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Sylwia (wishfulfillmentsylwia) We're starting this discussion off with this section:

Remember to let her into your heart. - John Lennon and Paul McCartney

and we are finishing the book!

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Desmondella (treasuryoftomes) I'm not sure that I liked this instalment very much. It was very depressing... So much more so than the previous books.

Carmen - I'm happy that she kicked Julia to the curb and stood up to her. She was such a snob and she was never happy for Carmen.

Tibby - I was routing for her and Brian to get together in the end so I'm happy that he's given her another chance even regarding the circumstances. I'm surprised that he was a bit reluctant to let Tibby back in and was pleased at how realistic that was. And also Effie didn't end up with him so that was nice. I don't like how she goes around with so many guys.

Lena - I had a feeling toward the end of the book that the relationship between Leo and Lena wouldn't work. It didn't seem like they got to know each other well enough and Kostos and her relationship needed to be over and done with. It was just dragging on so much. And they both were way too emotional towards each other.

Bridget - I don't think Bridget deserved Eric after what she did with Peter. She cheated on him and he deserves so much better. He was way too quick to forgive her. Once a cheater, always a cheater in my opinion. And that's evident with how many guys she's always thinking about, fantasizing about or doing stuff with.

This novel wasn't very good in my opinion.

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E.E. (eehornburg) | 32 comments Mod
Once again, I listened to the audiobook so it was difficult to figure out which parts where which, so I'm just making all of my comments here.

Carmen- I really connected to Carmen in this one, which is unusual because I haven't as much in the other books. Carmen's transition to college from high school is very similar to my transition from college to "real life." I got the shutting people out and becoming more introverted and such because you're a little lost. I was so glad when she finally stood up to Julia though, and her being in the play made me miss theatre sooooooo much. (It was one of my concentrations in college.) I might now be inspired to see how I can get theatre back into my life. But I was super bummed that Win wasn't in the picture anymore. It's realistic that they lost touch, especially with what Carmen was going through in her first year of school, but still. Win was awesome.

Tibby- OMG BRIAN MADE ME SO MAD which I hated because he was one of the good ones! They totally ignored that they were drunk and Tibby didn't really say she was ready. Brian just kept going! But they didn't even mention that in the story which is SO FRUSTRATING. But, even though I was mad about that, I was still glad they got back together in the end. So, that was weird and IDK what that says about me.

Lena- I really liked her and Leo. I get why it didn't work out, and I kind of like that it didn't, but I still liked her and Leo. He was really good for her. I love reading about Lena and her art though. It makes me want to go take a class to learn about something. I might look into some writing classes or something. And GAH Kostos. I was really proud of her when she stood up to him and yelled at him, and I also felt bad too when he told her about what brought him there to the US. But at the same time I'm like "what did you expect?" Just, I'm over their whole relationship. So done. I also wish there was a bit more with Effie. It seemed like such a big deal, but I felt it wasn't totally resolved. It makes me feel like Lena will never put Effie first.

Bridget- Basically, this book is me being frustrated with the men and relationship choices because WHAT THE HELL PETER. This was basically the first book retold. Bridget, have you learned nothing? And HE'S MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. But, it makes me more mad at him. I mean, Peter and I are the exact same age and I would NEVER EVER go for a 19-year old. Even if he wasn't married, it'd be super shady. Yes, technically it's fine, but 19 is so young. Just... no. Stop. I'm glad that she's still with Brian though, which is probably against my better judgement. But, I'm big on forgiveness and second chances. (Hopeless romantic in me.) So, hopefully Bee doesn't do that again. I did love how she connected with her family at the end though and she's putting forth the effort to bridge those gaps. It was cool to see her and Perry bonding some.

And can I just say I'm super bummed that Paul was basically non-existent? What the hell Brashares? He played a good role in the other three books, now he's basically gone. It's mentioned maybe once that Carmen emails him. But it's like she didn't know what to do with him anymore and just pretended like he didn't matter. Paul was awesome!

I wonder if the third book was supposed to be the conclusion, because it had a better ending I feel like. I like that we get to see the girls in college, but this book didn't feel like a good finale.

I read Sisterhood Everlasting a couple of years ago, and I think I might go back and re-read it so I have everything fresh in my memory!

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