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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris Snider | 8 comments Writer's block never killed anyone...... or has it? Have you ever asked yourself why so many writers through the years have taken their own lives? What if they didn't have a choice? Did Hemingway really put a shotgun to his head because he was out of stories.......or was there a more ominous figure only he could see? Is there an entity only writers are cursed with seeing when the well of creativity temporarily runs dry? Read this book with a 4.9 star amazon rating to find out.

message 2: by John (last edited Jul 19, 2016 07:46AM) (new)

John Bentley (jaybeetrs) | 1 comments It's not so much writers block as marketing block in which authors get dismayed and desperate for recognition of their work due to the mass of competition and the lack of funding to promote their works. Just recently a No1 author said no matter how good a book if it is not marketed it will never be read.
Largely the market for new popular books is dominated by women readers and their liking for romance. Publishers tend to need to categorize books into genres, so if a writer writes a book covering several genres it is not classified. My book - The Royal Secret - for example - covers mystery, history, conspiracy and romance plus a touch of the paranormal and spirituality.
Although now having received 40 reviews on Goodreads from giveaways and rating at 3.8 overall the reviews depend very much on the type of reader and their likes. If it were possible to giveaway to certain types of audience this would be helpful and less wasteful as there are those who apply for a free book of any sort and then if they don;t understand it reject it, or worse simply put it up for sale on Amazon at a low price without having read it, so undercutting the author's listed price just to make a quick buck!

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