He chuckled," Well that's what my sexy midriff does to people." Crysis snickered before walking out of the water," Though I'm not sure if I trust going to your place."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice glances away,"Relax, I'm not like my brother. I won't kill anyone, even if I sometimes want to. Come on." She walks off,"There's a river you can use near by instead that's clean."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) The man gave her a skeptical look, "Oh come on... You couldnt kill me. Even if you wanted to." Though he simply just shrugs and followed after her.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice sighs,"I could kill in many ways, no one is truly immortal." She stops once at the crystal blue River, turning her back to him again,"I just choose not to."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He blinked, "Not killing? Then how do you survive? Wouldn't you be dead by now?" Cry looked at her peculiarly now, seeming completely confused.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice blinks,"Not at all. Not everyone needs to kill in order to survive." She keeps her back to him.

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) The man glanced down after hearing what she said before asking, "So... I'm the weird one then?" A vivid memory had flashed through his mind that made him shudder and stop where he was. The usual cocky and outspoken demeanor seemed to be broken by his troubling thoughts.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice shakes her head,"Not at all. There are tons of people out there who need to kill to survive. I'm one of the few that don't. So in a way, I'm the weird one." She blinks at his silence and glances back,"Something wrong?"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) His eyes were beginning to get watery. As soon as he locked gazes with the woman, he began to step back and whispered with trembling lips," Maybe... I should go back..."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice blinks,"Go back? What the hell are you talking about? We just got you out, you can't go back!"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He let off a small series of whimpers before saying," I don't want to be by these people again..." He seemed terrified for whatever reason and started breaking out into actual tears.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice blinks in shock,"You're.. Crying?" She walks up,"What's wrong? What people?"

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) Crysis continued to sob saying quietly," Humans... Humans are mean. I don't want to be near them again. they don't like me."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice eyes him. What.. Happened to his attitude? She sighs,"Relax, you'll be fine. I was told to watch over you for a reason."

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) He had simply covered his face while standing tensely in the spot. After listening, he replied," How do I know you aren't with them...? You never told me why this guy wanted me..."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Alice sighs,"It's not a mortal who sent me. And don't flatter yourself, he doesn't want you, he just thought it would be fun to watch you create chaos.."

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