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J | 2 comments I read this book maybe 8-10 years ago at my local library. Here is the FULL plot as much as I can remember it. (Spoilers)

A girl is living with an abusive uncle or father. I think he used to be nice until he joined a cult worshiping an evil God who forcefully brainwashes new followers. He gets mad one day and whips her. Her palm is cut by the whip in an arrow shape and she runs away. She stows-away on a ship and makes friends with a boy there. Then the boy is brainwashed into the cult and she leaves. She meets another boy who shows her she has the power to find things. They go to his city and are happy. Then the cult attacks and they run to a pond made of tar, maybe in a forest. She falls in and breathes and the 'good' God appears and makes everything OK. The tar turns to golden liquid and she wins the fight. The boys turns out to have a bow scar and they end up together.

Thanks so much for helping me!

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J | 2 comments Kym wrote: "The Hidden Arrow of Maether by Aiden Beaverson"

Thank you!! You are totally right!

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Kym | 1058 comments You're welcome

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