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The Marked ; Online - Offline - Hiatus

× online // let us know that you are online and you will be working on characters, roleplaying, making new friends or more! the idea is to help let the people know who are in different timezones.

× ghosting // meaning you are online but are busy and it might take you a while to respond to people, or in the process of making a character. this helps let people know that you are online but it might take you a while to respond.

× offline // letting us know you are currently not going to be online and are logging out for the day, hour etc.

× hiatus // A gap or interruption in time, or continuity; a break. if you are going on vacation or just need time to take a break from goodreads for a while because god knows we all need breaks every one in a while. if your going on vacation please give us a date when you will be returning!

× leaving // this happens due to lack of intreats, activity problems and much more. It happens and I will not feel offered if you need to leave the group. if its just not working out for you then thats okay!

message 2: by ash (new)

ash online: working on group and making characters!

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offline until monday: hey guys, sorry about the inconvenience. i won't be online until monday due to taking a brief break. Its really hard for me to say with without breaking down. my horse passed away yesterday morning and my family and i just need to take some time together. I'll be back monday, thank you.

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kaya (ananats) | 13 comments Mod
offline from around 10:30 am (AEST) today to 3:30 pm tomorrow: i'm going on a camp for girl guides, so i won't be on until tomorrow afternoon, since i won't have access to either my laptop or internet. thankfully the camp is close by, so it's only a short break.

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tori | 4 comments
offline/ghosting until Saturday, September 24: I have a lot of deadlines this week and I've been a bit behind (okay, a lot behind). I really just need to focus my attention on school right now and ensure that my grades stay where they are currently. Lots of love to you guys~

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