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message 1: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 43 comments Hi all,

I normally write children's books but I am venturing into the world of adult fiction under the pen name Elizabeth Salawu

I have just finished the first draft of a new novella (17K words) but I am not sure the best way to categorise it. If I were to try, I would say it is paranormal romance with a dash of erotica.

The story is about Dayo who was called an abiku, an evil spirit sent to the world to lure men to their doom.

Dayo is bi-racial with a German mom and a Nigerian dad. She has a semi bougie lifestyle, always jetting across the pond between Africa and Europe.

She starts dating her father's driver in secret after seducing him.

On her return from her cousin's birthday in Manchester, she tries hard drugs for the first time. She finds herself in an alternate realm and thinks she's hallucinating from the hard drug use. She doesn't take anything that happens in that other realm seriously as she thinks she's having a vivid dream. That is until she couldn't wake up from getting married to a 'man' she met in that realm.

I am in need of feedback on the overall plot and the characters at the moment.

My email is iyayetunde1 @ gmail . com

Many thanks

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Lowe | 51 comments This sounds interesting. I'll e-mail you

message 3: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 43 comments thanks :D got it

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