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Heat 3:

✔101-150 pages: Emelie Damned If You Do
✔151-200 pages: Eli The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince
✔201-250 pages: Deanne The Long Haul
✔251-300 pages: Lusie The Wrath & the Dawn
✔301-350 pages: Deanne Dawn's Prelude
✔351-400 pages: Chava Behind Closed Doors
401-450 pages: Eli The Raven Boys
✔451-500 pages: NBRC Travel Agent The Shadow of the Wind
✔501-550 pages: Lori Jane Eyre
551+: Lori Dark Fire - currently reading

Heat 4:

101-150 pages:
✔151-200 pages: Filipa Status Update
✔201-250 pages: Deanne Desperate Escape
251-300 pages: Elinaly Heart of the Kraken
301-350 pages: Deanne Church in the Wildwood: A Missouri Church Stands as a Landmark of Love for Four Generations
✔351-400 pages: Clare Hunted
401-450 pages: Clare To the Moon and Back - currently reading
451-500 pages:
501-550 pages: Lusie The Rose & the Dagger
551-600 pages:
601-650 pages:

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Lusie (illusie) I finished reading The Wrath & the Dawn

I must read the 2nd book of the series soon because the first book was good but had an open ending. I want to know what happens next! I know I have enough time this week to read another book (including the other book I yet have to read). I'd like to claim 501-550 for The Rose & the Dagger 528 pages

if no one plans to read a book for 101-150 pages, then I can read The Old Man and the Sea 128 pages

message 3: by Eli (new)

Eli Adelholm (eliadelholm) I have less than an hour left of my audibook for The Raven Boys. Then I am going to look for a book between 101-150 pages so we can start getting points for Heat 4. Unless someone else already have one :)

message 4: by Eli (new)

Eli Adelholm (eliadelholm) Or do we have to complete all the books in the round before we get the points?

message 5: by Eli (new)

Eli Adelholm (eliadelholm) Nevermind, just saw the rule about the minimum of 8 books :)

message 6: by Eli (new)

Eli Adelholm (eliadelholm) Then I think I would rather start Assassin's Apprentice for 451-500 pages.

Sorry for spamming :P

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